Fancy dress of Versailles: a new Trend in China


Today, I am going to present you a new trend on Weibo, who consists in dress up as French Dress of the 18th century and put it on their Weibo, this can be photos simple as photos or great worked studio (retouch with software by professionals).

Thousands of Chinese enjoy to be photographed in particular with various staged.


The Wedding photos

wedding chinese


chinese dress wedding

other weding chinese


The provocative photo!

provocatrice picture


Photos of group (can be in a KTV)

group photo

Photos by empress !

empress woman

photo empress


Many participants!

participant contest

participant contest versailles

participant contest versailles

participants contest

The cosplayers

cosplayers versailles

cosplayer versailles

cosplayers versailles

cosplayers versailles

cosplayers versailles



And then a few surprises!

surprise of contest versailles


The brand, the fragrances of Versailles, has benefited from this trend for organized an election “Princess of Versailles.”

The official brand of Versailles held a contest on Weibo, asking at Chinese girls (and Chinese boys) take photos with clothes of Versailles in and publish their photos on their Weibo. This contest has enabled the brand to have more than 100 participants, posting hundreds of photos. This contest has allowed the brand to take advantage of the viral trait of the operation to gain visibility, and reach record numbers.

An operation on social networks playing on the photos allowed to the weibonautes to publishing their photos and causing the attention of their loved ones. I think it would be inconceivable to realize this kind of operations in France.


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