What is WeChat H5 Brochure?

Introduced in 2011 by Tencent, Wechat quickly established itself as the most popular app in China to the point of becoming a must-have for Chinese people. While our days are punctuated by the use of instant messaging and multiple social media, Chinese people are mainly using a single app to do all this: WeChat. Wechat’s ecosystem is indeed one of the most complete in terms of services and mini-programs. You will be able to access all kinds of services, from chatting and sharing posts, to ordering and paying for your lunch.

In this article, we are going to focus on another functionality available on Wechat, that is especially appreciated when it comes to advertising and promoting a brand: the Wechat H5 brochure. These brochures offer a highly engaging experience that catches the user’s attention and can easily generate new leads and sales. That’s why they can be a powerful tool for your business in China.

WeChat: A Powerful App for Businesses in China

In order for you to understand the impact and importance of WeChat, you have to know that it is the most popular app in China with more than 1.26 billion users as of 2022. Chinese people are using WeChat for both their personal and professional life.  But the app is much more than a social media for sharing moments with friends, it is also a great and efficient tool to do business.

In almost every kind of business in China, using WeChat is mandatory in order to communicate with your audience and generate leads (keep in mind emailing is not a thing here). In fact, 70% of the Chinese population relies on WeChat features to work and communicate with their clients, colleagues, suppliers, and organize meetings. Thus, it is undeniable that WeChat is a must-have if you want to do business in China.

Having a WeChat H5 brochure will also give you an advantage in many trade shows and exhibitions instead of investing in expensive paper brochures, which most of the time end up in a trash bin.

WeChat for Business: Which account is the best?

If you want to use WeChat in order to do business, you’ll first have to register a WeChat official account. There are three possible types, but when it comes to the best digital marketing strategies, the choice is between a subscription account and a service account. Your choice will depend on a few factors according to your needs in terms of marketing and services.

You also have to take into account that overseas companies can only register for a service official account. For an enterprise and subscription account, you will need to be registered in Mainland China. However, thanks to our experts, we are able to provide you with all these three kinds of accounts. So, if you want more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

WeChat Subscription account

This type of account can be used to do communication, which is sufficient for community management, building a relationship with your consumers, as well as publishing articles.

WeChat Enterprise Account

Also known as ‘WeChat Work’, this type of account is an efficient enterprise-level office management app. First of all, it provides the same communication experience as WeChat. Moreover, it offers various tools and the ability to connect easily with the WeChat ecosystem. It efficiently brings companies, services, and consumers altogether.

WeChat Service Account

For businesses that want to market their services and products in China using WeChat marketing, the service account is the best choice for you as it offers a lot of great functions and tools for your business, such as:

  • WeChat Pay
  • WeChat Stores
  • Instant customer service
  • Geo-location services
  • 4 publications per month (1-6 articles at once) with push notifications
  • WeChat mini-programs (mini-apps within WeChat)
  • Voice recognition
  • URL shortening
  • The possibility to have multiple QR codes per account
  • And of course, H5 campaigns

WeChat H5 Brochure: An interactive way to communicate

Following the success of WeChat, one of the latest trends in the constantly evolving world of digital marketing is HTML 5 content, allowing developers to create interactive material for marketing campaigns. This is why we are going to see why H5 pages have become a critically valuable asset in order to have successful advertising campaigns.

What is a WeChat H5 Brochure?

The first thing to know about WeChat H5 Brochures is that H5 does not simply refer to a page made in HTML 5. While the name has roots in this technology, it is used to describe a specific type of interaction as Chinese microsites were supposed to be viewed on mobile phones.

Scape Listing – Wechat Brochure by GMA

So to put it simply, an H5 page is just a mobile website, mostly a promotion or event site, shared with people in WeChat by official accounts or via WeChat Moments. People are then able to browse through the website with the WeChat in-app browser.

What are the benefits of WeChat H5 brochures?

WeChat H5 pages come with many benefits for any marketer. Besides their unique characteristics to generate and create engaging content, there are a few things that make this tool especially valuable for your business in China.

  • H5 pages can be used for a variety of marketing apps such as games, brochures, advertisements, etc. This is the reason why they are typically used to market a specific product or to promote sales and other special events.
  • Designed to be highly engaging, they are most of the time interactive, incorporating audio, music, video animations, or mobile shaking triggers. Using animations like sequential animations, animation groups, and time setup allows you to create and play with countless styles.
  • WeChat H5 pages also support shake functions and “turn sideways to watch” features that are highly entertaining and can easily engage the user.
  • H5 pages often rely heavily on users’ input, which can be a good way to capture leads. In fact, H5 also allows you to collect data on people viewing your campaign. The data can be collected from a variety of channels, such as interactive forums, comments, and surveys.
  • H5 pages are faster and less expensive to develop compared to WeChat Mini Programs. Therefore, H5 pages will allow you to start your campaign or launch your product in a relatively short period of time.
Pit Caribou – Wechat Brochure by GMA

How to create a WeChat H5 brochure?

