French Champagne Consumption in China

champagne is a fashion

The Champagne industry in China


The wine market in China is very dynamic, while compared with the development of  Champagne, it grows slowly.  In fact, champagne consumption increased by 89% in only 2011, reaching a record-break importation of  1.1 million bottles of champagne in total.


Success of french champagne


China is the fifth country importing French wines and spirits.  The Chinese yuppies are moving towards premium products and this has greatly benefited Bordeaux wines, (+ 85% ), cognac (+ 71%), and of course champagne (+89%.).

Good Sales of French Champagne

French Champagne is the biggest winner in the market. The value of exported champagne to China has reached 4.1 billion euros in 2010.

Chinese Way of Champagne consumption

In Chinese Champagne is called “香槟” ( Xiang Bin) and in China, its selling point is not its taste but its brand.

It is fashionable to drink in Shanghai’s nightclubs. You can often see competition between tables on how many expensive champagne bottles they buy.(one bottle of champagne in nightclubs in Shanghai usually cost 2,000 RMB to 3,000 RMB.) That’s how hundreds of bottles of champagne are consumed per day in nightclubs in most places in China.

In fact, 80% of sales of Champagne are from nightclubs, restaurants, hotels, and KTV because the consumers only want to buy champagne where people can see them, and nowhere else can be better than those places.


champagne is a fashion



  • xiaokang

    As usual, your articles are trashed by a naked woman photo. How can we give credit to your website if you ?

  • Very interesting article !

  • Indeed, the French champagne will probably go through an important increase on the Chinese market for more and more Chinese consumers ( due to the growing middle class) can afford champagne bottles in particular events ( marriages, births,) . I think that in the future, champagne consumption will not only be consumed in entertainment-related places ( bars, KTV,restaurants,etc ) and will spread inside the Chinese families.

    • Ioarana-Zhongguo

      It is a waste when you see Chinese people watering down Champagne like they drink water in bars and KTVs. I wonder if they appreciate the taste and the way they should enjoy living.

      • Like other western alcoholic beverage such as wine, champagne didn’t penetrate China market by its taste, but by its branding. But the trend is more and more Chinese consumers are interested in konwing more about how to taste it. I believe they will appreciate the taste later.

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