How an ICO agency in China can support you

The ICO phenomenon is multiplying visibly, especially in countries that have had the vision to scrupulously regulate cryptocurrencies like Switzerland, Japan, and the Cayman Islands. Investors’ interest is getting closer and closer to the world of cryptocurrencies and ICOs, but we must be able to distinguish the so-called hens from golden eggs that is, really valuable projects from wild speculations.

How does an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) work?

ICO is a form of innovative financing based on the issue of digital coins. Nowadays – and with increasingly tight rhythms – it is becoming the optimal solution for all those startups that want to launch a new cryptocurrency or more generally a project linked to the blockchain.
Halfway between an IPO (Initial Public Offering) and online Crowdfunding, startups who decide to finance themselves with an ICO will first have to issue virtual coins, while those who decide to trust the project – and therefore invest – will do so through the purchase of tokens. The more the project promoted by the startup will be successful, the more the value of the tokens will increase, which can then be exchanged in other currencies, not just virtual ones.

ICO in China

In recent times China seems to have renewed its war intentions against cryptocurrencies. During summer 2017, Beijing first announced the tightening of trading on local platforms, then the ban on keeping ICOs inside the country’s borders. In August, Tencent, which owns the most important Chinese messaging app, WeChat, has blocked several channels on its platform because they are accused of providing information on ICOs and speculation through crypto of this neighborhood-less offensive comes from Baidu, the leading web search engine in China which, on its forum, has rendered non-functioning all the links that have “digital currencies” or “virtual currencies” as a topic of discussion

It should be noted, however, that even if threads on topics such as “bitcoin”, “ethereum” or “bitcoin mining” are ban, the keyword Blockchain still remains searchable and active.


For FINLANTERN CH, 47% of investors would positively evaluate the idea of investing money in an ICO, provided that the startup or the company behind it is well known and has an excellent reputation.

It is therefore clear that, in order to be successful with an Initial Coin Offering, you need a real digital marketing plan and PR aimed at:

  • Reach in time both the institutional target (banks, asset management companies, asset managers, investment funds, hedge funds …) and individuals with high investment potential.
  • Explain with great clarity the methods of purchase, the use of funds (which impacts on the regulation that applies), the methods of exit and liquidation of the instrument.
  • Convince that the initial offer is solid both in terms of technology (blockchain used), company history, people’s history, a potential for revaluation and promises to the market.

A marketing agency specialized in China’s market is what you need in order to put the points, listed above. into practice. The marketing firm has the resources, assets, and connections necessary to facilitate a successful marketing strategy and can help you in:


Lead generation is very important in ICO strategy. Lead generation is the process of attracting and converting simple visitors to relevant visitors to your site or social page who then give you their information in exchange for something from you. Pay-Per-Click advertising is very powerful and strong, helping businesses generate a great deal of highly targeted traffic that has the most probability for lead conversion. With the new development in the Digital Marketing arena, PPC would be your ideal launching point, quickly generating good results and the quickest possible time.

There are 5 most effective online lead generation Strategies:

  • Online Lead Generation by Website Optimization
  • Online Lead Generation by Search Engine Optimization
  • Online Lead Generation through Pay-per-Click (PPC) Advertising
  • Online Lead Generation through Social Media
  • Online Lead Generation by Email Marketing


Email marketing is a powerful tool for acquiring, engaging, and retaining customers to help your business, in this case, your ICO, to thrive on. There are several ways to use email marketing, such as :

  • Newsletter – the most common and popular forms of email marketing. Email newsletters are used to provide your subscribers with timely, expected, and helpful updates from your company.
  • Acquisition email – this kind of email can drive trial and signups among those who have opted into your emails but haven’t yet converted. Sending compelling offers or information to show them the value of becoming a paid customers could be a strategy.


The most basic function of community management is to encourage and extend the conversation with fans. Strong one to one communication can initiate comments from other fans, making the thread an open dialogue.

This tactic works exceptionally well with Chinese people who built their social communities on the principles of trust and authentic relationships. Some best practice tips for engaging Chinese consumers are craft comments that extend the conversation, invite newcomers to engage, and reward those who do so.


Zhihu is an online platform in China that has chat fora, music streaming and instant messaging. It is very potent by which marketers reach out to buyers even though it does not come at a fee. Users of zhihu are in different shared groups for a that could provide a comprehensive platform with chat forums, music streaming, emails, and instant messaging. While there are no paid advertising options, it’s still an effective platform for marketers to engage and influence their buyers. Each forum is used for asking and answering questions. This is like what Quora does. To use this platform effectively as a marketer, you need to make the groups that are likely to be interested in your services your target.

Chinese buyers are great by the opinions of others, so they typically search zhihu and other forums for feedback. A great way to market your cryptocurrency undisturbed! Zhihu is a high-quality Q&A social media platform in China, where users ask and answer complex questions for one another. There are many influencers on this platform who exchange investment-related knowledge with their audience. Receiving recommendations/endorsements from these influencers can build a massive amount of brand awareness and trust among users.


Public relation is a standout among the most cost-proficient types of correspondence used to build up an image and notoriety of an organization, an item or brand in China. The objective of this kind of advertising is to win the “media fight” and to keep up a positive, commonly helpful association with writers in your segment. Data should be handed-off to general society through Chinese news sources. The goal of having a PR campaign in China is to:

  • Enhance your notoriety both extensively and inside particular networks.
  • Enhance your image by spreading positive messages.
  • Control and deal with your notoriety.


can help you to succeed in China’s market. We are specialists in the world of digital in China with our headquarter based in Shanghai. Don’t hesitate, contact us.

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