In few years, China knew a huge development. The digital world fully changed the chinese economy. China is now a digital country with a huge potential. Thousands of companies “pure players”, only present on the net, were born in few days due to the digital revolution of the country. Baidu the chinese most famous search engine is one of them. You also have Weibo, a kind of Twitter, WeChat, an instant messaging platform created by Tencent, Alibaba the E-Commerce giant in China, Youku, the chinese youtube and many others who knew how to take advantage of the increasing of digital in China.

I am sure you already understood that the web in China is totally different from the western web. Censorship is still present and domestic actors are prioritized. If you want to succeed in China, it’s mandatory to understand how the Chinese market works, its mechanisms, functions and to get informed every time of the evolutions of the market, which is very fast. The only key is adaptation!


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If you haven’t knowleadges of the digital in China, this white paper is here to make you understand. Why? Because it’s time for you, B2B companies, to integrate digital to develop your presence and services in China. Digital marketing is one of the best way to communicate in China, especially if you want to touch all the country. In China, all your prospects will look for information about your company and your sevices on internet. The chinese internet is full of information which can help you to understand the needs and expectations of your chinese targets.

You really need to understand that digital in China has a huge potential and can directly leads the growth of your B2B business.

But, you don’t really know how to create a marketing strategy adapted to the chinese market? The only solution is to work with experts of the digital in China who are able to guide you and give you some keys to understand the web in China.

We are experts of the digital marketing in China. We created this free guide to make you understand the new challenges of the digital in China. This white paper will be useful if you understand that digital is the must have in all marketing strategies in China and if you don’t know how to start or also if you already started to make digital marketing actions but you failed because of this lack of knowledges.

In this white paper, you will find keys to create an amazing B2B digital strategy :

  • Digitalization of the B2B in China.
  • Visibility : the key of success.
  • Lead generation.
  • E-reputation.
  • Analyze and optimization.
  • How to develop your contact networks.

Have a Good reading !

Digitalization of the Industry in China

First of all, it’s really important for you to understand the potential of the digital in B2B / Industry in China and to understand that webmarketing operations are effectives because they can attracts potential clients.


Today, with the big improving of internet, clients can easily and freely find information on the net. They can be inform about products or services of a company. They compare different products and services and share their opinions, good or bad about a brand. In China, it’s really common to do that. It’s really easy for consumers to join their feedbacks to contest the practices and products of a company who doesn’t reply to their expectations. Consumer experience is now totally different, consumer can find his own information on internet and is free. It’s now really difficault for brands to lie or to create a fake image. We are now talking about a “consum’actor”.

The first step of the consumer experience in China is to look for information on search engines.

China, more than other countries, is a connected country. Statistics are awesome : more the 90% of chinese byers start their researchs on Internet. Even if the information researched are differents in B2C and B2B, behaviors are similars. Researchs for a product or a service are mainly doing on internet and the research before buying is mandatory for chinese consumers and this also in B2B.


Chinese professionals are very present on internet. They make a lot of researchs, find out about partner companies and learn online.

Professionals, like individuals, do a lot of researchs on search engines and especially young professionals who came from the new digital generation in China. 95% of the Industrial chinese buyers use internet to find suppliers.

Companies who work in the industrial sector tend to buy on e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba to find low-value products.


Internet is a vector of influence. Influencers are people with a huge media exposure. They can influence the consumers behaviors and make them love your company.

The most popular people are named KOL – Key Opinion Leaders. They are really popular because they have a big number of fans but also because of their expertize in a specific field.

Kols are really influents on blogs and social media platforms. Opinions, comments and criticisms of this influencers are now, more effective than companies advertisements.

That’s why companies have to be visible on the web and create quality contents with relevant and interesting information to convince their target. They also need to control their e-reputation and brand image on internet.


In China, the communication means are very differents than in Western countries. In Western countries, the communication is mainly doing by sending email, in China, consumers never read their emails. Chinese consumers prefer instant messaging platforms like WeChat and this also with professionals in B2B.

 Email marketing actions are useless : emailing campaigns, newsletters and others will not be read.

 To touch your consumers, you need to adapt your strategy to be effective on the communication means chinese consumers use.



In China, Baidu is dominating the market of the search engines with more than 80.6% of market shares. Qihoo 360 follows with 10.3% and Sougou with 4.7%.

Google is forbidden in China. The most important search engine of the world is censored that’s why Google arrive in last position with only 4.4% of market shares.

More than 6 billions of researchs are doing everyday on Baidu. Baidu is used by 570 billions users and Baidu app : “Baidu Search” by 100 billions users.

40% of the advertising expenses on the chinese web are doing on Baidu.


To become visible on the chinese web, a website is the 1st Step for industries in China. Your website has to be strong and structured. Chinese Professional clients are no longer trustful due to all the counterfeits, copies and tricks. They will be really reassured if you have an Official Website, trustful and professional.

To start, your website need to be hosted in China mainland with a .cn name wich show that the chinese government autorize your website.

