Douyin Statistics and Trends Shaping China’s Social eCommerce Market

Douyin statistics and trends

In today’s dynamic social media landscape, one platform has captured the world’s attention, reshaping the way we connect online. Douyin, China’s digital powerhouse, has transcended borders to become a global sensation. With its remarkable growth and influence, Douyin reflects the changing landscape of content consumption, brand interaction, and online identity.

This article dives deep into the world of Douyin, presenting essential statistics, highlighting trends, and exploring consumption habits. My goal is to uncover the driving forces behind Douyin’s success and examine its impact on the digital world, both in China and abroad. Join me as I unravel the story of Douyin, where data, trends, and consumption patterns converge to redefine the future of social media.

Overview of Douyin Social Media Platform

Douyin, the Chinese version of Tiktok (and in fact the mother app, as Tiktok came after that) was launched in September 2016. Thanks to its immediate success, Bytedance, the company behind TikTok, pushed for the launch of Tiktok, the international version of the Chinese app, just one year after.

Why was Douyin immediately so successful in China? The answer is very simple: it filled the gap of something new and fresh, coming with a new format, unseen in other social media platforms: short videos. It quickly turned out that short videos were something missing in the social media landscape, so the number of Douyin users started growing rapidly.

Douyin: Douyin statistics and key info

As of 2023, Douyin boasts an impressive 746.5 million monthly active users, placing itself as the second most popular Chinese app, just behind WeChat (with 1.3 billion users). It’s forecasted that by 2025, the number will grow up to 835 million Chinese TikTok users.

User Base and Demographics

Douyin will exceed 835 million social media users by 2025

Douyin is a definite leader in China’s short-video platforms market and it’s also currently the fastest-growing platform in the world. We can clearly see the big ambitions of Bytedance, which managed to revolutionize the way Chinese social media users spend time on social media platforms, interact with each other, and shop. It’s an amazing growth story to watch and I can’t wait to see what else will Bytedance prepare next.

As you can see above when it comes to the number of users (data from the end of 2022), Douyin is the definite leader, with Kuaishou, the second-most popular short-video app in China following its footsteps.

65% of Douyin users are under 35 years old

When looking at the graph below, you can see that although Douyin is perceived as one of those Chinese apps for young people, in fact, it’s expanding into other age groups. The number of older daily active users is growing, thanks to many features introduced in recent years on the app, such as e-commerce integration and live-streaming.

It is definitely less and less surprising to see even older people scrolling through the app, and you can easily find Douyin senior influencers, boosting millions of followers!

Douyin is growing rapidly, from 639.4 million in 2021 to an expected 835 million in 2025. It’s also not surprising that the TikTok app is mainly viewed on smartphones, with an 80.8% penetration rate, expected to grow up to 87% in 2025.

When it comes to gender distribution, male users are a slightly bigger group, accounting for 54% of the total number of Douyin users against 46% of female users.

The majority of Douyin users reside in 1-tier cities, but it’s slowly changing

While it initially gained popularity in tier-1 cities like Beijing and Shanghai, Douyin has since made significant inroads into tier-2 and tier-3 cities, demonstrating its widespread appeal. This expansion into lower-tier cities has not only contributed to its user growth but has also diversified the types of content and influencers that thrive on the platform, reflecting the rich tapestry of China’s cultural landscape.

As you can see below, first and new first-tier cities are not taking the majority of Douyin’s audience like it was before (respectively 8.2% and 19.4%). Followed by tier-2 cities (19.5%), tier-3 cities (22.2%), and tier-4 and lower accounting for 30.6%.

This is the core aspect that differentiates Douyin and Kuaishou, the main rivals in the short video industry in China. Kuaishou has historically had a more prominent presence in lower-tier cities and rural areas. It positioned itself as a platform for authentic, everyday content from users in these regions, making it particularly popular among this demographic.

This tiered city strategy has differentiated Kuaishou from Douyin and has been a key factor in its success, as it caters to a distinct user base with its own content preferences and consumption habits.

Spending Habits and Social Media Trust

Douyin users spend more than global users on other social media platforms

According to a recently published report by Deloitte on e-commerce in China, Douyin users engage in e-commerce activities far more and spend more than global users on other social media platforms. As you can see in the graph below, the average spending amounts are higher on Douyin.

There is a higher proportion of Chinese TikTok users spending more than 5000 RMB per year than global users (spending around 2000 RMB).

What are the reasons for Douyin to be so successful in generating sales among its users?

Douyin’s success in generating sales among its users can be attributed to its highly engaging short-form video content, influencer marketing, and seamless e-commerce integration. Users are drawn to captivating videos showcasing products, often endorsed by trusted influencers, and can make purchases within the app, all of which create a user-friendly and persuasive shopping experience.

