How to Destroy Company’s Reputation


Beginning and Uprising

There’s a TV program get the most attention on the internet in China this week. It is an onsite recruitment program called “非你莫属”(Only you, a similar program as “The Apprentice”). In the program on May 21,  a candidate called “Guo Jie”, who professed himself as an overseas student from France with 3 diplomas, failed to answer the questions from the TV host and guest and fainted on the spot. Even at this moment, the host kept asking him, “are you acting?”




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  1. Did you post this to G+ Philip? If so, I missed it, a repost might be a good idea with a focus note on how not to use SMMM in China.
    I would do it for you but can’t find your G+ share link in this article :>

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