Eight Tips about Chinese Female Customers


In China, 51.6% of the women control the finance in a family, 44.5% of them negotiate with other members and only 3.9% don’t. In Shanghai which is famous for its henpecked husbands, wives dominate in 27% of the families and husbands only take 14%!
It’s been discovered that their consumption focus now is shifting to online consumption. In big cities, 44% women are getting used to online purchase and the percentage in small cities and towns is 23%.


1. Online Shopping

Now online shopping has become very popular among Chinese girls and ladies. Among the career ladies, 87.7% surf online frequently. And from Internet, they can find the same goods as those in shopping malls, but with usually half the price. So girls can get what they want and save the money at the same time.
And survey shows that most female online consumers in China like online shopping mall, searching engine and video.


2. They like video

According to the DCCI data, video website has become the third source for Chinese female to get information, after searching engine and online shopping mall. With the increasing concern on video, the value of video marketing also increases.
Chinese, especially females, would like to make the decision after they see the products. As a result, they tend to trust what’s in the video because it not only allows them to see the products but also to hear it.


3. Care Package More

It seems very difficult for Chinese girls to be rational in front of something well packed. Sometimes they can be so crazy that they will neglect the usefulness or price of the product, even including expansive goods like home appliance and clothing. That’s also why Chinese people say “women’s money is easy money”.


typical Chinese beauty
Typical Chinese beautiful girl

4. Special sense of beauty

Chinese girls have a quite special sense of beauty. For Chinese girls white and smooth skin is the symbol of beauty. But now, with the spreading over-weight problems, body shape is becoming more and more important for Chinese girls.
As a result, their bags are full of cosmetics that help them become slender and white not like western girls with sunscreen all over the body.


5. Impulse buyers

Young girls in China, especially those born after 1990s, seem to have difficult to hold their consumption. Most of them were spoiled when they were young. So they are get used to spend money “generously”.
In another way, they suffer great pressure from company as well as their parents because everybody pin their hopes on their only kid in family. And shopping can help them to release the great pressure.
These two reasons both make girls shop less rationally. Many can be their reasons to buy something things such as discount and star endorsement.


6. Self-centered

Different from the older generation women, today’s Chinese girls are very independent mentally and highly self-centered. It’s also revealed in their consumption, among ladies from 20-30 years old, 56% of them will spend their money first on clothing, perfume and cosmetics. Only 6% of them will consider family.
This trend has also been reflected on their choice of goods. You will discover that less and less girls are good at picking gifts for others. On the other hand, more and more of them choose gifts according to their own taste. Maybe it only happens on me and all my friends.


7. Brand followers

For most female Chinese, luxury brand means quality + taste + history. There are 62.1% Chinese females believing that brand products are expansive for their quality and duration.
And Chinese female are also addicted to comparing with others. So they have one more strong reason to buy big luxury brand because it can give them a big plus in comparison.


8. Easily Influenced

Chinese female are becoming more and more self-centered but not independent. They can be easily influenced by their shopping mates and friends because when they buy something, they will ask the advice from another one. So the advice from the “another one” is very important for them.
And with the popularization of, the role of net friend is also important because female Chinese can be greatly influenced by and trust them, especially those Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) online.

(source of the Data in the article: DCCI)



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