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Go overseas is one of the best resource online for finding programs abroad. Let Katie Boyer show more details for you:

1. Please introduce yourself to the readers

My name is Katie Boyer and I love travel and learning about new cultures.



2. What’s your title and responsibility in Go Overseas ?

I’m the Volunteer Abroad Director at Go Overseas, which means I manage all content for the Volunteer Abroad section of Go Overseas. From interviewing past volunteers, to writing articles, to promoting individual volunteer programs, my job involves many different tasks.

3. Also introduce us what is Go Overseas?

Go Overseas is the best resource online for finding programs abroad. We host listings with first-hand reviews for thousands of study abroad, volunteer abroad, teach abroad, intern abroad, and gap year programs. We also publish informative and useful articles for these types of travelers.

4. Why do you choose Go Overseas?

Go Overseas is a perfect way to help others learn about meaningful travel. We focus on travel that lets the visitor interact with a new culture and learn as well. Go Overseas stands out from other websites because of our reviews and awesome content.

5. Reasons for us to join Go Overseas.

There are many wonderful reasons to use Go Overseas – from helping you make decisions to learning about new cultures to helping others travel and joining a community.

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