Guide to Deal with Chinese Tour Operators

Marketing your travel agency to China is not that easy for Receptive Travel Agencies, and dealing with  Chinese Tour Operator or Chinese Travel Agencies has become more challenging than ever.

Chinese Tourists: 130 million Chinese travelled abroad

Chinese International tourism is expected to maintain its fast development during the next years.

Visa policies and increased direct flights are attracting Chinese Travellers to more destinations than before

Chinese made more than 71.3 million International Trips in the first half of 2018, (+ 15%)

China has become the biggest source of Tourists for Destination like Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Russia, Maldives, Indonesia, and South Africa

Due to the growth in the first half of the year, outbound Chinese travellers for the entire year would reach 160 million according to Tourism Expert and Chinese Tourism Academy.

You are a Travel Agencies, hotel, and Transportation Company and want to partner with Chinese Tourism players…

And you ask yourself these questions…

  1. How to Attract Chinese Tour Operators?
  2. How to deal with them?
  3. Make business Successful or Not?

Chinese Tour Operators & Travel Agencies

You have a lot of Chinese Tour operators in China and it is difficult to deal with them for International Tourism Players.

Chinese TO is interested to deal with Serious Companies, that have a good reputation and offer good conditions Price and Services.

How to Attract Chinese Tour Operators?

  • Most Chinese do not speak English, and those that speak English prefer to Read Chinese.
  • Most of them do not use emails and prefer to communicate on WeChat
  • Google is blocked in China, so they search on Baidu
  • Facebook, Instagram Twitter is blocked in China, so you have to use WeChat, Weibo LittleRedBook
  • In China, everything is Different. If you want to do business you have to Adapt to Chinese Rules.

Basic Requirements to Deal With Chinese Tour Operators and Travel Agencies.

A Chinese Website

You have to get a Chinese Version of your Website for the Chinese Audience. Simplified Mandarin.

You can have a Simple Website, but have to be professional, and clear to find information.

Examples AigueMarine Paris.

Hosting in China

To have your website accessible in China, you have to host it in China, or Hong Kong. Many websites are blocked in China, due to the Great Fire Wall.

WeChat Account

You need to communicate with your Client via WeChat, better than Email.

WeChat Ebrochure

Most Chinese prefer Ebrochure over traditional PDFs.

What is an Ebrochure? It is an HTML5 Page, that introduces your Agency.

Have a look Here

Tactics to Attract Tour Operators Leads

How to attract Leads (askings) from Tour operators in China? That is a good question. You need to try to understand them first.

  1. The Search on Baidu when they want to find suppliers
  2. They use online Forums to find the best partner
  3. They want to be sure to deal with a serious partner, and your Reputation is Vital
  4. They do not like spammer, they expect personalized Messages in Chinese

Example: Travel Manager at Ctrip, a leading Online travel Player in China.

Baidu SEO: Rank on the Top Page of Baidu (Google is blocked in China )

To attract quality Leads, the best way is to appear in a B2B search on Baidu, like Local Tour Operator in {Your country]

Example: Search “Thailand  Travel Agencies ” on Baidu 

Baidu SEM or Advertising

Advertising on Baidu can be a good option to attract these Professionals. You can have a look at Baidu SEM in this article for further information.

Take care of your E-Reputation

Chinese Travel professionals will check the Reputation of your Agency, you have better have positive comments. If they find nothing they will just find another one. They do not like to take risks dealing with new players.

Communicate on Travel Forums can be a Good option

In China, a lot of Forums are powerful and have a lot of visitors among Chinese Professionals. They search for Tourism Guide, new attractions, and good recommendations for Hotel.

For this Resort, having a positive Review on Forums bring the attention of Tour Operators.

Who is the Main tour Operator in China?

With our experience, we know the main Tour Operators in China and Travel agencies. we have a list, with contact ( we do not send it for free)

We can keep our clients in touch with them, but we know without good Preparation, it does not bring results.

