Eslite : the story of a successful bookstore in a shrinking market

This 24 hours bookstore allows clients read books without have to purchase them.

The Eslite is a Taiwan’s bookstore chain that has revolutionized the literature industry.

In Taipei has arisen a new and amazing trend, a huge number of people have started to spend their night in a bookstore.

The responsible of this unusual tendency is a bookstore called Eslite which opens its doors 24 hours per day.
The Eslite store could be the envy of any other bookstore in the world considering that it has more visitors during the nighttime hours than many others throughout the daytime.

Due its large popularity, this bookstore has become in the meeting place for young and old people who have a hobby in common, all of them are passionate about literary.



The first bookstore of The Eslite Group was opened in 1989 in Taipei. Nowadays, the chain account with 42 stores around Taiwan including one in Hong Kong and because of its success The Eslite Group has decided to expand its business to China.

In spite of this heartbreaking panorama, Eslite has found the key to keep its business alive, offering more that a common bookstore. There people have the opportunity to read without have to buy books and also includes coffee shops and restaurants.


In 2013 its revenues were $425 million and the books accounted 40 percent of sales and it’s expected an increase of 8% in 2014. Online stores are not rivals for The Eslite because this bookstore offers something that the others can’t: face to face interaction.

The store in Taipei has five floors, each destined to distinct categories such as fashion, food, music and events and the top floor has all kind of books.


The Eslite has become  a cultural hot spot for many people, especially for those Chinese tourists who arrive to the bookstore in search for forbidden literature in the Asian giant.

The goal of any bookstore is to sell the possible biggest number of books and therefore The Eslite’s nature could seem contradictory because the bookstore allows read books without have to buy them. Due to its business model, this bookstore chain has gained many followers around Taiwan and probably will have the same success in China.

The Eslite is a clear example how traditional businesses can survive to the growing and unstoppable online business.
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