Chinese tourism is on the rise!

   In 2010, China became the third travel destination in the world. No less than 55.98 million people indeed crossed the Chinese borders on that year. Now, we are talking about twice this amount of tourists traveling around the world.

   In 2014, domestic and international travelers combined, there were 3.76 billion tourists in China. They spent a total of more than 3.3 trillion Yuan, which represent 469 billion Euros. Those figures tell how wealthy the tourism sector can be in China.


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Impact of social networks on Chinese tourists

   The IT sector also largely benefited from the dynamism of the national economy. Indeed, there are today more than 650 million web users in China. Chinese people are permanently connected; would it by through their Smartphone, their tablet, their personal computer, etc. Internet is used in almost every aspects of life.

   Even if they entered the consumerism era quite recently, the evolution of the Chinese market has been very fast and the Chinese consumers have today become mature ones. They are suspicious concerning the things they buy and often check others consumers opinions before purchasing something.


   Social networks are often use to share opinions about various products. And those social networks are used by almost every Chinese web users who spend on average 10 hours per week on it. And when it comes to Chinese tourism, it is the same. Chinese travelers use to share everything on those social networks about their experiences: flight, hotels, tours , food, ….

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