  • CITS, Chinese Tours Holding Co., Ltd. (CYTS) is a subordinate company of the Chinese government.
  • China SSS, alias Stringtour, they are a mass market low-cost Tour operator.
  • Tuniu  one of the leading online tour operator in China was founded in 2016 and its headquarter  in Nanjing,
  • Ly : aka Tongcheng the leading online tour operator in China was founded in 2004 and its head office is in Suzhou
  • U-Tour One the leading Travel Agencies in China, was the first private-owned company (Based in Shenzhen )
  • Caissa : it is a Travel Old player  ( founded in 1993, head quarter in Beijing.)
  • CITS  the leading tour operator in South China, they rebrand “Nice tour”
  • Ctrip : Ctrip alias is a leading Booking Plateform, they also have Travel Agency.
  • HHtravel : is a High End Travel Agency. They provide Tailormade travel for Wealth Client.
  • Zanadu : they are a High End Tour Operator  , and provide high quality Services
  • Aoyou : they are a Mass Market Tour Operator in China
  • Miutur : It is a online travel player, provide package for Chinese travellers
  • LvMama : it is a Mass Market Travel plateform, also organize trip for their Users

Read also : How to convince a chinese travel agent to partner with your travel business ? 

Want to deal with Chinese Tour Operators?

We are GMA (Gentlemen Marketing Agency) we are specialized in Tourism Marketing in China. We already helped more than 300 travel players to communicate in China, and develop their Businesses.

  1. Feel free to ask us for more information, or ask about our Case studies.
  2. We have cost-effective Solutions for All kinds of Ambition
  3. A Team of 50 Marketers at your Service


  • We are an inbound Tanzania tour operator covering Serengeri, Ngorongoro, Tarangire and Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. We are looking for Chines agencies who are sending a tourist to the Tanzania.

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    we have some business with you

  • we’re transport touristic from morocco looking for chines tour operators to work with

    • Dolores Admin

      Hey there,

      I think you should have another look at the above guide ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Do you have a website in Chinese for tour operators to find about you?

  • Hello,
    I am a private agent and get some friends in my network that want to travel oversea.
    I would like to search partner. Should be good to share with me your Chinese website or your wechat account for chat.

  • One more thing, your article is really great! Thank you for sharing.


  • Hello,

    My name is Peach, I’m a tour operator based in Bangkok, Thailand, providing bicycle tours and sightseeing tours. Basically, our main customers are from USA and Europe but because of COVID-19 outbreak, I don’t think we can open for international tourism from those countries soon.

    But Thailand will open for tourists from China soon in this 1-2 months and I’m interested to join into Chinese market.
    We have no Chinese website yet, we are now developing our website and might be possible to add some pages in Chinese later and we can hire someone who can use Chinese to communication with them.

    Is it possible to start from zero? I mean since we never have Chinese customers before and no any reputations on Chinese forum or even from any Chinese. Please note we can get some Chinese tour guide in Bangkok easily, that won’t be an issue.

    Is it still possible that I can attract Chinese Tour operator if we just start from now?

    Thank you ahead for your answers and more information.

    Kind regards,


  • Hi, my name is Ben i Run a tour company in Kenya am interested in the China Market

  • Dear Olivier

    Greetings from Poland

    We are a transport company with less than 3 years coaches and good drivers. We can provide transport for all countries in Europe for people incoming from China. This company is new on Chinese market, nobody knows about our company in China. before I work for company cooperating with big tour operators in China. I had few years experience but could you give me some advices how we can enter new company for Chinese market?

  • Thank GMA, the article is so helpful for foreigners. My name is Victor, I am a Founder of Chinese Travel Agent and I have worked in this industry for 5 years, if anyone have willing to cooperate with chinese travel agent or to invest in this industry in China, I can give you some advices or answer your questions. haha you must have a wechat.

  • Why it does not work to contact directly with Chinese tour operator. I saw you said in anohter article, but english not too good, can you explain simply please?

  • Aftab khan

    Hello From FINLAND

    We are an inbound tour operator covering FINLAND, ESTONIA, SWEDEN and DENMARK for Asian and Middle East tourists how we can get Chines agencies who are sending a tourist to the Nordic area.

  • Yellow Car

    We are a tour-guide-reservation services for outbound Chinese tourists.

    Our booking App lists for more than 100 000 travel users in China and more than 1,500 overseas travel destination cities in 80 countries in the world.

    Today we are searching to expand, and partnership with Travel Agent oversea. Entry fees start at 10k$
    Contact me for more information about our package.

  • Abderrahmane Cheikh

    Dear Mr Oliver,

    I am ruling a Moroccan agency specialised in car rent and touristic tours in Morocco.

