Some important facts to better understand the Real Estate Market in China:

  • 50% of the richest men in China become rich because they have invested in real estate.
  • Every person in China knows that buying a flat makes you rich…and the first reflex of Chinese when wanting to invest in buying flats.
  • But now the Chinese cannot buy more than 3 flats, or they have to pay extra taxes.
  • The real estate market in China is considered risky by experts
  • Chinese want to do safe investments and most of them know that having a flat is a safe value.

The real estate market in China in 2020

Not even the coronavirus pandemic has managed to stop the Chinese real estate boom, the largest speculative bubble in the world, which the Wall Street Journal estimates at $ 52 trillion.


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After a brief pause during the lockdown in February, China’s real estate boom in some megacities has resumed its unstoppable rise, with prices soaring and investors continuing to chase offers.

In March 2020, 288 apartments in a new housing complex in Shenzhen were sold online in less than eight minutes. In Shanghai, apartment sales approached a new record high in April, and in Shenzhen, around 9,000 people left a deposit of one million Yuan ($ 141,300) to put themselves on the list to buy new apartments.
The total value of houses in China, according to Goldman Sachs reached $ 52 trillion in 2019.

China Evergrande, the country’s largest builder, has upped its target sales for 2000 by 23%, after experiencing strong sales in March.

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How to generate client requests for your real estate company in China?

The online real estate market in China is growing day by day.

The Chinese people are getting wealthier, so they inevitably look for better comfort and a better environment. No more pollution, no more confined areas, they now see things in a bigger way. They select carefully their homes in order to be fully satisfied. Thus, for all real estate professionals, this is a huge opportunity. But how to generate leads in the real estate field?

You real-estate company has to be one the first page of Baidu, China no.1 first engine

To generate new leads constantly, it is very important to be on the first page of the Chinese search engine. In China Google doesn’t work. At its place, there is Baidu, which is the most popular search engine in China, with 70% of queries. If you are not on the first page of these search engines, you will lose more than 60% of the traffic, and therefore opportunities to convert leads.

To appear in a good position, you need to do SEO – Search Engine Optimization. For this, you need to include appropriate and carefully selected keywords in order to attract your leads at the best. You should also make sure that your content is true and sharp while using the backlinks to increase your confidence index and thus raise the ranking of your website on different search engines.

The importance of SEM for Foreign Real-Estate Company in China:


In terms of lead generation in the real estate field, you must at all costs be visible, otherwise leads will never come to you. So you should opt for PPC campaigns on Baidu because this is where is most effective.

Baidu PPC

Baidu ADV is Baidu’s Pay per Click mode, through which if a user types a keyword on the search engine, the first result that appears is the ADV that the company paid to get in the first position.

The natural results will appear at the bottom of the page when searching, while sponsored results (paid) will appear in the first positions. Using PPC is a very good operation. Our experts are available to advise you, so do not hesitate to contact us!

Keywords are a crucial aspect of any Digital Marketing strategy. Through them, in fact, consumers seek and find what they need.

But often the terms used by Chinese users are not simple translations. Therefore, a more in-depth analysis of the target market of the company and of its consumers is necessary, in order to identify which keywords are best suited to the brand in question.

Baidu Tuiguang

There is a dedicated platform for researching and buying keywords: Baidu Tuiguang. A software that can provide verified insights on keywords based on the frequency of use and the unit cost.


Focus on your website’s content to attract leads

Optimal content will attract leads. To generate leads, you must be attractive. Thus, the articles on your websites should be well written, without spelling mistakes, and with a coherent structure. This is one of the keys to attracting customers. In the special case of the real estate field, you must be also attractive. So, take care of your articles, take care of your photos, be rigorous in the information you give, check them carefully and constantly.

You can also add videos to be more in step with the times.

Use videos marketing: a booming practice in China

In the world of digital, video is the new weapon to get the attention of Internet users. Indeed, they do not require much concentration but just little effort. You just have to launch and it is done, you just have to watch. Your users don’t have to focus on your articles anymore, they will also be more attentive to your speech if the video is well done.

