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Survey on consumption habit of Chinese women makeup users


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As the third world’s largest cosmetic market, the size of Chinese market has reached 200 billion Yuan. What’s more, it is one of the fastest developing market with an 15% annual growth. It is too big for cosmetics producer to neglect. But before joining the game, you have to understand all the rules in the game clearly. So the consumption habit of Chinese women is very important for the players in this market.


1. brand loyalty

brand loyalty

Most Chinese women are loyal to one brand.  Usually if a Chinese woman picks a brand, she will not easily change it.


2. influence of commercial

influence of commercial

Two in three women claim they will not be influenced by commercials. The effect of direct marketing in China now is becoming weaker. So underground marketing seems a good choice. In fact, the leaders of the market have already adopted underground marketing as an unseperable part of their strategy. credibility

media credibility

Most women trust magazines, TV and portal website much more than the others. For companies with big budget, magazines and TV are good choice and cost-efficient portal website is suitable for all the companies.

4. influence of PR

influence of PR

The women influenced by PR are three times more than those not influenced. It shows how important PR communication is in cosmetics field.

5. local or overseas

local or overseas

It is interesting to see that local brand lovers and foreign brand lovers are quite similar in number. While almost 90% of them put quality as the priority factor when they make choice.

6.nationality preference

cosmetics from which country is more suitable

The cosmetics from their neighbors,  Japan and Korea, are favored by Chinese makeup users. Following is French cosmetics which is at the same level in this. These three countries occupy about 60% of the share.

7.  consuming capacity

consuming capacity

As a developing country, China is not so strong in consumption. The monthly cosmetics  budget for most people is below 500 Yuan. However, with the increase of Chinese income level, it is forseeable that the budget will increase and the market will be ready for middle and high end cosmetics.

8.purchasing channel

purchasing channel

Chinese women usually do not have a lot of choice of channels to get cosmetics. More than half of them will finish their purchase in shopping malls. And domestic shopping mall, supermaket and online sales contribute over 70% of the total distribution.

9. color makeup usage

color makeup usage

Unlike western females, Chinese women do not use color makeup so frequently. Only about 16% of them use them quite often.


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