    I have noticed that the chinese tourists has simply doubled in Morocco chiefly when the visa has been banned between the two countries.
    There are also many chinese in the same sector established in Morocco and doing good jobs. I am in contact with one and I want to make a partnership with him.
    Also i want to contact local chinese TOs for further business.

    thanks for your advices and assistance.

    best regards

  • Hi, I am not a tour operator but a new language school based in the UK and offer short (2 week), residential courses in English Language and culture. I am looking to attract Chinese students. Can you advise if Chinese tour operators and travel agents operate in this sector please?

  • Great explanation. Provided a good insight on Chinese tour operators.


    Hi administrator, my name is Joseph from Kenya, i have a good tour company based in kenya and would like to partner with a china tour operator to do tourism business

  • Zahid a. sakhi

    Thanks for the information. Its really helpful and you rightly said that they are quite difficult to deal with.
    We are running a tour company and want to work with Chines tour companies and to explore the market. Can you please suggest and let us know about some of your packages so as to move forward.

    Thank you

  • Umar Masoodi


    We are a mid Range travel agency based in Morocco, i found your article very useful as i have been to few travel exhibitions in Beijing… You have provided best insights how to capture and access the market… I would like to discuss in depth research of yours in Chinese market and a plan to develop a completely new market. kindly advise me your offered which will suit my needs.. I prefer to discuss private..

  • Dear Oliver ,

    We have a dutch owned touroparator in the Caribbean, Punta cana reo Dominicana .
    Best of Punta cana , we live there we are only working with the best Tours , like buggy , boat excursion, zip line , snorkeling etc .
    We also have our full licence boat excursion company .
    Rep Dominicana is opening the doors for China tourist .
    It s the most beautiful and save country in the Caribbean.
    We are looking urgent for a partner in China to work with , to do pre booking of excursion, hotels , transport .
    We are flexible to change or add in the organization, to fulfil the needs of the Chinees tourist .
    Can you help us to find a partner ?

  • Moses Temba

    We really want to partner with Chinese Tour operators, and we have the capacity to receive well.
    WS Safari LTD offer Wildlife Safaris to some of the most remote and beautiful regions of Tanzania virtually unvisited and unexplored but also some of the most famous National Parks like Serengeti, Lake Manyara, Tarangire, Ngorongoro crater and Arusha National Park with unlimited game viewing. Also we offer Mt. Kilimanjaro / Meru Climb, Cultural Safaris and Zanzibar Beach Holiday.

    • Olivier

      Read the article Moise, and think.
      I am pretty sure you can find the solution to your problem.
      How can I attract Chinese Tour operator?

  • Hannah de Zwaan

    HI Olivier,

    My name is Hannah de Zwaan. I am starting a company to get more tourists in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. I was born and raised in Taiwan and speak Mandarin Chinese, English and Dutch. I really love your information and wisdom concerning working in China. I would love to work with you. My budget is however extremely small since I am a single mother.

    Thank you for responding!

    Hannah de Zwaan

  • we will get back to you as soon as my boss jets back to the country.

  • hyraxsafaris

    Hello there its good to read about you online and its very helpful. please tell me the cheapest deal you can give me if i want to advertise a small tour operator in your company.

  • Hello GMA.. My name is Harrison Njau. Am a professional tour operator in Nairobi Kenya, since 1985. i have researching in the Chinese tourist marketing strategies and i have found you, i found your information very useful. I have worked for many companies like UTC ,UST, FLAMING TOURS, BIRDS PARADISE SAFARIS. ZEBRA TOURS. KILIMANJARO SAFARI CLUB among many other companies.right now am the marketing/ tours consultant for kairi tours and safaris ,and rhino tourist camp in Masai Mara..I also work for safari gates adventure as tours consultant. my question is whats the cheapest deal deal you can give me if i want to advertise mid range tour company? i have dealt with Chinese tour operators and i know how to handle them. please reply asap. thank you

    • Olivier

      Thank you for this information. We will contact you bakc

  • msr in China

    This information was useful and interesting, easy to understand, most of the comment question make nonsense and just show that you did not read (or understand this article meaning)
    If a Chinese supplier contact you in Chinese, without website or facebook account will you dare to take 3min to read the email, no of course.
    you just need a minimum of adaptation for this Market

    • Olivier

      Thank you for this Added value information ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Lindah Nabakooza

        Hi Olivier, please write to me at info pomelo-ibisadventures com or WhatsApp/call +256784240480 so that we can partner together in the tourism industry

  • How do I start my own travel business in China?

    How do I register a tour operator business in China?
    What investment do I need?
    What document need to provide?

