Facial Mask Marketing in China

A chinese girl use facial mask

Opportunities, Analysis, and Advice you have to know about Facial Mask Market

If you don’t know what’s going on in the facial mask market in China, you can’t say you work in the cosmetics industry.

The facial mask market is now the fastest developing market in cosmetics, 25% annual increase for about 10 years has developed the size of this market to 30 billion RMB in 2015!

growth rate of facial mask market in China
the growth rate of the facial mask market in China

With the change in the numbers, there are also some things changing invisibly.

1. Using facial mask has become a habit

The new generations of girls, or “80hou, 90hou”, have become the major groups of consumers in cosmetics. Compared with their parents, they are much more generous in cosmetics and open to new products and brands. Besides, with the increasing concern for air pollution and seasonal changes in climate, the facial mask has become a must for more and more girls.

Chinese girl using facial mask

2. Consumers are becoming professional

Consumers are always dazzled by an endless array of facial mask brands. After trying many times, they are becoming more professional and on the other side, primitive promotion methods such as discount bombarding are facing a big problem of low efficiency.

3. Competition increases

At the same time, facial mask brands are facing another problem: fierce competition. With 300 competitors, it’s very difficult for low-level players to make a real profit. And the selection of the market will push more and more low competitive brands out of the market. However, the competition in other sectors of the cosmetics market can easily dwarf that in the facial mask market.

A chinese girl use facial mask

So you will need two tools to improve the competitiveness of your brand.

Strong brand

A strong brand can help your customers make the decision fast among thousands of different brands.
On the last day of 2014, there was a piece of news in the facial mask market, 51% share of Carina Lau’s(Chinese star) personal facial mask brand has been purchased at 312 million RMB. The only difference between this brand and the others is the endorsement from the star!

Liujialing facial mask
Carina Lau’s facial mask

If you look at other sectors in cosmetics, such as Blemish Balm, and Toner, only the endorsement from the star is far from enough for the brands to excel in others, even together with a brand history and massive advertising.
But now in the facial mask market, a little push can help you work out a successful brand because most of the competitors now are only focusing on sales only! So in the future, those brands that have already started their branding will benefit from today’s work more and more.

E-commerce channel support

A distribution channel is also a very important way to make difference from competitors. We know that negotiating with the store, and shopping malls is a matter of time and money. But for a small or new brand, how can find a solution fast and effectively?


The answer lies in the Ecommerce platforms.
The product features of the facial mask decide that it is very suitable for eCommerce promotion because it has a considerable base of consumers; most consumers are connected to the internet; and they are used to shopping online. To reach and catch those consumers via eCommerce, an eCommerce-friendly strategy is very important. It requires an integration of an eCommerce store, selection of platforms, and promotion on those platforms.

WeChat marketing

The platforms here not only refer to those big platforms such as Tmall, Taobao, Jumei, or Lefeng, but also other media such as WeChat! It’s estimated there are 8 million individual WeChat users selling facial masks! And according to the announcement from brands, the real number is far more than that! For example, one of the most popular brands on WeChat, Qiao Shi Sui, or “Choiskycn” claims that 3 million individuals are selling their facial masks on WeChat. After the facial mask’s 1 year craze for WeChat, what is the future of this direct marketing?  With the impact of the lack of after sales service, piracy, and adulteration, “Choiskycn” the brand mentioned before, has decided to suspend supplying WeChat shoppers. It highlights the importance of a good strategy for WeChat marketing. I personally strongly believe in the future of WeChat marketing, but smart management is the key to making it a booster for the brand instead of a saboteur for the brand.

To create and maintain a strong brand and eCommerce performance, the brand will need to have a uniform online marketing plan including social media, SEO/SMO, and eCommerce to maximize the effect of the brand. However, there are few brands doing this now, while most companies haven’t started their branding.
And for cosmetics brands in China, the bricks for a successful brand usually are positive comments, experiences shared by users, and regular reports. If you have decided to manage all these “bricks”, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ll be very glad to talk with you about your plan.


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