Cool Halloween Brands Design on Chinese Social Media

Europastry Halloween post on WeChat

Europastry is one of the world leaders of frozen dough. Present in more than 60 countries, you’ve probably have eaten some of their products in the past. The group provides franchises such as Dunkin donuts for instance. The group has recently decided to improve its visibility in China using tools such as WeChat.

For Halloween, they published an animated & colorful Wechat post on their service account. A post that catches the eyes and introduces the group products to their followers.


Lesieur Wechat engaging Halloween post

Lesieur is a french condiments company. This year for Halloween, they published on their WeChat service account an engaging post encourages readers to interact with it in order to find out more about a product.

Lesieur is very active on the Chinese internet: From Baidu SEO, social media to KOL, and now Tmall.

Pawsome, Shanghai Pet food company Halloween event

Pawsome is a company based in Shanghai that provides healthy pets food and dog treats to some happy doggos and cats in the city. They post every week with their WeChat account to promote their services but mainly to provide dog owners with important information for their pet’s healths and well-being.

The company mixes online and offline marketing to reach its target audience working hand in hand with locals f&b venues and pet lovers. Because their content and services are so qualitative, their reputation with Shanghai pet owners is not to be proven anymore.

Starbucks Halloween “Story” on Wechat

If Starbucks is not to introduce anymore, I have to mention that they are absolute masters when it comes to creating content that appeals to Chinese crowds. From product localization to their marketing, they never miss the mark.

Their WeChat posts are absolute delights, colorful, nice to look at, entertaining, etc. This Halloween post is an excellent example of their work.

Iceberry post on their Official Weibo Account

Iceberry is a Russian Ice cream company (as an ice cream eater myself, I can only valid their products :p ). They decided to enter the Chinese market recently and have been working hard on their Online reputation via Social Media, Press releases, Kol, and even video marketing.

Iceberry quickly understood that associated your name with loved brands and peoples is a key to success in China. For instance, they did a co-branding campaign with Samsung refrigerator last year.

For Halloween, they posted a cute Gif representing their products in a pumpkin and we are fans of this style.

Smiley, cool Gif Post on Weibo and Wechat

Smiley is a licensing company that holds the rights to the smiley logo but it is also a producer of lifestyle fashion goods and many accessories.

Smiley in China, is a lot of co-brandings, press, and Kols collaboration.

For Halloween this years, they simply posted a simple gif with a smiley carved pumpkin.

More Weibo Post from Candy and Chocolate company

Hershey’s and Dove

Similar theme, colorful design that appeals to kids but most importantly grab the attention on Weibo. keep in mind, Weibo is a social media where people have a very short span of attention. Catchy color and cute design are a good way to make sure your post is seen.

Chinese Cookies Qi Duoduo

Colorful cute picture + tutorial to create fun snacks on Halloween.

Halloween is a great event to show off you skills on social media

This bakery took the occasion to create more fun products and grab the attention of social media users. Holidays are the perfect excuses to show off your creativity and products.

I hope you enjoyed this special post. If you wish us to post more similar posts, let me know in the comment section.

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