Foreign websites are not adapted to chinese normes, often censored and very slow to open. However, Baidu doesn’t consider foreign website because they don’t use mandarin key words.

It’s mandatory to provide a website in mandarin to touch your target. If it’s only in english, they will not feel concerned.

Furthermore, don’t forget that chinese normes are differents. If western countries like clean aesthetic, chinese consumers prefered a page with lot of information in small characters and many images and animations.



A presence on search engines is very effective for B2B & Industry in China. SEO is a long-term operation to improve the visibility of a company on the search engines. The goal is to be on the top of the list thanks to good and adapted key-words.

Key words are crucialsfor a SEO campaign. You need to find the key words your target use to lead them to your website.

It’s really important to use the good key words. If you only try to get all the traffic even if this people are not interested by your products and services, it’s not effective and smart.


In China, SEO is a bit different : Baidu doesn’t work exactly as Google. To build a smart SEO strategy in China, your have to understand how Baidu works.

 Let’s see the main differences:

  • Quality is more important than on Google.
  • Repetition of key words allow you to have a better ranking on Baidu.
  • Due to censorship, your content and information need to be controled and without political interest. Some words and content are forbidden.
  • The homepage is very important for SEO.
  • Updatings of your content are also very important.

 Having a good ranking on Baidu is the key to develop your business in China.

SEO on Baidu is the result of some webmarketing actions like:


Writting quality contents on your website can improve the visibility of your pages. The content strategy has to be lead by using the same key words as your SEO campaigns.


It’s also vry important to control and improve the reputation of your website. You can show the positive comments of your consumers on your website, be link with good partners to gain a good image.

Because Baidu is in a close relationship with the chinese government, websites wich asked to be link with chinese government websites are better ranked than the others.


In China, professionals read specialized press online.

Specialize press relations are good tools to build an effective marketing strategy. They allow you to inform professionals of the quality and reputability of your products and services.

Press relations in China are one of the most cheaper and effective communication means to build a good image and gain awereness.

Chinese online media are good links of information to promote your company in China mainland. The challenge of press relations is to be the best in this “media war” and to create a good relationship with journalists.

However, be careful, press relation in China are different than in your own country. In China, control is still present and many companies suffered of censorship.


In B2B, the challenge is to attract professionals and to encourage people to contact you, in other terms, to generate leads (potential clients).


Landing pages are webpage where people arrive when they click on a sponsored link of a Pay Per Click campaign.

That’s why, the design and the content of the landing pages is very important. They can directly influence your conversion rate. It’s better if the sponsored links lead to a specific page wich include the key words they used.

Landing pages need to be smart, users have to be able to quickly find the information they want or to do the action they want.


The Click to Chat is one of the most appreciate services for chinese people. It allow consumers to communicate directly with an employee of the company and ask all the question he can has. The chat is available on a instant messaging platform and users are waiting for a quick reply.

In terms of customer relationship, it’s a big advantage for companies to develop a close relationship with their consumers. It’s really effective in B2B in China because when chinese propects can speak with a advisor they are less suspicious. However, it’s a kinf of personnal relation and chinese consumers love the fact to be “VIP”.


Quality contents are mandatory in B2B. To gain leads, you have to create articles, analysis, white papers, pictures, videos … to show your expertize and professionalism in your fields. It will give you a good brand image.

After creating quality content, it’s necessary to make it visible on internet. You can use SEO, PPC, Press Relations to improve to visibility of your contents and gain awereness. You also can work with KOLs who are able to share your content on their profils to their communities.

When users will find your content, they will see that it’s quality contents and you are support by KOLs. Chinese people will trust you because of that.


Lead Generation in Industry in China. When you already have leads, you need to be professional and effective to convert this leads in clients. The best thing to do is to have your own team of commercials who will be in charge of the management of the conversion and the management of the consumer relation. It’s mandatory to be reactive and reply quickly to your potential clients . You also need to filter your leads : some leads are interesting, some others not.

Two figures need to be analyses :

  • How much leads you can generate.
  • How much leads are quality leads.


In China, the e-reputation of a company is one of the main success factors in B2B.

You have two main reasons:

  • Chinese people are very suspicious on Internet. That’s why it’s mandatory for professionals of the B2B to manage their e-reputation. If you are not careful with your e-reputation, you will fail.
  • E-reputation is also really important in chinese society and especially in business relationships. It’s linked with the concept of “Mianzi”, always present in China. Chinese people need to feel that you respect them and you give them a particular place, they are really attentive with their image.

One rule in China : never make your chinese interlocuteur lose face especially if it’s in a business relationship, because he will never forgive you.

In B2B, it’s really important to understand this particularity of the chinese market and use it to succeed.


It’s really importante to have a good brand name. Your brand name is directly linked with your e-reputation and just with that, chinese people will decided if you are good or not. All the bad comments need to be hide, if not, chinese people will never trust you again and will never buy your products or services.

But, if they can only find good comments on internet, they will be more able to buy your products or services.

Quality content is here really important.