This blend of entertainment, trust, and convenience has propelled Douyin’s effectiveness as a sales-driving platform.

Social media became the most trusted channel for gathering information about products and services

Social media has become the primary channel for discovering high-quality products. Thanks to the fact that users spend so much time on social media platforms (with more than 53% of Chinese internet users spending more than 3h daily on social media apps), social media are the first place of channels to discover, talk about, and grow interest about a product.

As you can see on the chart above, 82% of consumers in China chose social media as their favorite channel for gathering and checking information about new products, with e-commerce platforms coming second (50%), followed by video platforms (17%), offline experiences (8%), friends and family recommendations (6%), traditional advertising (3%) and search engines (only 2%).

These numbers will only grow, as social media, especially Douyin/Tiktok downloads are not slowing down any time soon and Tiktok statistics are only growing.

Douyin eCommerce Statistics

Douyin’s e-commerce statistics underscore its prowess as a sales-generating platform. In 2022, Douyin reported that its e-commerce revenue exceeded $69 billion, recording a 25% year-on-year growth. Live-stream shopping sessions on the platform frequently attract millions of viewers, with some sessions reaching up to 50 million concurrent viewers.

As you can see above, live-streaming commerce alone generated $200 billion in 2022, growing 150 times since 2018. Apart from its own commerce operations in China, Bytedance revenue also comes from overseas Tiktok, reaching a total of $85 billion in 2022.

Moreover, the average time users spend on Douyin each day has been steadily increasing, providing ample opportunities for exposure to shoppable content. This wealth of data underscores Douyin’s status not just as a social media giant but also as a thriving e-commerce marketplace, making it a top choice for businesses looking to leverage its impressive user base and sales potential.

Content Trends on Douyin

Video formats and duration

When it comes to video content on Douyin, diversity reigns supreme. The platform offers a spectrum of video formats catering to varied audience preferences. Short-form videos, typically lasting 15 to 60 seconds, have been the bedrock of Douyin’s success.

However, the platform has also witnessed the emergence of long-form videos, allowing creators to delve deeper into their content. Additionally, live streaming trends have surged, with influencers and brands leveraging this interactive format to connect with audiences in real-time.

Content categories

Douyin’s content landscape is as diverse as its user base, with a plethora of content categories to explore. Some of the most popular niches include beauty, travel, and food, where creators offer insights, tutorials, and mouth-watering experiences.

Beyond these staples, Douyin has also seen the rise of emerging content trends, such as sustainability and educational content. Users are increasingly drawn to informative and socially conscious content, signaling an evolving content landscape on the platform.

Virality and challenges

The notion of virality is deeply ingrained in Douyin’s DNA. Viral video characteristics often include catchy music, creative editing, and relatable storytelling. Douyin’s algorithm further amplifies the reach of viral content, rapidly spreading it across the platform.

Viral challenges and trends play a pivotal role in this phenomenon. Users actively engage in challenges, adding their unique spin and contributing to the virality of content. The ability to harness the power of challenges and trends has become a strategic focus for content creators and marketers seeking to make a significant impact on Douyin.

What’s Likely to Come Next on Douyin?

Staying on top of trends shaping China’s social media and e-commerce landscape, I made up a list of expected moves on Douyin in the upcoming years:

Global Expansion

Douyin has been actively expanding beyond its core Chinese market. This trend is likely to continue as it seeks to capture a broader international audience. Douyin’s international version, TikTok, has already gained immense popularity, and the platform may invest more in localized content and marketing strategies to solidify its global presence.

E-commerce Integration

Douyin’s success in e-commerce is likely to intensify. The platform will likely continue to refine its e-commerce features, making it even more seamless for users to discover and purchase products. Douyin may also strengthen partnerships with e-commerce giants to enhance its shopping capabilities.


Douyin may introduce new monetization options for creators, such as premium content, paid subscriptions, and exclusive access to features. This could incentivize content creators to produce high-quality content and further engage their audiences.

Enhanced Personalization

Douyin is expected to invest in more advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to enhance content recommendations and user personalization. This will keep users engaged and ensure they discover content and products aligned with their interests.

Innovative Ad Formats

Douyin will likely introduce new advertising formats and tools for businesses to target and engage with users more effectively. This may include interactive ad experiences, augmented reality (AR) ads, and deeper integration with influencer marketing.

User Engagement Enhancements

Douyin may introduce features to boost user engagement, such as gamification elements, social challenges, and improved content creation tools.

These trends reflect the platform’s ongoing evolution and adaptation to changing user preferences and market dynamics. Douyin’s future success will depend on its ability to innovate, remain relevant to users, and effectively monetize its vast user base while addressing regulatory challenges.

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