Horse riding is a new high potential market in China

New leisure of wealthy Chinese.

The rich wealthy Chinese find their new pass-time in playing equestrian sports after golf and tennis. The number of new members hoping to learn how to ride horses has raised dramatically. In this new market in expansion, a lot of clubs opened doors for the unstopping increased passion for horse numbers. They are also welcoming international players loving this sport and would enjoying their visit time in china. Compare to the rest of the world, Chinese riders wear high-value equipment: clothes, pants, and watches, and have high-brand equipment for them or for their horse in the field.

Trying to live like the west countries, the wealthy Chinese pass their free time on golf fields, tennis fields, or in equitation. Sports and social class have a tied relationship in China. In this country, the sport you practice shows your social standing. With five hundred clubs existing in China; they receive more than 500, 000 members and a new passion for horse riding. Actually, this sport is not afforded by everyone who would like to practice it but it represents a good business in China since the profit is high. A training chain session is 30 hours on average in total. And one hour costs 40.5 dollars to 64.8 dollars for a member not including the instructor’s fee. So in total, one complete session could be from 1215 dollars to 1944 dollars. That would be a cost-efficient business for a good investment in a new field.

Jackie Chan, polo

Chinese horse riding doesn’t have enough horses

China is facing problems caused by their horses which do not meet the necessary criteria for most riding horse disciplines. As a result, they need to import the race of horse fitting the request of the horse riding sports. Concerning the show jumping needs first a great horse, a beautiful hair horse, and a flexibly trained. Yet, in order to increase their notoriety, all the clubs in china import from different countries, more than half of the number of horses in their ranches. A club from Beijing revealed that 75 % of their horses are imported from abroad and precisely from Argentina. Within three years, horse importation in China increased ten times higher between 2005 and 2008. The period of the Olympics Games in 2008, they entered more than 2,500 horses in china to be well prepared for the games.

Now, there are some groups of searchers trying to decrease the fluctuation of horse importation from abroad to China for horse riding sports testing to mate the races of horses from many countries and the races of horses which have the Chinese horse characteristics in order to give new races of horses. As well as the horse demand for equestrian clubs in china increasing, the horse vendors attempt to decrease their costs on this business to gain more profit from it. High-fashion clothing, high-brand watches, the high-end shoes… show the social image of the riders. As in all competitions, the luxury brands push the product in the visibility during the sports sessions and they always sponsor the sports events.

Gambling is illegal in China

Polo in China

In China, since the arrival of President Mao in the regime till now, it is forbidden to practice all kinds of gambling in the territory because it refers to the bad culture of the white people brought into their land. In spite of this law which many Chinese wish to abolish, some tourists and businessmen in china multiply their needs to have the open right to practice the same leisure that they have in their homelands.

Then, some rich people are conscious of this potential business. Many investors are trying to start some horse race games caused of a whisper of some progressive authorization of gambling in mainland China. Furthermore, the Hong Kong group is now holding 1.7 milliard of dollars of investment after the repetitive rejections of their documents for the authorization to do business.

What the consequences of legal gambling would be

Should gambling become legal it would open it for much expansion and generates consequent income. Given that China is all about the digital world it would not be surprising to see social networks like Wechat take over this potential market and open gambling features. e-gambling a new market coming up soon? What do you think dear reader?

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