Popular Building on Weibo

As I have said before, you can always find interesting things on Sina weibo.

The new headquarter of People’s Daily got popular now on Weibo for its crazy shape.

people's daily headquarter
The new headquarter of People’s Daily

Frankly speaking, the shape of the building is quite embarrasing. But don’t worry, People’s Daily won’t feel too embarrased because their brother CCTV also has a “eye-catching” building in the same city, Beijing.

Headquarter of CCTV
Headquarter of CCTV

If you can’t understand the purpose of the design, don’t worry, the following picture will help you out.

CCTV undershorts

CCAV undershorts

Got it? That’s the ultimate cutting-edge solution for high buidling fire fighting.

It’s like these two buildings are so inspiring that netizens in China can’t help create more pieces of art from them:

CCTV + People’s Daily = ?



photoshoped building

Thanks to CCTV and People’s Daily for their contribution in boosting our imagination.

Other God-like designing:

Office building for Hu Nan TV: Cao Ni Ma building, if you don’t understand Cao Ni Ma, wiki it. See Cao Ni Ma


The gate to oriental in Suzhou: no explanation

The gate to oriental
The gate to oriental

Building of Large Intestine in Beijing:

Building of Large Intestine
Building of Large Intestine

If you have any creative ideas for building like those above, don’t hesitate to put your comment below, the construction team in China can realize any of your dreams šŸ™‚

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