Although we recommend working with professionals on creating the best H5 brochure for your brand, we present a few tips that might give you an idea of the best solutions for this WeChat’ feature;

Custom or Template?

There are two ways you can make H5 pages: Professional Interaction Class (custom) or Template Assembly Class (from template). It can be compared to using professional software like InDesign vs. using software like Canva. Indeed, each method has its own advantages and disadvantages:

  • Professional Interaction Class H5 pages are completely customized, highly interactive, and require a high level of skill from the creator. They are therefore more expensive. However, it can be extremely useful to create H5 pages from scratch, to stand out against your competitors with unique content to win your target audience.
  • Template Assembly Class H5 pages are based on a pre-built template that is easier to use and faster to make, therefore less expensive. However, you will not be able to customize them as much as you want.

Some of the best H5 Web Page tools

There are lots of H5 web page design tools in the Chinese market. Thanks to these websites, you will be able to access a lot of templates in order for you to create an H5 Brochure for mobile phone use. However, take note that all of these are subscription-based.


MAKA is probably the easiest one to use


A very simple tool which is like a combination of Word and PPT


You will have access to a large variety of templates


Mostly used by small and medium-sized businesses, Eqxiu offers a variety of tools to customize your H5 brochure.


iH5 offers the most freedom in terms of design and provides a lot of professional tools

RRXIU (人人秀)

RRXIU is useful to edit and create unique templates

Presentation of your company

Before starting your H5 brochure, you should make sure to hire a translator, who will be able to understand the subtleties of Mandarin Chinese. In fact, the first thing your viewers will see is the presentation of your company. Make sure that everything is clear and easy to understand. The key to a good H5 brochure is storytelling and good product display, which will engage your viewers even more.

The content of your WeChat H5 brochure

The content of your H5 brochure is also important. However, some people are tempted to write too much content in it, which can be annoying from a reader’s point of view. The best way to attract your reader’s attention is to have an H5 brochure between 6 to 10 pages. This means that you will have to catch their attention as quickly as possible. You should present your products, add animations, and explain the characteristics of your products, sharing a QR code to your WeChat Store.

The aesthetic of your H5 brochure

Whether you are using a template or designing from scratch, there are important considerations when designing an H5 brochure in order to attract Chinese viewers. Here are some useful tips:

  • When marketing to Chinese consumers, you’re competing with a vast amount of competitors that have engaging content and creative campaigns. It is therefore important for you to focus on illustrations, artwork, animations, and pictures. You have to make sure that the one who is going to design the brochure understands both the Chinese aesthetic and your brand’s concept. A powerful H5 brochure is a balance between your brand’s values and Chinese culture and taste.
  • The appropriate match of colors is very important. You have to know that in China, red and yellow/gold are considered auspicious while other colors may have negative connotations. For example, white is often associated with death and mourning. Moreover depending on the situation, green can be considered unlucky as it is associated with infidelity, and black to darkness, secrecy, and the unknown.
  • Make sure that all Chinese content has been properly translated and localized to ensure that your content will attract the targeted audience and work well in terms of search engine optimization. There is no point investing in a fancy H5 page if the marketing text is poorly translated as it can easily end up in confusing or repelling your audience.

How to attract and engage consumers with a WeChat H5?

Tell a story and invite your readers to take part in it

If you succeed in attracting viewers through their personal experience, they will share your brochure and thus create organic leads and traffic for your brand. H5 campaigns that provide users with a personal and unique experience have a higher chance of success.

Be creative

The more creative your campaign is, the better it will be for your brand! Creativity is indeed the key factor for a successful H5 campaign. Instead of creating a boring advertisement, a creative and interactive campaign will be much more effective to attract potential consumers.

Moreover, China is a tough market to conquer, so you have to be creative in order to stand out among your competitors. Make sure to not bore your audience with a dull page. Study your audience and personalize the H5 brochure for them. The goal is to create an unforgettable user experience.

Be responsive

In order to provide your readers with the best experience possible, you will have to focus on the user’s experience, which is essential for a successful campaign. A simple and easy-to-understand concept will be much more effective. Finally, it is important for you to be able to answer their questions and give them more information if needed.

Examples of H5 Brochures by GMA

Read more on some great H5 campaigns here

Financial Services

wechat H5 brochure Finance services by GMA
Alt Signal


Kuheiji – Premium Sake



B2B Services

Our WeChat H5

Our services

As specialists in this field, Gentlemen Marketing Agency’s experts can create an eye-catching H5 e-brochure for your brand. We are the most visible digital agency with more than 70 Chinese and foreign experts in digital marketing.

As a marketing agency, we know all the subtleties of the Chinese market and how to engage an audience. So, contact us to discuss your projects in China and we will help you create an H5 brochure for your Wechat account that will give you more visibility and boost your business.

Here are some of our services for WeChat;

But we offer much more, from market analysis, through web design and branding, to social media marketing strategies tailored for each brand. Don’t hesitate to leave us a comment, we are your trusted China contact in the digital marketing world!

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