Are Foreign Casinos Guilty Travel Pleasures for Chinese Tourists?

Chinese travellers have drawn-out their lead as the largest spenders globally, according to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

“With a 12 percent increase in spending, China continued to lead international outbound tourism” in 2016, according to a UNWTO recent press release.

Chinese tourists spent US$261 billion on International tourism. The number of outbound Chinese travellers increased by 6 percent to 135 million in 2016. This remarkable growth positioned China as number one tourist source market in the world since 2012.

The growth in International travel from China in 2016 profited many destinations in Asia and the Pacific, most notably Japan, South Korea and Thailand, and also long-haul destinations such as the United States and several countries in Europe, according to UNWTO officials.

Are Chinese travellers new target customers for Foreign Casino?

During international travel, among other interests of Chinese travellers, gambling was noted to get considerable attention. Numerous Asian countries, like the Philippines, South Korea and Russia are currently developing casino resorts after noticing the increased interest of Chinese in gambling in Macau and Las Vegas. Some analysts have predicted that they are trying to endeavor the same sort of appeal that Las Vegas and Macau have for Chinese tourists as must-visit gambling and entertainment destinations.

According to Chinese International Travel Monitor 2016, Chinese travellers spent their money in casino and gaming followed by shopping, dining and sightseeing. To have casino and gaming was also listed among important hotel facilities to Chinese travellers.

Although, gambling has been illegal in China but it is still very common on internet and behind closed doors. The interest of Chinese gambling during foreign travel is slowly appearing now as previously Chinese travellers didn’t show much interest in gambling since it was not considered as right thing to do in China. Hence they were less inclined to indicate participating in such activities as part of their visit. Now with increased exposure and not a legal facility at home Chinese travels want to indulge in gambling as their guilty pleasure.

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How Foreign Casinos can attract Chinese tourists?

Foreign Casinos can proactively attract Chinese tourists by reaching them through Chinese social media platforms. Foreign casinos can partner with local Digital Marketing Agency and connect with Chinese netizens. There are more than 730 million active social media users in China. Many of these users were born during the 1980s and 1990s and live in the big cities of China. The overall digital ecosystem of Chinese social media is relatively disjointed and needs to be customised according to customer preference. Although, there are major social media platforms like Weibo, WeChat, Baidu and Taobao that have the largest volume of users. Consequently, various digital marketing techniques apply in each platform to attract right target group.

Following are a few which can be incorporated to reach potential Chinese travellers.

Chinese Website Development to attract Chinese gamblers:

To gain visibility among highly demanding Chinese netizen, development of Chinese website is the first step taken to increase brand awareness. The prospective casino and gambling companies are advised to create interactive websites keeping preferences of Chinese audience in mind with respect to Chinese typography, layout of website and user-friendliness.

 SEO in China

The website needs to be optimised in search Chinese engines, in China, the website must be optimised to appear in Baidu search results. This way users find the website easily according to their search needs. Secondly, to rise above from the competition the website needs to rank high in organic search result. This exercise takes skilled efforts and experience.


SEO and Baidu PPC are two very proficient methods for companies that are interested in developing their business in China. Prospective companies need to open a Baidu PPC (Per per Click) account and incorporate SEO efforts. To improve customer-experience the company is expected to optimize their landing page, which is informative and caters to local public visiting the website.

Social Media 

WeChat is the largest social platform in China. Its leading social media platform with 850 million registered users. This app is used as key platform for connecting with customers, buyers and distributors in Mainland China. WeChat offers Chinese citizen plenty of opportunity complete their daily tasks using the platform, therefore it won’t be wrong to say that it’s one of the most useful app for 550 million citizens of China with smartphone. Brands in Singapore, must consider this app to create awareness and attract customers in China.


Weibo, is considered Twitter or Instagram of China, where companies interact with customers with the help of micro blogging. Although, expertise is required to interact with customers with Weibo. The casino/ gambling companies need to gain followers quickly, in order to make use of its offers and services like, Banner advertisement, Weibo Search Engine Promotion, Fanstop (Fan Headline) and Fan Tunnel. Brands and entertainment companies can use Fan Headlines to promote their Ads and post to attract Chinese travellers.

Publish Informative Content on Casino Entertainment

Chinese citizens love to gather more and more information about different offers and bargains around the world. They are always keen to plan their next travel plans based on that knowledge. Therefore, delivering fresh content regarding offers and new products is a vital way of attracting affluent Chinese tourists. In content the companies must introduce themselves and engage customers with upcoming offers in order to attract them to casinos and gambling arena.

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