5 fashion brand case studies

5 brands for 1 objective: promotion

Today we will review 5 brands’ case studies to see how they realized their campaign advertisement in China and what the intended effect was.

KARMAR advertising company: T-shirt Logo design

Karmar advertising company

This campaign revolves around a tee-shirt design and its logo. They promote a new Chinese designer brand -HUMANIMAL that wants to promote its tee-shirts

They have a very simple design with a catchy slogan: “bright man in a dark place” that refers to the fact that bright people are always looking for enlightenment, while the rest of the world seems dark and devoid of interest

Smart people wear that tee shirt, have a feeling of belonging to an elite and trendy community

You wear that tee shirt so :

  • You’re smart because you belong to a community revolving around Albert Einstein, one of the most brilliant minds of the 20th century
  • You’re trendy because you wear that tee shirt, with Albert Einstein being funny with this catchy slogan

SCHIESSER underwear

CHINA Suspense Marketing – 3 steps


First step: post a sexy picture on Weibo, and tell people to join the activity, but they didn’t tell people what is it for. People start to become curious about it. Curiosity is a powerful motivation for people in general. As such it will generate a lot of comments and guesses about what this campaign could be all about. See below for the comments


In the second step, blog writers start to post comments about the campaign, and the comments lead to even more curiosity from people who want to see what’s inside the pajamas. After that curiosity state slowly builds up an event at a set date is announced where everything will be explained.

The set date increases the general level of curiosity


The event brings a lot of people together because they want to know what this is all about. The event brings a lot of people together. It is then revealed that it is an underwear campaign promotion.

The success of this campaign is based on the curiosity generated by the marketing campaign before the event.

Curiosity can be a powerful motivator.

NUOMI   fashion brand social PR



  • Good Chinese local designer’s women fashion brand uses the idea of offering more jobs for women who live in hard conditions. Also, part of the income goes to charity for children.
  •  A good way to attract rich people to buy their cloth, especially rich women
  • All in all, this plays on the sympathy of the rich people for good causes such as suffering children, and people whose living conditions are very hard.

Meters/bonwe-Digging gold from the movie and cartoon industry


MOVIE 《TRANSFORMERS: Using product placement in a blockbuster like a movie Transformers, meters/bonwe uses an aggressive way expanding its business

As a complementary way in this marketing campaign, meters/bowe also get some visibility in the cartoon market with cartoon shirts


SHANGHAI TANG- Chinese top brand in New York City photoshoot


  • The first native Chinese international brand surprised worldwide that Chinese brands can be such a Luxury lifestyle but a very Chinese attitude.
  • The execution chairman of the image brand by using ‘Chinese red’ on a Chinese famous model’s outfit (such as high heels, suit, and shirt really showcases the brand image
  • Their objective, common with other Chinese luxuries is to distance themselves from the “made in China”cliché and create a made-for-China brand name that would symbolize the apex of luxury and prestige.


In conclusion, each of these campaigns played on emotions to be successful: Fun, curiosity, emotions related to the movies the products are placed in, and surprise are a few of them used.

Marketing campaigns the most likely to succeed are the ones playing with emotions rather than logic.

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