How can beauty brands use Kuaishou to increase their sell in China?

The cosmetic market in China has been developing rapidly. In 2019, the retail sales value of cosmetic products reached a record high of 299.2 billion yuan. Foreign cosmetics are playing a dominant role in China’s cosmetic market, having seven out of ten leading beauty product brands. Which foreign companies in China are funding?

With the rise of live broadcasting and shared short videos, KUAISHOU is being redesigned from a tool app for Emoji into a short video community. KUAISHOU has become one of the leading short video-sharing apps in China.

  • 300 million daily users in 2019
  • 250 million users sending posts
  • approximately 20 Billion videos in total and more than 350 billion likes

Statistics reached in 2019.

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Among the main distribution channels for cosmetic retail in China, online retail has been expanding significantly over recent years, while traditional retail channels such as department stores have been losing ground. In 2018, online shopping accounted for around 74 percent of overall cosmetic retail.

On KUAISHOU, users can record their own lives with photos and short videos and can interact with fans in real time through live broadcasts. KUAISHOU content covers all aspects of life, with users from all over the country. Here, users can find their favorite content, while also reaching the people who are interested in them.

Performance of Kuaishou in beauty product sales

In April 2020, KUAISHOU held a live broadcast event, which resulted in sales records at an all-time high. According to official statistics from KUAISHOU, the total number of viewers exceeded 10 million; while total sales exceed 500 million yuan. This accounts for 3.45 million pieces and the beauty products accounted for 380 million yuan (about 1.65 million pieces).

Focusing on high-quality cosmetic brands. This live broadcast event sells mainly international beauty products, including a variety of products from Hou, Estee Lauder, Lancôme, and other brands. Among them, items with prices up to 4000 yuan were sold in seconds.

At the beginning of the Pandemic, where all industries got a big hit in sales. KUAISHOU had an impressive performance with its beauty products. The statistics showed that during the first two weeks of the quarantine, users were watching more content related to food and beverages. In the third and four weeks, the personal beauty products had more stature.  At the same time, we could see how the performance of the beauty industry in DouYin had less attention compared to the same period.

This illustrates how this platform has earned a leading role in beauty product awareness in the live broadcast and short video sales industry

KUAISHOU has a friendly platform, which puts the user first. This allows users to have access to content without opening an account. They have a focus on the retail platform which offers accessibility for the potential of creating more sales. They provide a more direct anchor interaction and have a high-quality video at any time. They’re able to buy goods within their service. KUAISHOU announced formally the recruitment of high-quality brand owners and professional brand E-commerce in the world. Focusing on products in the beauty industry, food, shoes and apparel, home appliances, and other industries with a developing online presence.

Kuaishou and Douyin industry awareness  during the first weeks of coronavirus in China

Using kuaishou for increasing market awareness

Use the increasing presence and popularity of Key Opinion Leaders and influencers (KOP) to create popularity in your brand to quickly create a larger audience. This uses the live broadcast for reaching a bigger presence and better acceptance in the local market.  After having professional fashion anchors such as Ye Gongzi, Nie Xiaoqian, and Yu Da Gongzi. KUAISHOU started to be more relevant in the beauty content.  With them in the lead, the app started to increase its income with broadcast sales.

According to info released by KUAISHOU, this live streaming of beauty products has the strongest monetization ability. For example, a KOP that sells high-end personal care on a Livestream can sell more than 10 million yuan with only 500,000 followers.

Another example of successful sales is Xin Youzhi. He has 48 million users and is among the most popular KOP. In the 2019 double eleven festivals (discount day) he sold 2.1 billion yuan worth of products. According to

In 2019, the number of brands that have more than 10W fans increased by 36 times. The beauty-related short videos reached 30 million +, and the number of content views was 853.7 billion. On the consumer side, 18 to 30-year-old females are the main consumer group.

With traffic that is not only focused on the big cities of China. KUAISHOU is an app that has a strong presence in small towns and small cities around China, which creates traffic in places where there are young people that are driven by content and with the economical power to purchase their desired products.

Service we provide for your brand in Kuaishou APP


is based on user behavior on KuaiSHou, using big data to target users’ potential demand. Merchants can put ads according to users’ demand, which can greatly increase the exposure of products and brands.

Benefits of using KUAISHOU information flow

  • Great exposure and accurate advertising.
  • Unique online community
  • Advanced technology
  • Diversified contents.

Which can be for downloading the company’s app or doing questionnaires, coupon sending, etc.

Merchants Account

Is specifically for merchants to launch and sell products, which is a unique merchant homepage. Merchant Homepage can help merchants easily hold promotion events and daily activity operations.

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