In China, more than in other countries, consumers need to be reassured. They no longer trust brands due to all the scandals and counterfeits. That’s why you need to reassured them. For example, you can staked on the consumer esperience and use it as a testimony for the potential clients. That is to say you need to put this positif comments on your website, commercial documents or advertising.

In B2B, professional testimonies are see as a security. It will encourage professionals to work with you.


Chinese people are not really focused on quality like their western peers. They are more focused on quantity.

In B2B, you don’t have a lot of premium brand that’s why it’s an advantage for your foreign company. Foreign products or services are always linked with quality.

Professionals love foreign products and especially french products more reputated than the others.

In Industry, chinese professional, looking for machines and industrial equipments will focus on quality and modernity provided by western companies.

As a foreign company, it’s really important to highlight your premium positioning. This positioning make you different than local companies.



Our focus is to promote your business with your target closely in mind. After all my explanations, you understand that the key to sell online is to have a good image and to be reputable. We’ll use digital tools including: Baidu SEO and SEM, E-PR, Media Buying (DSP) & Community Management. Then, we’ll manage the campaign and assure its optimization & success.

We are experienced on Baidu:

  • High knowledges of the Baidu’s functions
  • A ROI-focused agency
  • We are effective
  • We worked with more than 300 western brands


We are professionals of the lead generation. To be effective in your lead generation, you need first to develop a good e-reputation. Invest in online advertising and create quality content will help you developing your e-reputation. Finally, measure results to improve your performances.

We are lead generation experienced and we apply it to our agency. We get an average of 350 leads per month (March 2018) by applying the method we offer to companies that use our services.


  • Website Creation, Development & Auditing.
  • Baidu Search Engine Optimization.
  • Social Media Marketing (WeChat & Weibo).
  • Reputation Management & Community Development.
  • Public Relations & Exposure in Chinese E-Media.
  • Analytics, monthly reports & analysis from our team of experts.


We are an ROI-focused agency. The solution is to attract and also re-target the most qualified traffic in order to increase conversion rates.


We are French and Chinese team, here to help you developing your business in China.

We understand the Chinese professionals: their needs and habits.

We also understand the foreign brands’ difficulties when they tried to enter the Chinese market.

Each member of the team is specialized in a field. They have experience and they are effective.


We are a friendly team, we offer the coffee if you book a meeting with our consultants to discuss about your project in China.

 And trust me… our coffee is really good 🙂

I am pretty sure that now, you understand why a digital marketing strategy is important in B2B. B2B professionals are really connected in China. Your potential clients and partners are on the web and will be more connected tomorrow.

They behaviors changed, now, they always try to find information before buying. Webmarketing services are now, success factors to succeed on the chinese market. That’ why, digital need to be a huge part of your marketing strategy in China.

Usually, B2B sector is not a sector where marketing is important and especially the digital marketing. Many foreign businesses still think that a presence online is not so important. They are wrong. In China, it’s totally different. Without digital marketing, it’s impossible to survive on the chinese market.



YarnMaster is a big textile french group. They produce electronic products for industrial textile machines which export.

A big part of its turnover is from exportation. They wanted to introduce their company on the chinese market. They already had some factories to made their products in China and wanted to find suppliers and potential buyers for their services.

Their main goal : became leader in the textile sector in China.


GMA helped YarnMaster to became wellknow in China and highlight his expertize in the technology field toward chinese industrials thanks to their digital marketing actions :

  • Optimization of the website.
  • Quality communication contents : pictures, videos…
  • SEO campaigns with key words in mandarin and in english.
  • Press relations and specialized press..


  • 1 lead each week.
  • YarnMaster was ranking on the first page of search engines thanks to good key words.
  • YarnMaster became the foreign leader of the textile industry in China.


Chemistry-World is a large internationally renowned chemical French group. Perfectly mastering its home market and the countries abroad where it operates, Chemistry-World is interested in a country that has very specific chemical needs: China. For this country, Chemistry-World has launched a new product line.


However, Chemistry-World doesn’t know how to become popular in the main production regions of China, which are not only found in the most important cities of China but also in the second and third-tier cities and areas industrial isolated.
The company is also wondering how to identify highly targeted contacts and thus attract Chinese buyers.


The results after only a few months of actions:

  • 68% of visitors of the website are involved in the field.
  • 42% of visitors want to know more about Chemistry-World.
  • The sales department records many calls and is contacted by many potential customers.
  • 25% of visitors improve the product description sheets on the site with comments.
  • The SEM campaign attracted more than 4,560 visitors in just 3 months.
  • In 3 months, 1,569,660 people saw Chemistry-World on Internet thanks to the SEO and SEM campaign.
  • 6 very interesting leads on the first three months.


You can now understand that digital in B2B has become one of the most important criteria for reaching Chinese professionals.

Implementing a digital marketing strategy is essential. Be present on the web and improve your image and your e-reputation to generate leads.

Our agency can assist you in the development of your strategy in China. We are not at our first B2B project, our experience can help you.

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