You may not know but the web overlooks the tourism sector in China. Nowadays, the majority of the Chinese travelers looks for information on line, and makes their stay’s reservations online. The lake of traditional agencies’ services, the poverty of the itineraries of the big national agencies CITS, CIT, gave the opportunity to the online actors to explode: Ctrip, Elong Qunar, Ivmama, Tuniu.



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 Why e-tourism is a success in China?

 On the Chinese Internet, it is easy to find lots of trip’s information.


 On Baidu, we can find various websites offering this kind of services, but especially experiences’ feedbacks of Chinese travelers, who can communicate thanks to forums or blogs Sina. Being present on the Chinese Internet (and not only on its own website) is really important for the hotels or agencies.

The trip forums: There are various journeys’ forums in China like Tuniu or Baidu Tieba.

For example, we worked on a special top of range apartment building based in Paris, and being positioned at the first position on Baidu on Luxury Journey in France or in Paris allows him to have about ten quotations per week.

Among these dozens of quotations, 20% will become customers for journeys which are estimated to 10 000€/week in average.

This company has changed its model; it uses less and less partners’ agencies, releasing a better margin.


Search Engine Solutions

The Baidu Search Engine Optimization works particularly well. Indeed, the travelers do a lot of research before going abroad or in China, and your services can attract their attention if they are well presented.

The Pay per click campaigns can represent an effective way for various destinations during a few periods of the year.

The community management on the forums or the travelers’ feedbacks can be very important to influence the decisions of the current customers.

The social networks

Chinese people are connected, especially the urban ones. They really like social networks. Indeed, 92% of the Chinese active users use social networks or emails. The majority is engaged into social medias through centers of interests or by following the leaders of the sector.

There is a number of professional travelers, blogs’ users or photographers who make destinations famous thanks to their posts.

In the trip’s sector, it is particularly interesting to engage the customers, because 80% of travelers will become active after their trip by writing on blogs or publishing photos and videos.

chinese girl


Today, the majority of social networks are Chinese. Thus, you can forget the classical ones likes Facebook, Twitter or Youtube… And being focus on local actors as Sina Weibo, Wechat or Tuniu.

The Chinese active users are very opened to conversations on micro blogging platforms. This is particularly interesting for the trips’ actors.

 chinese men

KOL: The most powerful tool

The use of KOL, commitment and direct mail stay the most effective way to communicate and have bookings.

 etourism chine

Shuqi, in Maldives @via

The use of Yaochen, the social networks’ queen in China allowed the New Zealand discovery, which now attracts as many tourists as Australia (according to the tourism ministry of New Zealand).

 After a KOL campaign for a luxury hotel, we can have between 5 and 10 booking requests per week for an exotic destination.

 We advice to use storytelling, history creation using the company ADN… Hotel, destination, agency…


Picture @via

Booking platforms


The most important booking platform is Ctrip (8000 employees which half would be allocated to the booking center).

Ctrip offers online reservations for flights, hotels or trip organizations. This platform knows a big success in China because it offers good prices beating any competition, a good quality of services and an effective online evaluation system.

Qunar: the big challenger

Rapidly expanding since its merger with Baidu, the comparator Qunar became the leader in terms of traffic and market shares.

Today, when you are looking for destinations’ information on Baidu, Qunar appears directly, you can’t miss it!


The Expedia’s subsidiary in China, Elong, is clearly decreasing! It has occupied the second position during a long time but it is no more the case because of the non-competition of the offers, the lake on marketing investments and the drop of the platform popularity. All these factors have caused the website’s fall.

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Solutions for being present on these platforms

These platforms are very strong and can allow you to improve your sales rapidly. A registration action of your hotel, seaside station, activities, restaurant is necessary to success.

We can follow and help you in your procedure.

Today, 40% of our customers are tourism’s actors. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


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    Thank you very much for the quality of this article. We really appreciate !
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    1. As an advertising and tourism expert based in Cameroon, I have some information on some of the tourism projects in Cameroon. However, I would wish additional information on these projects and would readily make meaningful inputs where ever necessary. Worth mentioning that I have served as the Marketing and Communication Officer of the Cameroon Tourism Information Corporation and presently serving as the Executive Director of the Organization for Community Tourism and Nature Protection Cameroon. This is complemented with other responsibilities as Communication Officer of the Mankon Palace Cameroon ( ) and also Secretary to the Mankon Museum and Tourism Board (

  2. I think that Chinese tourists are the most connected in the world even if they don’t have access to google and any western social media. When I work in the hotel, the first question that Chinese tourists ask to me is ” what is the password of the wifi”. The second question is “do you have sleepers”. They do not ask where are the best place to visit because they have already search it on internet.

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