What does a good SEO agency in China?

A good SEO agency is Active and provides content(in Chinese), backlinks campaign, and delivers Results

Ranking high on Baidu requires a lot of Work!

Do you want to do nothing and rank high on Baidu?

Sorry, it is almost impossible!

SEO on Baidu or in so.com or sogou.com (algorithms are almost the same) If you’re aiming to reach a Chinese digital audience, it’s vital to subcontract the SEO of your business to a professional SEO agency specialized in the Chinese market. Why? In China, the ‘mighty’ Google is blocked by the ‘Great China Firewall’. Baidu owns more than 70% market shares of search engines in China, with more than 700 million monthly active mobile search users. So a Chinese website is the first thing an SEO agency in China will recommend, after that, there is much work to be done in order to access a huge pool of traffic via the SEO process. What follows are the five steps that let your website gain trust and have a perfect SEO.

1/ Onsite optimization: 10% of the Job

In many situations, the present decisions must be made while having no or incomplete knowledge of the future online. In such cases, online optimization is used.

‘’Making the website more Baidu friendly’’

Optimizing the website for Baidu is vital for online success in China. This process will improve your ranking and by extension help, more customers find you when they search for keywords related to your business sector or activity.

Without Onsite optimization, you will always be struggling to keep up with the rest of the competition.

2/ Content: 10% of the working

‘’Your content must be optimized for the search engine’’

Adding content can be a real challenge in many cases, for example when you’re dealing with an e-commerce website in the retail space, sometimes it’s a platform restriction, the other times adding too much content can push the product down the page or distract the user.

It’s important to have keyword-focused content in order to gain more visibility, but it’s not everything, the content must be original and should make sense.

3/Backlinks: 60-70% of the work

Backlinks = popularity of your website on the Web 

Backlinks campaign will take 70% of the SEO process time (depending on the competition on the keywords). In order to increase the website’s position (ranking in Baidu), you need to increase the popularity of the website, how do you do that?

You increase the popularity of your website by creating pages and articles that speak about your website. This process takes a lot of energy and a lot of time because the SEO agency will be writing very good articles

Web content matters a lot to onsite optimization. The post or the article must be unique with valuable information and the title must grab attention and be eye-popping.

4/Trust-rank: difficult to evaluate.

Trust rank is an algorithm that calculates how many websites talk about you. If you have different pages or websites that link to your websites, it will increase the TrustRank score. In China, it is so important to be ranked as a good reference site, because Chinese people rely always on the opinion of others.

An SEO agency in China will have special techniques to increase the trust rank of your website.

Backlinks leading to your website are like the backbone for a good trust-rank score, it is important to have links pointing to your website from other relevant websites, and the longer the links are pointing to you, the more trusted they become. On the other hand, good websites won’t be linking out to bad websites.

So by having a good trust rank score, Baidu says ‘‘This website is great, the information on this site is just right for my customers, and so if it’s published on this site then I think it’s going to be the best place for my customers to read it’’

5/ Website updates (10% of the work)

Having a website that stays the same for a long time, a very long time, is boring and not competitive. The SEO agency will update the pages from a to z, why? Because the more your website is updated, the more trust score you get from Baidu.

The website update is regarding the content, the programming source code, the SEO modification, the web design, etc.

Keeping the website fresh in a constantly growing and evolving environment (Internet) is a must because simply a website that is not updated loses its value.

Baidu not only love frequently updated sites but fresh websites also, it means:

  • Inciting visitors to check back often for new content and updates.
  • Featuring company news like new services, products, etc.
  • Providing value (without directly pitching your leads all the time).

An SEO agency treats your website as a garden, if it’s left unattended, weeds will grow and plants will shrivel up and die.

Trimming fertilizing, pruning, and removing pests in a strategic manner will get the most out of the garden; Your website is the same, it needs regular updates and maintenance to keep it functioning in a proper way so it can attract visitors and extension generates maximum revenue.

GMA the SEO agency for China!

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  • What does a good SEO agency in China? Bring Result no?

  • William

    Thank you for this article. SEO is very important today. The most difficult task is to develop to have a good rank on search engine. To have a website, it’s not sufficient if nobody visit your website. If the rank of your website is not up to your expectations, you can use the SEM. Two of them are efficient to attract people who will visit your website.

    • Olivier

      Hi William,
      SEM is less and less effective in China, smart buyers do not click on Ads. And you are right, have a website is just the first step, get traffic is vital for any Company in China, and best way to get traffic is via Search Engine

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