E-sport refers to video game competitions. They are played on consoles or computers, in local network or on Internet. This sector has enjoyed tremendous popularity in recent years. E-sport has become an increasingly serious sport, with tournaments, teams and rules, like any other more traditional sport. As a result, there are professional players. They can conquer individually or in teams to try to win millions of dollars in competitions organized around the world.

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Overview of the E-sport industry

If video games can be perceived by some as a hobby, it is actually a real business today. The most famous games are StarCraft 2, Hearthstone, Call of Duty, Counter Strike, Dota 2 and League of Legends. In China, the phenomenon has grown phenomenally, the e-sport market is now at its peak, with a total of more than 600 million players, nearly twice as large as the entire US population. In 2018, the sector is expected to grow by almost 40%, generating $ 906 million worldwide, China is accounting for 18% of the total. It is thus a real growth factor for the country. It currently employs 50,000 people but many job opportunities are yet to come. At least 250,000 to meet the needs of the industry.

Why should you choose China?

Passion for the video game

Although players come from all over the world, China is one of the countries with the greatest interest in the sport at the national level. They are the first to develop a stadium entirely dedicated to esport, the Zhongxian Stadium, in Chongqing Province. It will accommodate more than 7000 people. Which represents the scale of the phenomenon in the country. This passion goes so far that several schools of e-sport have opened across the country, aiming to train the players to make professionals of the sector.

Large market and new consumers

While a few years ago, Chinese consumers preferred quantity to quality, the new generation tends to change things. The Chinese are getting richer and younger and younger. Unlike their parents, they have less trouble spending their money on quality products that will give them a better life. Players are therefore willing to spend a lot of money on gamer accessories.

This market is therefore very profitable for brands providing products intended for “gamers”. For example Logitech, the Swiss company specializing in the production of computer peripherals, which has released a range “Logitech G” including gaming accessories. China is one of its biggest markets and the brand has taken the opportunity to sponsor professional teams. This gives them great visibility and give players the desire to have the same equipment as their idols!

It is also a good market opportunity for broadcast companies. By organizing events and / or creating online platforms to track these events live over the internet, a lot of benefits would come from registration fees and advertising.

Governments also have an interest in building structures dedicated to e-sport, mobilizing a national team and this can go as far as developing a form of tourism centered on this discipline.

To make you known in China and enjoy the excitement of this market, our agency can help you.

Our Digital solutions

Creating a WeChat Official account

You probably do not know WeChat, however, if there is an application to have in China, it is this one. The Chinese spend several hours a day using it. She can be useful as well to contact her friends as to order food, pay her bills and now even divorce! No company can set up shop in China without creating an official WeChat account. This one will bring you a visibility on the most used application in China.

Use of e-commerce platforms

The Chinese are using e-commerce extensively to make their purchases, far more than in the West. Since the massive digitization of China, many advantages push Chinese consumers to order online rather than go to the store: wider choices, more varied prices, very fast delivery … it saves time and money. ‘money ! There are some big e-commerce platforms in China such as Tmall, Taobao and JD.com (by Tencent). The Chinese very much appreciate  tmall and JD.com because of the authenticity of their products, then they prefer to order through these rather than a standalone site of a brand. In addition, they allow the whole of China to have access to your products. To find out which platform is best suited to your needs and desires, please read our article on this topic.

Partnerships with KOLs

Key Opinion Leaders are influencers with a large community of followers. The gamer community will follow their news and want to do exactly what they done. That’s why, making partnerships and sponsorships with this type of influencer is a big  step because your brand will gain strong visibility easily on a panel of consumers with an interest in your field. In addition, Chinese people have great difficulty in trusting a brand without having opinions or recommendations from those around them. A product used by their favorite gamer is therefore much more attractive than another.

GMA, a sport agency can help you to enter in the Chinese sport market. Through our 8years of expertise we have the most advanced solutions able to allow you to get your ROI. Please contact our expert for more information.

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