Do you want to sell on JD or JD worldwide? Being one of the major Chinese e-commerce platforms, JD is a marketplace you should have on your radar. The following post will provide you with crucial information from setting up your account to tips for managing your store and getting more sales. With this guide, you’ll be able to start selling on JD Worldwide in no time!

Introduction to JD/Jindong/

What is JD ( is the second-largest B2C e-commerce marketplace in China. While Tmall Global is getting a lot of attention from cross-border e-commerce companies, few are aware of JD’s own cross-border program: JD Worldwide ( Tencent, Walmart, and Google are partners. The group has developed a warehousing and delivery infrastructure with supply chain technology. 


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The company operated more than 900 warehouses across China at the end of 2020. Its logistics network uses high-tech tools and in particular: autonomous vehicles. Since 2017, JD has grown rapidly with an increase in revenue of 32% between 2018 and 2019 and 47% from 2019 to 2020. Despite a net loss of around 4 billion yuan in 2020 linked to a decrease in government support due to the COVID-19 pandemic; JD remains today one of the e-Commerce giants in China. Overall, selling on can be a great way to reach more consumers and grow your business.

JD has pre-provision for the sale of certain products such as household appliances. Indeed, when a Chinese consumer goes to a site, he often has a predefined idea of what he wants to buy, for example on the contrary: few Chinese people will buy food products that they find in their daily life on a platform of cross-border e-Commerce. On these platforms, certain criteria are expected, notably in terms of quality, scarcity, or even current trends that influence purchasing behavior.

What is JD worldwide?

JD Worldwide is the cross-border e-Commerce extension of the platform. Its function is to enable the sale of online products from other countries internationally. In 2018 Jingdong has officially upgraded its “Jingdong Global” to “Haitun Global”, then this year 2020, JD comes back to JD worldwide. It is one of the biggest B2B2C markets in China, especially in the field of electronics and household appliances. 

JD worldwide – Mobile App Version

JD Worldwide offers Chinese customers a user experience of exemplary ease and convenience. This is the reason why today JD has more than 301.8 million active customers per year and 1000+ warehouses.

On JD Worldwide, the majority of users belong to the Y and Z generation, mostly younger and well-informed consumers.

The platform is open to franchise brands, retailers, and legally registered merchants outside of China who sell products overseas.

How to sell on JD worldwide?

The differents sales models of JD

JD operates 3 sales models which are JD direct sales, JD marketplace, and JD worldwide.

  • The direct sales model: sources products directly from brands and suppliers then sells them directly to customers through the company’s website and mobile channels. JD can be characterized as China’s largest B2B2C (direct sales) market and dominates in home appliances and consumer electronics. The direct sales model guarantees that Jingdong provides its users with a faster and better consumer experience. It is open to well-established reputable brands and merchants with operations in China.
  • JD marketplace: It enables well-established, reliable third-party sellers to set up stores and sell products directly to customers. Approved sellers may also use’s industry-leading fulfillment infrastructure, marketing and customer targeting services, financing, and other value-added services.
  • JD Worldwide: It is’s cross-border e-commerce platform, which enables Chinese customers to purchase products from other countries with the ease, and convenience that they expect from Similar to Tmall, JD Worldwide operates as an online mall where the organization hosts foreign brands’ storefronts (or stores).

Example of product categories on hypermarket:

JD worldwide also hosts several national and regional pavilions.

Europe Regional Pavilion on

2. What are the Benefits of selling on JD Worldwide?

JD Worldwide offers international merchants the ability to tap into the Chinese market even if they do not have a physical presence in China.

  • JD Worldwide provides global shipping and warehousing solutions that ensure products from regions around the world are delivered to the doorsteps of customers in China with ease thanks to its partnership with international logistics companies such as DHL, Australia Post, and YAMATO and its own nationwide logistics network.
  • JD Worldwide is open to brands, franchisees, retailers, and traders that are legally registered outside China selling products that originate from outside China.
  • Payment is also a fairly easy process for a foreign seller, or at least for someone with a registered USD bank account. In fact, only US dollar transfers are made for now.
  • Chinese consumers generally do not buy from independent stores on their own. JD is considered a springboard for brands, particularly in household appliances. Thanks to this platform, there is an alternative to Tmall Global for market entry.
  • Thanks to JD it is possible to develop your e-Commerce export more easily due to the restrictions of the Chinese government. Indeed, even if your website is translated into Mandarin, going through a cross-Border e-Commerce platform will offer you much more visibility. As a freelance, the chances of a Chinese stumbling across your site are unlikely.
  • JD reduces the risk of problems related to sales support such as refunds, exchanges, or even accounting with the different payment methods in China.

