How much do you know about Wechat’s Father ?

Wechat founder

Zhang Xiaolong graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology in Wuhan way back in 1994 with a Master’s degree in telecommunications. He went on to become part of the 1st generation of internet software developers in China creating Foxmail in 1997, which still goes to this day and is the best email services in China. In 2005, Tencent bought Foxmail which expanded the client list. Then, in 2010, Zhan Xiaolong was in charge of R&D division and invented Weixin with his team based in Guangzhou who were originally messaging app developpers. Later, this app was named Wechat by Tencent’s founder Pony Ma, and quickly became an important messaging app able to challenge Apple with 600 millions of users.


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5 reasons to get Wechat on your smartphone 

  • A huge customer base

Today, downloading Wechat represents a new trend. Indeed, Wechat has 468 million users per month including 70 million out of China.

  • The first app choosen

Actually, when users search a new messaging app, half of them choose Wechat ! What about you ?

  • Expanding your personal network

62,7% of Wechat users have over 50 friends. It represents a big opportunity for you to expand your relationships. You just have to get into it !

  • A new way to make friends !

There, you can chat with new friends even if you have only known each other for a short time. It represent 57.3% of WeChat’s users.

Sometimes, it is a bit difficult to maintain a contact with someone you’ve only met once but had much fun with. In this case, Wechat is the best to keep in touch with this kind of friends !

  • Maintain the friend interaction

Thanks to Wechat, 86.1% of users keep their friends for a long time. Don’t hesitate to use Wechat to keep your relationships up !

How many people use Wechat ?

WeChat activities

Today, Wechat has almost 600 million of users. 60% of Wechat users open it 10 times per day. Most of Wechat users log in to this social media to get some information and use their Wechat public account which represents 80% of them all.

Also, Wechat helps users to create Makeplan and Webmarketing strategy. This aspect is very helpful for professionals.

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Many Western people use Wechat for various reasons

Nowadays, Chinese people are no longer the only ones to use Wechat. Indeed, American or European people need, for some reasons or some others, to use Wechat.

First, they have lived in China or they have friends who are staying in China which means they can’t use Facebook without VPN.

Secondly, they have lived in China for a long time and they have been keeping good relationships with their Chinese friends. Then, they want to maintain their Chinese skills so WeChat is a very useful tool for that.

Finally, some of them have to use Wechat for their job. Indeed, they can sometimes meet Chinese customers. Consequently, it is important for them to adapt to their clients. Moreover, professionals need to use Wechat in order to expand their brands in social networks.

Lionel Messi, the Wechat global ambassador

Actually, it is very important for Wechat to expand its brand name in foreign countries. Indeed, WeChat wants to attract more people from South America such as Argentina for instance, but also Spain in Europe. To do so, Wechat’s founder paid over $20 million in medias in order to promote the campaign. They had a TV contract for 12 months and paid $3 million to get Lionel Messi in their own add.

What a huge opportunity for this famous platform !

Lionel Messi ambassadeur Wechat

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