More Chinese people are traveling overseas to enjoy the beauty of the outside world. 2021 is predicted to have more than 200 millions Chinese outbound tourists.

Thanks to the popularity of the Internet and mobile phones which enable more freedom of information exchange in combination with a growing number of young, sophisticated and global-minded Chinese consumers, independent traveling has been increasingly common and preferable rather than traditional package tours.


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This type of traveling allows people to explore the destinations in their own ways; with their customized schedules, activities, and timelines incorporating their unique preferences, habits and hobbies.

Serving this trend, there have been multiple platforms designed to help these free and independent travelers thoroughly plan as well as book their trips in an easy and convenient manner.

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  1. Australia is the hottest counrty in the past, not the case anymore. A 1958 Chinese policy decision had unintended consequences decades later: record numbers of 56-year-old Chinese women on vacation in Australia Last but not least, you must have 24-hour customer service, as Chinese travelers are looking for information anytime and anywhere. For more credibility, you must be there to respond to any request 24 hours a day.

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