How a foreign App can target the Chinese market

China’s mobile app market had reached more than $46 billion by 2017 and will continue to grow with rising smart devices and the development of more traditional businesses. You want to launch your mobile application on the Chinese market, but you hesitate on the best strategy to adopt. Fortunately, our agency Marketing to China has solutions for you!

In this article, you will understand the advantages of the Chinese clientele for the success of your mobile app, what a foreign mobile app should highlight in order to stand out from the Chinese app, finally all our tips for m-commerce and digital communication.

Let’s go!

 Why target the Chinese market?

Hyper-connected consumers

First, because Chinese consumers are hyper-connected. If a national market is receptive to digital, it is the Chinese market!

The brick and mortar only allow brands to ensure a marketing showcase for passersby, but all purchases are now made on e-commerce platforms such as Taobao, Tmall, and Little Red Book.

Two reasons for this trend of e-commerce. The first reason is the considerable time savings for Chinese workers, who are directly delivered the products ordered rather than having to move. Do not forget that the distances in cities like Shanghai or Beijing are incomparable with distances in Europe: crossing the city easily takes one hour and a half by public transport, and walking from one metro stop to another ask half an hour!

The second reason is that access to many commercial offers or export products is more difficult to find in the territory, which thanks to e-commerce at hand reach.

Active and numerous Internet users

Chinese Internet users are particularly active on forums and social networks. They are used to note and comment all their purchases and services received via various dedicated applications. With this mindset, you can develop an active consumer community that allows you to maintain your app’s business, but also constantly improve your services based on your customers’ expectations.

Finally, China has exceeded 1.3 billion people, so millions of potential consumers may be interested in what you have to offer, if – and only if – you have properly prepared your communication for this market. In this, our agency can help you: we are specialists in the latest consumer trends, we follow the evolution of Chinese society closer!

China is the best place to launch your mobile application.

 Why a foreign app has a chance in China?

Competition is tough with Chinese applications. The opposite is more commonly seen: it is the Chinese applications that invade the Western world! Wechat, Alipay, Ctrip …

To seize your chance to rise to their level and even surpass them, you must first understand why Chinese applications are at the top.

  1. These applications are all translated into English AND Mandarin. They can, therefore, be used by Chinese and foreigners or ex-pats in China, which doubles the potential number of users.
  2. These applications are very intuitive, their operation is within the reach of all. They are maximized to reduce the loading time of pages.
  3. Most applications can count on the massive participation of their community of Internet users, who like, share, and comment at will. This emulation creates a return of interest (ROI), that is to say, the advertising of the application is done by the Internet users themselves, who share content that they like and attract the attention of other Internet users.
  4. These apps use mobile payment as Wechatpay and Alipay. In general, they make easier the passage to the act of purchase: minimal registration asked to the consumer, big button to go online shopping, clear boxes, booking delays in case of hesitation … Always thanks to his Internet community, the products are rated and receive consumer opinions that can influence the buyer in his choice.

Seriously, you have to…

To compete with Chinese applications, it’s simple: you must at least have the same assets that will facilitate the user’s navigation and allow him to quickly find what he is looking for on your page, in his language. Finally, you must adopt the two most common mobile payment methods in China: Wechatpay and Alipay.

But then, what would be your thing?

It will depend on your activity. If your application is e-commerce-oriented, offering rare export products in China (such as dietary supplements to treat hair and skin) is a good point.

 Our digital solutions for your app!

Switch from a website to a mobile application

GMA can help you optimize your mobile app and adapt it to the expectations of Chinese customers.

We can also help you optimize your website for watching on Smartphones! Chinese Internet users do not surf anymore on their PC, they use exclusively their Smartphone or their tablet. Adapting your website to a mobile format is the first step towards the proper SEO of your website on Baidu.

Your e-reputation and SEO

Second essential step: even before the launch of your app, you must have thought of strategies to ensure optimal SEO on the Baidu search engine (your presence on Baidu will attest to the seriousness of your application to your consumers).

Similarly, you must have already thought about controlling your e-reputation. It is difficult to control the impact of a bad comment on your business, that is why you must as much as possible control what is said on your account: erroneous information, negative comments or confusion with another business you are all detrimental.

Unsure of the best strategy to control your e-reputation?

By using the services of our agency, we will take charge of your branding campaign on Chinese social networks. We will work to introduce you to Chinese Internet users. We will implement our best SEA (Search Engine Advertising) strategies and optimize the SEO of your content.

Do you want to call on real professionals? Get in touch with us via our contact form. It is an honor for us to guide foreign entrepreneurs towards the road to success in China!

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