In Europe, Germany is a highly touristic place for Chinese Travellers. Last year 2.85 million tourists were in Germany, an increase of more than 6% compared to 2017, making it the second most popular tourist destination in Europe for Chinese tourists.  



These tourists are attracted by the cultural aspect of the country, these many monuments and its history are the main reasons why more and more tourists come every year.  

In addition to tourism Germany, and therefore by descent Europe, is an attractive place for Chinese investors. A double cultural-financial tourism is emerging.

Europe is the most attractive destination for the Chinese (excluding Asia-Oceania), each year more and more of them come to visit and discover this culture, by 2020 they should be nearly 25 million to travel in Europe.   

Although France is in the lead with about ¼ of Chinese tourists, Germany is not to be outdone with its 15.6%, a number that is expected to increase.  

The emergence of the middle class has enabled the tourism market to develop significantly, representing about 1/3 of the population, and more and more of them leave the country during the holidays to visit other horizons. In addition, the travel that until then took place in groups tends to become more and more independent, individual and personalized. It is therefore essential for countries to adapt to this new clientele in order to best satisfy it and meet their requirements.  

In this way, how is Germany adapting its offers and services to become the number one destination in Europe?  


A common cultural past  


During the Second World War Germany invaded part of China, despite a difficult beginning and a strong tension between its two countries, Germany later acknowledged its wrongs in this affair and publicly apologized, a gesture that strongly affected the Chinese population who later established a strong relationship with this country.  

This relationship combines both admiration and deep mutual respect. The Chinese population considers Germany to be a model on several levels: cultural, technological, economic and environmental.  

This same admiration led a part of the Chinese population to move to Germany and thus develop a large community in the areas of Bavaria, Hesse, North Rine-Westphalia, Baden-Württemberg and Berlin   

In addition, the city of Berlin enjoys a good reputation within the Chinese community, being the capital of the country, it has an important influence on the whole of China.  


Why Chinese are interested by Europe?  


Europe is the third most popular destination of the Chinese after Asia and Oceania with 12.4 million tourists in 2017 and increasing forecasts for 2020 this destination has not finished delivering all its potential and continues to amaze and please.  

Most Chinese tourists come to Europe first and foremost to relax and enjoy the idyllic surroundings while cultivating themselves through cultural visits or discovering incongruous places. Another, smaller part goes to Europe to do business tourism but they only go to very specific areas.  

The Chinese tend to spend large amounts of money during their stay, with an average expenditure of $580 per day for a total budget between $1385 and $2187, making them the main economic actors in Europe.  

These expenses are mainly allocated in the pomp (clothing, cosmetics, jewelry), followed by accommodation (Hotel), gastronomy (restaurant) and finally transport (plane, bus, metro).  


   Why is Europe so attractive?  


It is above all for its cultural aspect that Europe attracts people because its history is fascinating, fascinating and intriguing, but also because of the stereotype that these countries convey, such as France, the capital of fashion, or Germany, the capital of beer or the automobile, which for the Chinese are attached to the country’s identity.  

Although the distribution of countries attracting Chinese tourists is very unequal within Europe, new countries are emerging in the new preferred destinations of the Chinese, such as Eastern European countries, which until then had been little visited.  

This sudden attraction of the Chinese to Europe comes above all from their ability to be able to spend more. Indeed, until then, the trips were only intended for an elite of rich Chinese people. Over time this elite has become more democratic and the middle class has begun to travel and open up to the world. In addition, the millennial generation represents about 1/3 of the Chinese population travelling. Since the latter are more connected than their ancestors, they are more inclined to travel and discover places they did not know until now, most often alone.  


 How to improve attractiveness?  


As mentioned earlier, the Chinese are experimenting with different types of tourism in Europe. In Germany, for example, Chinese tourists discover the country’s cultural aspect through monuments and the communist history of the country (red tourism) through Karl Marx, the initiator of communism in the world.  

These tourist trips are mostly organized by tour operator groups and constitute a well-defined circuit leaving little space for free time to satisfy one’s desires and curiosity. Nevertheless, these travel groups are becoming smaller and smaller and represent only an aging and unfaithful population (a visit to a place without returning later) but with significant resources.  


The generation, the lever of tourism  


Moreover, with the emergence of the new generation, the way of attracting tourists has completely changed.   

Indeed, it is now important to offer a personalized service to each customer in order to build customer loyalty and attract new customers.  

You must then have an impeccable service for the customer so that a sense of belonging is created and builds customer loyalty.  

The Chinese are highly connected users compared to Europe and constantly use networks like Wechat or Weibo. The latter allow them to be constantly informed about new products but also to benefit from discounts on certain products according to their previous purchases. In addition, they can compare different types of services via forums and notices to find out which one is more interesting.  

