China is the biggest market of the world for luxury goods and that’s why many luxury brands have decided to tap this huge market and expand their business to the Asian giant.

Digital is very important for luxury companies in order to increase the brand awareness and their sales.

Developing an effective digital marketing strategy is the main factor for those luxury brands that desire to be successful in China. However, most of the luxury brands that have presence in the Chinese market aren’t taking advantage of the world digital’s power.


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There are some aspects that luxury brands should keep in mind during the creation of digital strategies.

Develop Chinese website:

Most Chinese people don’t know English well enough to understand a website in English easily. They far prefer to read a website translated in Chinese


However, it is not enough translate the original website because Chinese and Western consumers are very different therefore luxury brands have to adapt the content and the style to Chinese luxury consumers. Critical information like flag ship products, current discounts and reviews from satisfied customers must be available at first glance.

In addition the website must be located in China mainland or Hong Kong, and more element that can be found here in more detail

Search engines:

First the potential customers needs to be able to find the brand online. For that reason, it is mandatory for luxury brands have presence on Baidu, China’s largest search engine with more than 600 million users and in addition, brands have to be located on Baidu’s first pages.


Thanks to SEO strategies, brands have the chance to improve their rank on search engines and reach a larger number of users. Luxury brands must focus their efforts on SEO in order to ensure that consumers can find their on Baidu. In average it takes 3 to 6 months before seeing the first results. However, pas this period, a luxury brand can have a lasting present on the first page of Baidu on the keywords it has positioned itself on.

Engage with consumers across multiple social platforms:

It is not a secret that Chinese shoppers search information about brands and products on search engines and social platforms before make their purchasing decisions, especially when they are going to buy luxury products.

It’s indisputable that social media play an important role to influence Chinese consumers’s luxury purchase decisions and WeChat is the most influencer social network for luxury consumers in China.


According to a survey, more than 55% of respondents said that they use social networks to research luxury goods and 58% of them said that WeChat influences their brand choice. However, is followed by Weibo with 52% of Chinese users saying it influences them. Nowadays, WeChat is overtaking Weibo as China’s most popular social media platform.

Luxury brands should be on China’s social networking platforms such as Wechat, Sina Weibo, Tencent Weibo, Youku and Wechat between many others to develop a complet online strategy. Through these platforms, brands have the chance to reach a huge number of potential costumers, engage with users and interact with them to drive traffic to their e-commerce sites.

lv weibo

Brands can share content about their brand and products through social platforms besides their promotions and offers. But maybe, most important is they can provide a directly communication and a personalized costumer service.

In addition, some Chinese social networks allow companies to sell their products directly (more information here).

Launching e-commerce sites:

Chinese consumers are the most connect in the world due to the internet penetration and the integration of internet on mobile devices. Those factors have driven a change on how Chinese shoppers buy luxury goods. Increasingly more, Chinese luxury consumers are willing to purchase items via online.


Through e-commerce platforms, luxury brands have the opportunity to reach a largest number of consumers including wealthy consumers from lower-tier cities who may not have convenient access to a physical store. Thanks to e-commerce, luxury brands can rapidly increase their revenue.

Luxury brands have two options, open a store on the most popular Chinese e-commerce platforms such as Tmall or develop their own e-commerce site.

Due to the internet penetration on the daily life of Chinese consumers, digital has become the main ally to luxury brands in China. Thanks to digital strategies, brands are able to reach a large number of consumers, increase their presence on the Chinese market and improve their sales.

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