Fiji: New fashionable destination for Chinese tourists

Fiji: New fashionable destination for Chinese tourists

A dream destination

Who does not dream to travel to Fiji? All travelers want to experience the beautiful beaches that abound on the island. Fiji is indeed known for the beauty of the color of the sea, intense and transparent at the same time. Many travel agencies offer personalized circuits in Fiji.

The Fiji archipelago located in Oceania, covers about 1.3 million km ², and has about 400 islands, most of which are uninhabited.

The small island of Fiji in South Pacific becomes the radar of Chinese tourists and the next fashionable destination for travelers in search of exoticism and adventure.

Tourism: factor of growth

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Tourism is now one of the main factors of the economic growth in Fiji. During the Chinese holiday period, Fiji  expect to increase tourist flows .

In recent years, the number of Chinese travelers in Fiji has grown by almost 10% according to the Government of Fiji . The main attractions of the archipelago are : Ovalau ( walks in jungle, small deserted beaches ) , Suva (Compulsory passage), the Coral Coast ( traditional place where you can sleep for a few nights).

China represents a very promising market for Fiji . Arrivals of Chinese visitors increased significantly from 2009 (4 807) and 2012 ( 26,935 ) . This growth can be explained by the presence of direct flights between Fiji and Hong Kong through Air Pacific .

Fiji has implemented several decisions to receive the maximum of Chinese during this year. For example, nearly half of the ATMs in Fiji accept cash withdrawals using credit cards of Union Pay .



How to attract more Chinese tourists in your Hotel , Resort or for travel agency ?

Internet is the best way to catch their attention, because most of them will book before their trip.


1/ Create a Website in Chinese

Having a website in Chinese will allow the travellers to book and search information about your company. Chinese always prefer Chinese information


A Hosting in China (for your website is usefull for the navigation and the optimisation for Baidu.


2/ Visibilityamong Chinese Plateforms

Internet in China is increasing influencial, 95% of travellers will use internet to search information before their departure.

To promote your business, It is definitivly a good way.

Direct promotion with banners or indirect via Buzzs or public relations, online communication really work in Tourism industry.

SEO search engine optimisation is a good way to promote your website in China. Baidu is the leader , with 80% of market share.

In Tourism they also use

They will search and compare prices and services.

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3/ Social Networks Promotion

Social media like weibo or wechat have a huge influence on Chinese tourists

Communicating on these social media platforms starts by openning an account, get certifications, publishing Good content & photo, interacting with potential clients.

Fiji travel CHinese

4/ PR (Press Relations) or Key Opinion Leader Management

Using Press relation can be a good way to attract Chinese tourists, because it is always bether to have somebody to say good words about a you.



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