Get To Know Your Target Chinese Consumers: 5 Facts Businesses Must Know

Chinese consumers

The burgeoning class of Chinese consumers has huge spending power and is increasingly driving growth in the world’s second-largest economy. Chances are you already know that the Chinese consumer market is the largest in the world. But how much do you actually know about these sophisticated, brand-conscious Chinese consumers?

Here we gathered some facts about your target consumers in China.

1. Digital Chinese consumers are almost entirely mobile

Unlike consumers in the west, those living in China predominantly use mobile devices for shopping and payments. Of course, mobile phone usage does not end there. From grocery shopping to buying insurance, these technology tools are at the center of every Chinese person’s daily life.

With such a high percentage of people using mobile devices to access the internet, it’s no wonder that China has become a global leader in e-commerce. That is why it’s integral that brands maintain a robust mobile presence to stay competitive. 

China continues to pave the way in app development and spending, so companies without considerable focus on their mobile offerings will miss out on major opportunities with these key demographics.

2. The pandemic has changed consumption habits and created new digital consumers groups

Never-ending lockdowns and new obligations regarding Covid 19 have changed the Chinese people for good. Recent studies all show that Chinese people are into their health more than ever. They also show increased interest in sports and outdoor activities. Covid 19 also created new consumer groups along with new habits.

With the Chinese government’s strict regulations for covid 19, the digital health code obligation is added to the daily lives of the entire population of China. From newborn to 100 years old, if you want to survive on the mainland, you have to access your health code through your mobile phone. This regulation especially had a high impact on the elderly Chinese people and created a new potential digital consumer group. Older generations being forced to use their mobile phones daily ended up navigating through them more often.

Once completely unfamiliar with online shopping and social media platforms, the older generations of Chinese people are now enjoying the convenience of takeaway food and ordering daily necessities online, while gradually beginning to purchase a variety of different items. Now, even with the end of covid, the mobile generation of older people is here to stay.

3. When it comes to online shopping Chinese customers love innovation

Forget about your boring old fashioned e-commerce habits. Chinese people celebrate new types of shopping. Chinese consumer behaviors are always evolving — people are quick to adopt new technologies and utilize them according to their needs.

Live- Stream shows

Live stream shows for instance. Live stream shopping is a booming industry, particularly in China. With live streaming, users can connect to an eCommerce site or social media platform and connect to a live demonstration of the specific product. The influencer who is responsible for presenting the product will then answer any questions the viewer may have about the product before they make their purchase. And boom! Thousands of real-time purchases in a few minutes.

Chinese Social Media and Kols - Douyin Live Streaming

Group purchase options

Group purchase is another growing trend that is taking China by storm. This habit was shaped during the Covid lockdown when families living in the same buildings started to make purchases for all. Imagine you are living in a compound with hundreds of people. You get together on a WeChat group and decide to buy a specific product. Then through the app’s eCommerce platforms, you get yourself a great group deal cut for hundreds of people. Since the order will be sent to the same address, bingo! They not only save from group discounts but also delivery discounts.

Pinduoduo group buying

QR codes

Chinese people don’t only utilize QR codes for their digital health codes. They use these little squares for everything that is physically paid. They can be their bus ticket, the cash in their pocket, a credit or membership card, and so on.

As a mechanism to connect digital and physical experiences, QR codes have allowed businesses in China to interact with consumers in creative and enjoyable ways. Seeing the opportunity here, the most outstanding brands invest time in creating QR codes that are not only practical but also appealing and brand-consistent.

4. Chinese consumer purchase preferences change quickly with popular trends

Let’s take a look at the latest trendy markets; 

A greater diversity of clothing styles

The new Chinese consumers have a more diverse aesthetic appreciation for clothing than their parents. They love to follow the latest trends in the world. Women are especially influenced by Korean and Japanese fashion trends and they adopt more rebellious or untraditional looks.

Chinese Consumers

Self groom matters

Self-grooming and home comfort are other covid related trends that have grown recently in China. Perfumes, skincare products, facial masks, oils, candles, comfort clothing, dim lights, and other related product sales are all on the rise.

Fitness and diets

Sales of health-related goods and services have almost doubled in the past year. Locked-in houses, many Chinese people are now complaining about gaining weight or losing their fitness levels. This forced them into more sports and diets which created an opportunity in these markets. Fitness clothing, tools, accessories as well as shoes, shakes, fitness apps, and food products that are low fat have also seen a boost in sales as customers look for healthier options.

5. Chinese digital customers adore shopping events

Weeks before the singles day shopping event everybody starts to get ready. Brands already prepared their campaign begins with making pre-offerings and announcing their market deals. Special shopping days like singles day events are massive in China. When the discount hour comes, life stops, and entire china on their phones try to get the best out of these huge deals.

Alibaba and JD generated billions in the previous singles day shopping festival and everyone’s expecting this year’s event to be huge. No need to say these events offer great opportunities to brands.

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