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Fantasy or reality? Is it possible to sell with your website in China like in the rest of the world? With this article, I will explain to you that it’s possible, in specific sectors and I will describe what are the key success factors to attract chinese clients from your website and lure them to contact you.




The Chinese Internet is different from what we know in western countries and especially in the United States. Chinese people use other style of communication (standardized websites, small characters for the font, a lot of information on the Home Page…) but the chinese Internet develop itself really fast, change and evolve in every sectors of activities or almost.


Can you develop your business in B to B ?

In most cases, yes. Today, 9 of 10 Chinese buyers (according to a Thomas Cook study) start with search on Baidu before making a purchase. If Baidu is used by 80% of the population for general searches, in the professional field, it’s just a little bit more than Google.

Chinese people who worked, have noticed that Google was more relevant concerning a certain amount of searches especially what is related to the specialized information and to the foreign products or companies.




Conclusion :  If a Chinese search for a supplier, he will preferably use Baidu, but if he is searching for a foreign company, Google will be more logical for him.

Chinese don’t hesitate to contact companies they found online and to ask them for information and for proposals. This is really common in B2B sectors.

A website with a good SEO promotion can help you to collect contacts and build up your first database.


SEO is the key of success

It’s true that a large part of companies already have what we call a showcase website. A URL, a nice design but almost ZERO visitors or only people which already know the company.

Attracting new visitors is the main challenge online. A large majority of people are complaining that a website is useless and in this case it’s not wrong.

Some of them have their website in Chinese hosted in France and they never get any repercussion for a year.

If a website doesn’t have even the minimum active, it’s obvious that you will not attract new Internet users because the visitor don’t come to a website without SEO promotion.


Searching for information

Visitors or potential clients are searching for information, a supplier and will use Google or Baidu to identify its suppliers. And if your website appear on the 3rd page of your sector of activity, it’s obvious that you will not have a big part of the cake.

You can either give information to the buyers, an exclusive and quality information to prove your expertise and make know yourself cleverly or either position your website on keywords of your activity, for example if you sell cheese, you will have to make optimization on the keyword “cheese“.


market share Baidu

Market share of Baidu in 2012


Community management

There is not only SEO to attract visitors. There are also online platforms which allow communication on your offer. LinkedIn and Twitter for the West and on the Chinese Internet there is also a bunch of choices, but among them, Weibo dominating the market of the SNS.


social media landscape


What is effective on the social networks is to release the news of your company and especially its content with added value.

Generally, for each sector in China, there is already a community, experts, key opinion leaders. The goal of the community management is to integrate this community and after influence it.


Online Public Relations

Make Online PR is generally effective. This qualitative approach will allow the company to know itself on different supports compared to the ones that it uses regularly.

Online newspapers, specialized blogs (not very common in China), Webmagazine (a lot in China), it’s on that different media that a company can publish news. Every website has different operating and publications conditions.

There are also big portals of information such as Sina or Sohu.

These articles publish in the press will have a double impact. The first one will be to touch the audience of readers and the second one will be to reinforce your e-reputation.

  1. So I really believe that it’s possible to develop his business in China with Internet, what about you ?
  2. Do you have some experience in your field of activity ?
  3. Is it more effective than the traditional way or is it additional ?

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