Fuerdais: the new rich generation is leaving China!

Why do Fuerdais want to leave China?

Fuerdai called “The second generation” a  new generation of Chinese people and some of them want to leave China for many reasons. Indeed, they want a better life for their children with less pollution, better education, and a more comfortable way of life. Most of the time, this rich population of Chinese people wants to emigrate to the United States, Canada, or Australia.

This new generation does not hesitate to exhibit their wealth to the world and makes Chinese people who are still in China dream of better days or gives them the same courage to leave their country. Indeed, as we can see in the Chinese sitcom “Ultra Rich Asian Girls of Vancouver”, 20-year-old Chinese girls live a rich life, already have luxury cars, and go shopping in Los Angeles as celebrities would do. In addition, many social network pages exist where lots of Fuerdais share photos or videos of their luxury products and expose their rich life.

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Although this kind of life attracts many Chinese people, some American people do not like this exhibition and criticize Fuerdais’ attitude. Indeed, according to the American people, wealth is not part of life values and this is not a good education for them. This is why this sitcom got bad comments on Instagram. It was said Fuerdais people live in excess and do not pay attention to the rest of the population. They live in a perfect world without problems and are surrounded by many luxury goods.

In addition, the population of Vancouver feels ashamed because Fuerdais are accused to push America down. Property prices are increasing but Fuerdais people defend themselves saying they do not disturb anybody and that they just live their own life.

Where are Fuerdais going?

First, rich Chinese people are attracted by the United States (52%) for any reason, which creates a new generation of people who require a better way of life than their country. Then, they want to reach Canada, 21% of them.

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Why do rich Chinese people leave China?


Class chinese kids2

Most of these rich people consider themselves too rich to live in China and think they deserve a better quality of life. Indeed, they want to offer their children the best education. In the USA, almost 90% of  25 to 64 years old people own a degree from a University. Then, 67% of them have a paid job. Schools in the USA provide one of the best education systems in the world… hence why so many Chinese people want to go there.


Pollution kid

Also, Fuerdais want to protect their children from the air quality. They want to avoid health troubles from pollution or bad food quality in China. Indeed, 750,000 to 2.2 million people die every year because of air, atmosphere, and water pollution. The Chinese government does not implement waste sorting, which is one cause of pollution in China. As a consequence, many surveys show that 91,000 Chinese people have settled abroad during the past 15 years and that 60% want to leave China as soon as possible.

Generational cleavage

The emigration of these rich Chinese people is not without consequences. This has created a new generation of Chinese people who can only speak English. We can often notice a lack of communication within families. In the end, young Fuerdais live out of the reality of the world, nowadays. Sometimes, we can see a separation between the ancient and the new education which creates a gap even within families, especially regarding the language used by parents and their own children.

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