The number of Chinese video users is growing year by year, this is also due to the smartphone boom and the advent of the digital age.

Video works, especially thanks to the effectiveness of large-scale video platforms like Youku. It is not just a matter of watching films, short films, or music video clips but of communicating a message, identifying a type of consumer, approaching them, interacting, and advising them on purchases.

A quality video will allow your visitors to trust you. Then, they will want to contact you. Thus, to generate leads in the real estate field, do not hesitate to publish presentation videos of the different services available in your company straight on the pages of your websites.

An example of a Real Estate lead generation campaign

You have to set up a working process to increase your visibility, your reputation online, get visitors and get lead (asking).

Budget & expected result of Real Estate campaign in China:

  • 200 000$ budget;
  • 400 000 visitors;
  • 100 medias speaking about the Company;
  • 1 Million exposure on social media;
  • 8 000 leads/year.

Stay connected: use WeChat newsletter or WeChat CRM

Your potential leads may be interested in your services, but so far, they can take time to come to you for X or Y reasons.

So in order to keep their attention, invite them to subscribe to your Official WeChat account. When they subscribe, they have direct access to your newsletters. Therefore, they will have direct news that will come to them on their cellphone.

WeChat CRM is a great tool to communicate with your customers and can be used as a replacement for a newsletter. Email marketing does not work in China. A well-set Wechat CRM answers automatically any questions your followers may have and welcomes new ones.

You can also choose to have the QR code of your official account directly on your website. When it will be time for them to make a decision, they will know who to choose to select the property of their dreams because you were able to keep their attention.

Toutiao and Douyin to advertise your real estate company in China

On Douyin, one of the most known app in China for short-video content, it is possible to activate a “splash ads” campaign, which consists of a full-screen banner displayed by users before the application is opened. Otherwise, it is possible to invest in advertisements that appear in the user’s newsfeed after viewing three consecutive videos.

Toutiao is one of the largest news aggregation App in China. It provides 4 ways to do ads:

  • oCPC(Optimized Cost per Click) is the same as CPC with paying per click. It introduces also an estimated conversion ratio based on audience behavior. The way advertisers benefit from it is that they can achieve the same conversion goal at a smaller price.
  • oCPM(Optimized Cost per Millennium) runs on the same mechanism.
  • CPA(Cost Per Acquisition) means advertisers pay only when the conversion(set by advertiser) is completed.
  • CPV (Cost Per View) only supports video ads. A view is counted when the video ad has played for 10 seconds.

Actively drive Real-Estate buyers to Contact-you

AB testing is very important to optimize your traffic conversion.

Still in the lead generation in real estate, it is vital for your leads to be able to contact you. Otherwise, you will not transform these leads. So be sure to show the contact icons on your web pages, so that your leads have no difficulty to contact you if they want. You can feature different icons for different means of contact you have.

Thus, the contact will be easier and your leads will have the option they better like.

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    This is a 25 percent increase over the estimate of Juwai in 2015 of $ 80 billion.

    The website named Canada as one of the top five destinations for this record amount, after the United States, Australia and Hong Kong.

  2. A 2016 Transparency International study which indicates that 50% of the 100 most expensive properties in the city of worold are held by Chinese.

    Others, such as the CEO of Sotheby’s International Realty Canada, Brad Henderson, say that Chinese buyers spending $ 100 billion worldwide helps to put its spending into perspective.

    This is an important milestone for the $ 100 billion mark, but that figure is not significant in comparison to overall Canadian real estate sales,
    Juwai expects that “2017 is another year close to the year for Chinese real estate investment, although flows are safe to those of 2016. ”

    In the first quarter of 2017, real estates industry reported fewer surveys, first quarter of 2016, but “almost the same number of inquiries in the first quarter of 2015, one year that exceeded last year .

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