So if you want to attract this clientele, you must become as connected as the latter and be able to offer them unique offers adapted to each one but also to take the time to be present for your customer whatever he is.  

Two reasons for this, first of all the simple fact of feeling listened to and attentive will push your customer to consume more but also by the networks to enjoy a good reputation which is crucial if you want to build customer loyalty.  




Although Germany is the leading economic power in Europe in terms of GDP, it is not useless that the attraction of Chinese tourists converging on this country has both a tourist and economic interest for these two protagonists.  

Germany currently has many partnerships with China. The automotive sector, for example, in which it is number one in China, offers Germany significant credibility from the Chinese population.  

Moreover, China and Germany have been forging strong relations for three years, making China Germany’s leading trading partner for the third consecutive year thanks to their many partnerships. Germany and China exchange billions of goods, mainly cars on the German side (20%).  

This attraction was born in addition to the cultural aspect mentioned above, the sporting aspect through football that seduced China during the Euro and the World Cup.  

Indeed, the Chinese grant a lot of respect and admiration to the Germans thanks to their sporting performances. This sport has found its audience among the Chinese in order to attract their last ones to come and discover Germany.  


  How does Germany attract tourists?  

the wedding industry in Travel is huge

Thanks to its natural notoriety, Germany manages to attract a significant number of tourists curious to discover the country. Its economic weight is a strong attractive factor because on the one hand many tourists go there to discover the culture and monuments and on the other hand some go there to create stronger business ties.

This double face that Germany has allows it not to be marginal compared to other countries and even to be China’s number one partner.

Due to its position in relation to the government, Chinese tourists have confidence in this country and are ready to go there for the reasons mentioned above.

In addition, Germany is trying to break the cliches that are still strong and rooted in everyone’s minds about the country and diversifying the tourist activities it can offer.

Therefore, marketing campaigns to promote the country try to attract new tourists or undecided Chinese by playing on the traditional side that the country has and what it can bring rather than on what everyone already knows about the country.



  Marketing Solution: 


As a marketing agency we have the necessary skills to support you during your project to attract potential Chinese customers to Europe.  

In China your notoriety and visibility are closely linked, the very basis of your reputation in China or abroad depends above all on how you are perceived and whether you are known on the networks in China.  

Indeed without this reputation it will be impossible for you to conquer this segment because they will not come by themselves to you.  


How to become known and have visibility in China you ask yourself?  


It is through forums, question and answer sites and appearances in search engines and social networks, that you can gain visibility.  

We will build a solid reputation for you to attract Chinese customers by creating and promoting content that will allow you to become someone in China.  

Therefore, several solutions are available to you, depending on your project we can set up different solutions to allow you to realize it.  


  How is visibility managed in China? 



It is good to know that the Chinese give a lot of importance to the reputation and image of a brand as well before wanting to attract anyone it is necessary to make you a name and notoriety with the various Chinese networks.  

To do this, you must, first of all, have a website in Chinese on Weibo in order to be referenced and thus gain visibility. Otherwise it is useless to want to come to China because you will be invisible to the Chinese.  

In addition, the Chinese constantly compare offers through forums and other sites of different opinions from those possibly present on your site. That is why appearing on these forums is just as important that you can communicate with your community to answer and clarify their questions and show a real interest in wanting to satisfy their requests and needs. 


The weight of social networks in China


Social networks in China are not just a communication tool like we use in Europe, the potential is much higher, for example Wechat is used by more than 600 million people for average use of 25 hours per week. Through Wechat.  

By maximizing the potential of this platform you will be able to attract more consumers. How can a social network be so important in this kind of campaign?  

You will be able to post articles via your official account, the latter can be daily or weekly (depending on the type of account) and allow your community to follow your activity, see news and upcoming projects.  

Finally, it is more than important to create and maintain a close and personalized relationship with your customers, whether they feel different from others and can enjoy their time more but also become loyal to the service or the brand.  

Social Media in China




KOL or how to get visibility


In order to gain visibility, you can use KOL’s services.

KOLs are influencers or groups of people with a strong influence that can allow you to gain a lot of visibility in exchange for currency.  

There are different types of them, the small ones that are followed by few people but in which people have confidence because they are focused on only one area.  

The means, which in turn have a significant community.  

And the adults who have a large community, although many people follow them daily through the diversification of their activities, they are less inclined to consume what they offer because they do not have authenticity but they remain credible and powerful with them.  

The prices for access to this type of service can be quite high from $500 to several million… It is therefore recommended to pay for the services of several small influencers who will be less expensive and will be just as profitable.  

We have a significant network of KOLs that can help you gain notoriety, share your project with us and we will do everything possible to ensure that it quickly gains reputation.  

Advertisements made by KOLs although fast work in the same way as a buzz, if you didn’t maintain it the reputation tends to disappear regardless of the price allocated.  



How can I attract Chinese Tourists?

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