A Comprehensive Guide to Baidu PPC Account Set-up for Foreign Businesses

Chances are, you already know that for your brand to succeed in China, advertising on Baidu PPC, China’s most popular search engine is a must. International companies often give up when trying to break into the Chinese market through Baidu, and this is for good reason. Marketing on Baidu comes with its challenges, as there are many potential obstacles business has to face.

Starting a successful campaign in Baidu requires some expertise and cultural understanding. However, once you are all set, the effort spent setting up a Baidu ad account will pay off. it’s definitely worth your while.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to improve your current efforts this article will provide you with some insights on how to get your Baidu advertising strategy up and running.

How does Baidu PPC advertising work?

Baidu PPC advertising (pay-per-click) is an instant, digitally based form of promotion that uses a Baidu keyword planner to target Baidu ads to the audience. Baidu is the most popular of all search engines in China and therefore it’s naturally compared to Google.

Baidu PPC

Baidu PPC ads display the most related search ads and banners from your website on the results page whenever a search is made with one of your keywords. While particular audiences can be targeted with specific ads, Baidu campaigns can also be adjusted when and where they appear, to target the most relevant Chinese consumers.

How To Set up your Baidu PPC Account

Set up your Chinese website

To start your advertising campaign, first, you must build a fully localized website for China. Of course, the language of your website has to be Chinese. It is necessary to use your business title which is already used on your business license. 

Adding information about your company, including company history and contact details are also obligatory. Your Chinese website is beneficial not only for Baidu PPC advertising performance but also for your Baidu SEO results.

Gather your documents

Prepare your business license

You will need an official copy of your business license for the application process. You must have it translated by a professional translation center and then have it authenticated. The Baidu search engine wants to confirm that the original copy and the translation match up. Do not skip this step, as it is required. Be sure that your company stamp is on the authenticated copy so that you can have your official Baidu paid advertising account.

A Comprehensive Guide to on Baidu PPC For Foreign Businesses

Get a screenshot of your business listing

Baidu requires a screenshot of your business listing on the government website for verification as part of the Baidu PPC advertising application process. The screenshot must include the address of the browser and your company stamp. Since the screenshot will not be in Chinese, you will also need to provide a translation with your company stamp.

Company bank record

A sealed and signed record of the recent history of your company account transactions will do the job. Don’t forget to attach the translated copy of it.

A Comprehensive Guide to on Baidu PPC For Foreign Businesses

Apply for a Baidu ads account

If you have the necessary documents ready, the next step is to apply for your PPC account through Baidu. You can apply to Baidu directly from the website of Baidu or go through with a China-based experienced marketing agent.

It’s often easier to use an agent since they will help guide you and ensure that all required documents are in order. GMA marketing agency specializes in assisting companies set up their Baidu PPC accounts; reach out to us to get started.

GMA Case Study: Baidu PPC ads

Pay your fee and drop your deposit

As soon as your application goes through and your company reaches the criteria Baidu will handle the agreement papers. Your required deposit is around 2500$. Only a small percentage of it will be cut as a fee. The rest goes directly to your account.

Now that your Baidu account is up and running, let’s talk about how you can prepare Baidu PPC effective advertising campaigns.

How to Improve your Baidu PPC marketing

1. Utilize Baidu native tools

If you want to be successful in Baidu China, it is essential to select the right Chinese keywords and make sure that your campaign targets desktop and mobile users.

Baidu Zhishu is an index that not only gives you information about the volume of searches for specific keywords but also provides easy-to-use data analysis tools to help you better understand user behavior.

consider using Baidu Zhidao, a QA platform that is again a native tool from Baidu. it can help direct traffic to your Chinese website or landing pages. This option is relatively cheap, making it a good choice for those on a budget. Baidu Baike, China’s own Wikipedia, can also be a beneficial tool depending on your target audience.

Baidu’s PPC advertising

Obtain a business card

By obtaining a business card in the Baidu search, you not only prove credibility to users but also turn your brand into a reputable one. Reputation is vital for success in China. If you decide to invest in this service your business card will be visible as your logo together with links on the Baidu search.

Get verified

If you choose to invest in this service, your business page on the results page will display a v sign next to it. This means that Baidu sees your brand as reliable and credible, two very important factors when trying to establish your company within the Chinese market. Note that Baidu gives priority to verified businesses.

We can help with your Baidu’s success

Advertising in China can have its challenges. Brands looking to effectively utilize Baidu PPC need to understand how the Baidu advertising platform works and how Baidu ads differ from Google Adwords.

With a team of certified professionals, our agent GMA can help you create successful Baidu campaigns that are tailored to Chinese consumers. We understand how important it is to have an effective advertising strategy and we will ensure that your Baidu ads reach the right audience at the right time, just like it works with Google ads.

Our Baidu services include:

The Baidu search engine provides an excellent opportunity for brands to reach Chinese audiences. And to use this opportunity will carefully analyze your campaign and provide you with insights into trends and performance as well as expert advice on how to optimize your campaigns for success.

Leave us a comment or contact us today to start advertising on Baidu, the most popular search engine in China!

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