    • Olivier

      It is Really Really complicated to have a Travel license Business in China, but you can operate from Oversea and attract Chinese Tourists from your own Country.
      Investment from 10k$ to 200k$ depend on your ambition.
      Documents needed are limited… you will need them to certify your Account(Baidu, Weibo, WeChat etc)

      • Hi, I am udaya and i am from sri lanka and i would like to work and travel with chinese peoples , i am drive all arround with chinese clients in sri lanka so please contact me for tour in sri lanka , couples , small groups , and big groups , thanks

  • B to B morocco

    Intรฉressant merci pour ton article
    Chinese Tourists are booming in Morrocco.

  • Nino Stefanidi

    We have a hotel from Georgia, Tbilisi and for so many years, would like to find a way to host chinese tourist groups. How can we get there?

    Thank you in advance

    • Olivier

      Hello, I think you have the solution in the article.

  • We have well designed tour packages over China for families , young married, honeymoon and Chinese small groups with special interests. how to identify a truly reliable China tour company among many travel agencies that claiming they are the leading operators?

    • Olivier

      There is no Truly reliable partner in China, sorry Marco… It is one time shot. And you have better to have your own Direct clients 70% of your business +30% from China tours Operators.

  • We want to Get Chinese clients. How to Find Outbound Tour Operators in China ? We want to Promote our Morocco Private Excursions and a Tourist Transport Agency located in Marrakech offers a wide choice of rental cars with drivers and minibuses to discover tours to discover colorful Morocco rich in sunny landscapes during your tour, discover the cultural and artisanal Morocco thus ancestral traditions. Send us your Package please

    • Olivier

      Dear Driss,
      How to find Outbound Tour Operators? … as explained on Baidu, email, wechat, qq, website, on forums etc…. and the best way is to let them find you when they need Transport company, as mention in this article.

  • Hi
    We are one of the leading Inbound Travel agency and tourist transport in Morocco, Limousines Premier is a tourist transport company based in Morocco. Established since 2000, with more than 18 years of experience in transfer services and tourist transport
    We are searching for chinese tour operators in china, do you sell China tour operators list?

    • Olivier

      Hi Nabil,
      please send us an email instead of a Comment. Comments are more for useful comments, question or share other information. For enquiery, email and we deal in private.
      Anyway, you have a great offer, let ‘s see how we can help you, and what are your ambition.

      • I am the owner of the largest Resort on East Coast of Mozambique.
        I would like to increase my head count from Chinese clients.I have another business if mine based in China so understand the Chinese very well after working closely with them for 7 yesrs

    • Olivier

      Hi Nabil,
      please send us an email instead of a Comment. Comments are more for useful comments, question or share other information. For enquiery, email and we deal in provate.
      Anyway, you have a great offer, let ‘s see how we can help you, and what are your ambition.

    • Olivier

      We do not sell China Tour Operators List, but we can help you to market your Agency, and let tour Operators find you.
      After when it is about Limousine, you have better to target High End travel Agencies, with VIP clients, and not the mass Chinese Group Tourists.
      We can help you, but High End Services in China is not for cheap Companies. Hope you understand.

  • Hello I am in Botswana in southern africa and operating a mobile safari company, so please can I know how I can market my services into Chinese market.

    • Olivier

      Hi, As mention in the article ( I invite you read it or re-read it) , website, Baidu, WeChat, Forum, Q&A Ads…
      All these strategies are possible in China.

      • Hi

        I have a Safari Company in East Africa Tanzania Would like to do some marketing in China , Also I’m looking for the Travel Agency or Business partner in China
        Thank you So much
        Warm Regard

  • Malik Mohammad Siddique Awan

    I just need to China Tourism invest in Saudi Arabia in Tourism because Saudi Arabia is biggest Tourism in world for Hajj and Umra season, and China is rich country and easy for China to hold. We are just lower level travel agents but have higher business mind and idea how to control world level Tourist business. Our companies status is International level but financially position is normal and not offered able to control world level business like China Tourist. China Tourist can directly contact with Pakistan Government to invest in Tourism and Imran Khan Government is interested to invite to foreigners to invest in any sector.

    2nd From Pakistan it’s easy for us to join China Tourist and China Tourist can directly contact to Saudi Arabian Hajj Ministery.

  • Very good Guide marketingtochina
    I am owning my Traveller agent in Bhutan Would like to do some marketing in China as well!
    Thank you so much

    • Olivier

      Hello Namgay,
      We can help you, and even with limited budget you will get Results… Contact us for further information.

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