Eden Park wants to make a name in China

Eden Park, the famous French brand founded by Franck Mesnel (the major shareholder) and Eric White has decided to make business in China. Created since 1987, the Eden Park brand today has a turnover of 59 million euros spread over 39 countries. It is important to add that 20% of the turnover is generated outside France.

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The brand with a pink bowtie is mainly known for its rugby jersey. However, the founders are aware that its main attraction in China lies more in its added value “Made in France” and “Designed in Paris” than in its rugby inspiration. Franck Mesnel was thinking of selling both shirts and polo shirts as street wear and formal dresses.

A strong association

The Chinese challenge is timely boost for the brand, whose sales have been stagnant for the past three years. Eden Park so would double its sales within five years by opening 89 stores in China, including six in Shanghai and Beijing (this year). The joint venture is today based in Hong-Kong.

To talk about joint venture, we have to necessarily talk about the partner. Eden Park has chosen to join the giant Taiwanese Ruentex (created in 1973). Ruentex is already partner with others premium brands (Nautica etc.). Ruentex has a good experience and knowledge for the proper development of the brand in the Chinese territory. It can easily offer strategic locations in major shopping centers.


Importance of joint venture

The association with a local partner is a way to ensure a good brand development activity. The credibility and influence of the Chinese partner is evaluated according to its experience, financial resources, the position he holds in its sector, its stability and its ability to act. As an association, a joint venture abroad has many advantages. This allows pooling resources and knowledge, reducing risk in foreign territory, expanding its network and gaining some legitimacy in the country invested. This strategic choice will really accelerate the international development. The partner will guide the company in its choice about locations (shop, business and headquarter), distribution channels, marketing strategy. Besides, the partner will enable negotiations with various local actors.

joint venture

A bright future

The conquest of China is a milestone on the full integration of Eden Park on the international scene. It will allow the brand to rebound and grow even more in the Scandinavian countries, Russia or the United States. Franck Mesnel’s objective is to achieve 50% of its turnover abroad within 5 years.

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