What Every Musician Needs to Know about Digital Music Marketing & Distribution in China?

Last year the music industry generated revenues of $ 15.7 billion, an increase of 5.9%, half of which came from digital. In recent years, thanks to a favorable combination of new technologies, government policies and a radical change in customs, China has started to become the first major global record market in a short time. Now positioned only in 12th place, but with a population of 1.36 billion, the oriental giant is entering force in the Chinese market.

Streaming and in particular the subscriptions connected to the availability of mobile devices are defeating piracy. Major and independent people from around the world have realized that the Chinese market is a huge opportunity.

Promotion of Musicians starts Online

In the era of physical support, the eastern dragon was known for its devastating piracy, which was close to 100% of the market. The fight against piracy started in 2015 by the Government, gave the first results, at the same time young people have a new attitude, more oriented to understanding the value of content. For the record companies, it is clear that the Chinese market is at a turning point. Five hundred million Chinese access music legally via a device and are the most willing to pay customers.

That’s why a solid strategy to promote your music online is the key to getting solid results as artist in China. The old model of musical promotion provided that the musicians spent a lot of time artists spent creating demos, mixtapes and promotional material addressed to a specific record label.

Today, instead, making music promotion means moving on the connection with its base, with the public and with the potentially interested parties. There is less and less the need for an intermediary between artist and listener: after all, it is the age of the social network. For this reason, it has become increasingly difficult to be taken into account production labels and distributions.

Diffusion on Video 

With the fast appropriation of cell phones and the developing entrance of broadband web, Chinese customers are continuously changing from TV to online video content. This progress will prompt development in a large group of online-video administrations.

The online video showcase blast in China is caused by an expansion in industrialism and the nation’s development of the white-collar class. From this, you can imagine how important the dissemination of videos is in the music industry in China. Just think that China’s online video market continues to experience explosive growth, with nearly 229 million Chinese people expected to watch a video via an online streaming service this year.

Great Demand for Musical Instruments

In the last decade in China, the entertainment sector has experienced a rapid evolution, in particular, the musical instrument industry. Domestic demand has diversified by segmenting into various price and quality ranges, offering foreign brands interesting opportunities to enter the medium-high range. The event, organized jointly by Messe Frankfurt, INTEX Shanghai, and China Music Instrument Association (CMIA), is the Asian edition of one of the most important trade fairs, the Musikmesse in Frankfurt, dedicated to musical instruments. Music China is a showcase of great importance for companies that want to appear in the Chinese market. The main target audience is high-profile Chinese musicians.

China boasts more than 100 symphony orchestras, including 14 in the capital alone, and 25 conservatories, including 2 in Beijing with numerous young students. The 2017 edition recorded a record number of visitors (80,500) from 86 countries and exhibitors  (1,782) from 30 countries.

Market Music in a Digital Era: Music Marketing Plan for Artists and Labels

Nowadays the web has become (almost) the only way to let people know about their products, services, or brands in China. This is also true for their music, in order to be successful as well as be very good. also, understand how to take advantage of digital marketing.

Personal Branding is a problem-solver

In the past, Branding was just associated with a name, slogan, sign, symbol, or design. Today, branding is more complex and even more important. Personal Branding is not just about getting your target market to choose you over the competition.

It’s also about getting your fans to see you as the sole provider of a solution to their need. A good personal branding in China Should:

  • Clearly deliver a good message
  • Confirm your credibility among your Chinese fans
  • Emotionally connect target Chinese fans with a Music
  • Motivate the Chinese people to follow you
  • Create fans loyalty

To succeed in Personal branding, you must understand the needs and wants of your fans. You can achieve this by integrating your personal branding strategies throughout your music at every point of public contact. Think of branding as though your organization was a living, breathing person. As Chinese people begin to identify with you, your branding will live in the hearts and minds of Chinese fans, and they’ll connect on an emotional level.

E-Reputation is fundamental

The reputation of the brand is the first factor to consider in order to increase sales volume. In general, it is even more so in the Chinese market.

Knowing how to “listen to the web” and intercept as quickly as possible negative comments and complaints of users is a great way to be careful and avoid being caught unprepared in crisis situations, as well as an excellent opportunity to improve their visibility and develop customer relations.

This is why it is a fundamental strategic activity for companies and organizations, which makes it possible to understand the widespread opinion online about the issue you are interested in or about the brand.

Music and social media make your music viral

The solid social character of Chinese streaming administrations makes it is extremely simple for clients to get new music and free music. Streaming administrations like QQ Music and Kugou can be viewed as social media in the music market, which networks around a gathering of music darlings to talk and share their cravings to music.

In the Chinese music streaming world, client-produced playlists and remarks have the primary impact on the administrations, for instance, on NetEase Music, every one of the playlists can achieve an 80% play rate, and pretty much every client has developed the propensity to remark while tuning in to music, a large portion of the remarks and tracks will likewise then be shared to other online networking stages.

Other apps that can help your music career are :

  • Douyin: This innovative social allows you to publish content of up to 15 seconds and then share them with your contacts. It also allows you to add music and special effects to your videos to make them more interesting, creative, and above all customized. For this very reason, they often manage to become viral within a few hours in the form of a meme or challenge
  • KUWO Music the app hosts KTV tournaments with cash rewards. Besides KTV streaming, it also serves as a video streaming platform and broadcasts video content, usually on the more trashy side, such as Chinese ever-so-popular talent shows and comedian acts. KuWo also reserves a part of its app for rising DJs in China.

Communication and PR never get old

china pr

Communication and good PR skills are very important both online and offline, otherwise, how can you communicate your brand, your image, and your music? Public relations boost an organization’s credibility because it’ll operate through numerous trusted intermediaries. Newspapers, magazines, and other media are important channels for communicating with customers, investors, and the community. If you launch a new single, for example, you can raise awareness and stimulate interest by issuing a press release to newspapers and magazines that reach your target market.

Collaborate with a KOL

It may seem a bit strange to take another celebrity as your sponsor, but in China, it is one of the key steps to being successful. Also when it comes to music a contributor like a KOL is important to attract new followers. in China they are not mere influencers, in fact, the Chinese have a very high opinion of them and place high trust in their advice, to the point of deviating their choices and tastes.

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