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If you want to create a lot of traffic through WeChat for your business, H5 Wechat is the key. If you don’t know what is H5 Wechat, it could be hard to use it for your business. This article is here to explain to you how to successfully use this Wechat marketing, through the 5 best innovative H5 WeChat campaigns.  If you want to create a lot of traffic on your WeChat page, H5 Wechat is the key. If you don’t know what is H5 Wechat, it could be hard to use it for your business. This article is here to explain to you how to successfully use this tool, through the 5 best innovative H5 WeChat campaigns


H5 Wechat is an interactive platform of WeChat where users can interact. H5 allows you to include games, invites, animations, mobile shaking triggers, and many other interactive things. The animations are very effective because it allows you to create a lot of different styles, animation paths, sequential animations, animation group…

In addition, H5 campaigns also allow users to post their own content, which creates more traffic and makes the campaign more powerful and engaging.

Another very interesting option: with H5, you can track the data of people viewing your campaign. It’s a useful tool for your marketing strategy.



To launch one of their product, the health and beauty brand Olay used H5 WeChat and a Chinese KOL (Key Leader Opinions), the actor Li Dongxue.

In this interactive campaign, the user was able to take a picture with the actor. A picture of the actor appeared on the screen and users could put their cheeks against his on the screen and share the pictures with their friends. When you take a picture, Olay provides you an acuteness score and if you had the best score you could win a WeChat Red envelope.

The campaign was quickly a success. The use of a famous KOL first created a lot of traffic on the page of OLAY. But the campaign too because the user can share their score with their friends and generated a good increase for the product of Olay.


Zhinuo is a Chinese electric car brand. For the launching of their new cars, they did an H5 WeChat campaign.

The campaign was a success first because they did a personal animation for each city.

They created a game where people could hear a sound representing the city. For example, for Beijing, it was a Peking opera to represent the city. It was a very creative game. A lot of brands try to do games and it’s often a failure because the game is no such creature. But Zhinuo created a very good game and users loved it quickly.

In addition, they didn’t put the name of the brand in all supports of the game and it was very appreciated by users. Most brands do the contrary and users don’t enjoy the game because they feel just attacked by the branding


Durex used H5 WeChat with a lot of creativity and novelty. They used H5 WeChat to provide information about safe sex to Chinese consumers and as well to promote their brand and product.

In China, sex is still a taboo topic. Most Chinese people are not informed about this question. Durex provides its consumer with a safe and confidential platform where they are able to discuss safe sex with the brand. A Chatbot was here to answer all their questions and it was anonymous.

You also had relationship experts available to talk on the Chatbot with users.

Chinese consumers thanks to Durex were able to increase their education and it allows Durex to sell a lot of their products privately.

At the end of the week, Durex posted their favorite Q&A on their platforms.

The most important result of this campaign was the database. It allows Durex to have a big database of its consumers and provides a lot of information, figures, and statistics on Chinese users that they can’t have before this campaign.

The campaign was a great success. The advice provided by Durex makes them very popular and unique in this Chinese market.

Through an H5 WeChat platform, Durex was able to grow its followers to 670k+ and reach 100k+ per article.


The most creative campaign was built by the Forbidden City. They used the H5 Wechat very simply. A lot of companies fail because they want to use all the functions of H5 so, consumers don’t understand the message. It’s not clear. The Forbidden City did something very basic and in a few hours, it was a big success.

The Forbidden City worked with Next Idea to create an animation of the famous painting of Zhu Yuan Shang. The Emperor takes users through several features of WeChat such as moments, short videos… The interface then takes users to the Next Idea website with a clear call to action.

The message of the campaign, thanks to the use of H5, was clear: the Forbidden City wanted to attract young artists who have new ideas. And it was a success because it attracted a range of people.


Do you certainly know that WeChat is the most popular social media app in China? Wechat is very appreciated because the app tries to adapt its functions to its users. That’s why they decided to launch WeChat pay. With a big direct competitor: Alipay, the app run by Alibaba, is the most used payment app.

What is better than using your own platform to highlight your new product? Wechat has obviously used H5 Wechat to launch its pay platform.

The campaign was built on the purchasing abilities of the users. Users received a description of their life based on the kind of food they bought using WePay. The app registers which kind of food you prefer all over the world just by registering your travel. The function also tells you how much money you had spent on food and helped you to take care of your finances.

The goal of the campaign was to introduce Wechat pay as an app based on socializing and spending. WeChat pay was the first one to show how the service could be mixed with different social media.

WeChat pay, using H5 Wechat created an emotional moment with its consumers. They used the database to create a personal moment for its users. They converted big data into a real-life situation, a situation that everyone has a connection to. Equally, food is a daily occurrence, which everyone can relate to.

They created a very intimate and successful campaign.


Why do you have to create an H5 Wechat campaign?

  • To be more visible. An H5 Wechat campaign, if it is well done could provide you with a lot of traffic. Besides an H5 campaign is very sharable.
  • Consumers prefer interactive campaigns because it’s more attractive and effective. It gives you a good image has consumers.
  • Remember that a simple campaign is more effective than a big campaign with a lot of animations because if you do too many things you will risk losing your consumers.

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