3. JD features and tools for marketing strategy

lancome ads and flashipstore on JD - sell perfume online in China
Lancôme Paid Ads on JD’s Frontpage + Flagship Store
  • Banner ads on the different pages of the website 
  • Pay-per-Click: this method consists of using sponsored links which are most often ads in the form of text, placed near the search results. The advertiser pays each click of the Internet user.
  • It is possible to find the most trendy products based on the SEO referencing of the website.
  • Promotions are displayed on the main page.
  • There is a coupon system to have money on the site.
  • There is a recommendation page.

4. Basics Merchants Entry requirements of JD & JD Global

  •  You need to be an established non-Chinese company (you need products and a track record before you can start selling).
  • You need to be a brand owner, or at least license a brand. Thus, you must be able to provide trademark registration documents or licensing agreements.
  • You need to have a USD bank account.
  • You should, preferably, not already launched your products in China.
  • Further, you must also provide business registration documents, ID of the major shareholders and directors.
  • Chinese customer service must be provided and the product details page should be written in Mandarin.
  • Products must be dispatched within 72 hours after order placement.
  • Product return centers must be available in Mainland China.

Furthermore, JD Worldwide targets well-known overseas brands, brand agents, or well-known retailers and B2C websites that have not yet entered the Chinese market in the following categories: mother and baby, health products, food, clothing, bags, and cosmetics.

5. The different types of JD Store 

The Brand Flagship Store

  • The products shall have the relevant trademark registrations overseas.
  • If Merchant is a brand owner, they shall provide the trademark registration certificate for their products.
  • If Merchant is an exclusive authorized dealer, he shall provide the trademark registration certificate for the products and the letter of authorization for selling his products.

Outlet-Type Flagship Store

  • Merchants shall have or have applied for a Class 35 trademark (the “Service Mark”) overseas for its brand.
  • If a Merchant is the owner of the Service Mark, the Merchant shall also provide its trademark registration certificate.
  • If Merchant is not the owner of the Service Mark, the Merchant shall provide the Service Mark and evidence of their exclusive authorization to use or operate a store on JD Worldwide Website using the Service Mark

Franchised Store

  • The products shall have their trademark registration overseas
  • If Merchant is not the owner of the trademark of its products, he shall also provide evidence of his authorization to operate a store on the JD Worldwide platform.

Exclusive Store

  • Evidence of product source, and invoice of the products purchased.
  • The name of the shop shall not infringe the legitimate rights of others.
  • Special store types may sell products of up to two categories

6. JD Worldwide Entry process

The entry process for JD Worldwide differs somewhat from the JD Marketplace as you are required to seek contact with the Business Development Manager for the particular product category in which you wish to sell.

JD worldwide entry process will resemble the following:

  • You must prepare all the documents which were aforementioned and send them to the relevant Business Development Manager.
  • After an initial check, you will receive a registration link (you must closely follow the directions provided as the system is in Chinese).
  • Approval process.
  • After approval, you must pay the security deposit and platform service fee.
  • After payment is received the shop status will be changed to ‘open’.

More about materials preparation here (In Chinese).

7. Cost of investment when openning a store on JD

Once you have been approved, JD requires that you pay an initial deposit of US$15000. This is not a fee, but a refundable deposit.

In addition, also charges a yearly fee of US$1000, per store. And, a 2-8% commission based on the order value, for each sale. While this may change in the future, JD Worldwide is so far charging significantly less than Tmall Global.

8. In Conclusion the right Partner offers an alternative entry strategy from Tmall Global. This alternative is especially suitable for merchants wishing to sell household appliances and consumer electronics. However, a downside still is that creating a storefront on JD also requires significant capital. 

To start selling on the platform, it is, therefore, preferable to have started to create a reputation and to have a community that allows the company to have the first resources to finance its advertising. Subsequently, the platform can only simplify the customer experience around your company on a lot of points which will have cost a lot of time and money with a classic independent store. In addition, thanks to these different sales and store models, there is a wide choice in the way of distributing its products which remains personal to the entrepreneur.


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