The first reflex of a Chinese tourist who wants to travel is to Baidu

Nowadays before planning anything, a Chinese will naturally search on information on the major Chinese search engines like Baidu, 360, Sogou etc.


In the tourism sector, it is particularly important to be well-positioned to be seen. Like most people, we do not look on the second and third page, but only on the first page. The higher you get on that first page, the more requests you will have.
Today, 80% of tourists use the Internet before traveling abroad.  And considering that more and more Internet users are looking for information on tablets and mobiles, this number will continue to grow.




SEO, a priority in your Chinese digital strategy. 

SEO is a strategic priority for your agency, Hotel or even point of sales. Qualified traffic on your site is generated by the search engines in China as it is in the rest of the world. Thanks to an effective SEO strategy, our agency has the opportunity to place your site on Baidu’s firsts search results.
We will at first,  define your keywords, and describe the best way to find you.
What are the steps for a successful SEO?


Our approach is to identify the keywords most relevant to your business. It is important to connect your supply with the actual demand of the Chinese public.
You offer an upscale support service? It is important to choose upscale keywords  to eliminate potential customers who are  looking for  lower prices.

Onsite optimization

The optimization of the website aims to improve all elements taken into account by Baidu:
-Your texts
– Your titles
– Your tags
-Your pictures
– …

Our team of experts in Baidu optimization  will guide you and do all the necessary arrangements for your site to be highly ranked by  the leading Chinese search engine.



Off-site optimization or Inbound Marketing

This is a very important step for Baidu, because the more we talk about a site, the more it gets popular and better is its position. Logical right?
Acquiring backlinks is one of the most used off-site optimization discipline even on Google…
One must know how to balance incoming links, to place relevant links, to vary links anchors  and to have a certain amount of links to be referenced in order to improve its reputation (or trust rank) with Baidu.
Our team of SEO experts knows the best practices of the Chinese web, they will make sure it benefits to your site.


 More informations on SEO in China 

Travel services in the sector

We offer other services in the tourism sector to support the operators wishing to expand into the Chinese tourism market. See here





Chinese travelers spent 128.7 billion dollars (100 billion euros) abroad in 2013, an increase of 26.8% compared to 2012. In 2013, 98.19 million Chinese people traveled abroad representing an increase of 18%.
More than half of those tourists who went on a trip abroad, belonged to the post 80s generation, in fact, 56.21% were born after 1980 and 59.25% of them are married and have a child.
In terms of favorite destinations, South Korea and Japan are standing out, with four cities that have grown in popularity: Seoul, Busan, Kwangju and Sapporo.

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  1. After more than a decade of rapid growth, the Chinese outbound travel market is seeing more Chinese tourists who are” independent”, sophisticated and eager to seek out new experiences and they still Use Baidu and not gOogle

  2. I confirm baidu is the best way for lead generation in the travel Business in China.
    We use mainly Baidu SEM but we know the most quality leads come from baidu SEO .

    Thank you Oliver for the time you spend with me last time .
    Have a nice day

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