From intern to director, let me tell you the Story of Benji Lamb

Let me tell you the Story of this British, start as an intern and now director, and one of our key People in our little agency.

  1. GMA is today 70 people, reach 7M$ Turnover this year.  150% growth YoY.
  2. Agency focus on performance
  3. Pure Digital Player -lead generation – eBranding- E-Commerce and eDistribution
  4. One of the top independent international agency in China.

Hello guys,

Today, I am going to tell you the story of some of my colleagues, one of our Top element Benji Lamb.

I am Olivier(the founder of GMA) that officially write this article. My people reproach me to be too tough, too cold, an asshole…

Today I will try to thanks this Man.

Who is Benji?

Benji it is this man.

Benji Lamb is today our friend, UK director, an intrapreneur, and a Top expert in Oversea Real Estate, Vitamin & Health Supplement in China.

I know Benji from 5years, and I really appreciate this man.

Positive Attitude, non Stop learning, Passionate, a leader driven by the performance…

The Story of Mr Lamb.

What you need to to know he joins our agency 5years ago as an intern.

Proof in Picture.

We call him a Pure Product of the GMA School.

He has done everything … (almost everything)

  1. He has made a Journalism School, and start as a copywriter.
  2. He learns bases of Marketing by writing article, learning, studying.
  3. Then he was doing PR for us, and perform by spreading our agencies new services on different websites, Media, specialized blogs…
  4. After he was a Project Manager, that able to manage a project, and was an account manager.
  5. He has been a community manager, and perform on LinkedIn his favourite Social Media.
  6. He has done business develop, contacting clients, going to networking…
  7. Then he becomes a “closer”, a top Consultant with strong expertise in Real estate, Vitamins and Health supplement, Crossborder e-Commerce.
  8. He develops his own division, with his own team on these specific segments.
  9. He starts from scratch with small projects, and improve, month after month… pushing all team to level up our level.
    Start small, and dream big.
  10. Today he works with the largest Real Estate developer in the world, and with the largest Vitamins and Health Supplement Brands.
  11. He is now in the UK to develop our Business there and setup a branch there.

And his story just starts…

Why did I tell you that today?

1- He joins our company 5years ago, so it is his G Birthday.

2- to say an official “thank you” to his work, accomplishment.

3- To inspire the next generation.

I think if there is a man that should inspire others, it is him.

A positive attitude always.

Always positive, solving problem, transform complains to opportunities, drive team with his optimism

Fast Learner

Somebody really thirsty for knowledge (and beer, but he is British).

Benji is always updated of the latest solution, he is always reading, improving.  Learning from his network, learning from his colleague, learning from his friends.


Passionate about Marketing. If you meet Benji once, you will feel his passion. It is the kind of colleague that is self-motivated and source of motivation for others.

Create the next generation of leader…

We think we are special.

The Mad World of Advertising … An industry for passionate … and we are at the cut edge of Digital Marketing in China.

We need Good Brain

We are selling talent, Brands pay our service for our time and expertise… and we are “proud” when we succeed to growth experts /  leaders.

The perfect Match

Benji is the perfect match, total coherence between our philosophy and his attitude.

More than a Perfect Soldier, it is a friend of lot of us… me included.

Happy G Birthday Benji

Work hard, keep enjoying what you do.

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