China is a very huge and lucrative market. Lot of companies until today ignored it but now Chinese market is becoming one of the first market of the World. Companies ignored it because it’s a very complex market and the challenge to access this market is sometimes too high.

If you want to do business in China you need to understand the market and the chinese consumers which are very differents of western consumers.

I will give you some keys to communicate with your target. After that you maybe be able to build an adapted marketing strategy to touch your target.



Yes I know that this first key will discourage you but in fact it’s not so difficult.

First of all you need to host your website in China to have a website .cn

Why it’s better to do that ? Because of the “Great Firewall”. Most of the foreign website are blocked by the government. So if you are hosted in China you will be considered as Chinese website and be “free”.

And if you want to be considered by Baidu, the most important search engine in China, you need to be hosted in China.

In addition, you also need to translate your website in mandarin. If you have native speaker in your team is better. If not, call a translator. Never use translation software, in one case on two they will do big mistake and you can generate a scandal. And here you want to be appreciate by your consumers to develop you business not the contrary.

So, your website need to be in mandarin and you also need to adapt your aesthetic to Chinese standards. If in Western countries, consumers love websites with a clean aesthetic, in China it’s the opposite. Chinese consumers preferred a website with a lot of content, information and pictures.

Adapt your website to attract your consumers.


If you don’t know that Facebook and Twitter have not power here, maybe you need to read more articles to understand better this specific market 🙂

To attract your consumers, you have to communicate on their platforms. Be present on their social media apps will bring you a quick awareness.

You only need to understand how it works and learn how to use it.


Wechat is the most used social media platforms in China. Wechat is part of chineses’s lives. The app has around 700 million users.

– 94% of Chinese users use Wechat everyday

– In average of Chinese users open Wechat more than 10 times a day.

– 70 messages are send per each people everyday and more than 100mins of call.

Wechat is a multi functions platform where users can send message, call, do shopping, share contents, pictures, videos, pay…and more.

Wechat is an essential tool for companies in their marketing strategy because it’s the best place to create a relationship with your consumers. And relationship in China is a must-have.


Twist&Drink is a child-friendly drink brand from Austria since 1973. Natural mountain spring water, an easy-to-hold bottle in playful colours. They have different fruity fresh flavour and significant with their unique twist opening.

Due to the rapid growth of the Chinese market, Twist&Drink choose to work with GMA, and develop a great strategy for reaching a new Chinese customers.

See here our articles on Wechat to learn more about this amazing app.


Weibo, often called wrongly the Chinese Twitter. Weibo is a social media platform very appreciated by consumers because it’s the first time they have a platform where they can express themselves. Weibo in mandarin 微博 means ‘microblog’. In the platform, users can share a lot of quality contents, pictures, videos and customize their posts.

Chinese consumers are used to follow groups, KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders), celebrities or brands. Create your Weibo Official Account and generate traffic on your account is an important key which have to be include in your marketing strategy.


Videos platforms are growing in China. This is due to the increase of smartphones’s using. Today in China, people between 10 years old and 99 years old have a smartphone and they spend an average of 3 hours on their smartphones. They watch a lot of videos on thus platforms. It’s really convinient when you can watch your favorite program during your transportation time. TV is really declining, you can forget this communication channel. Today, in China, if you want to be see by consumers, do advertising on videos platforms.

BAIDU : The Chinese search engine

Baidu is the Google of China. It’s the most important search engine in China. Chinese people look for all their information on Baidu because it’s a trusted source. 70% of all searches conducted in China are on Baidu.

You need to optimize your website to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You have to use the good key words to have a good ranking on Baidu.

Really if you work with native speaker is better because they understand the consumer, his behaviour, his needs and desires. He will help you to create the best message for your target and to have a good ranking on Baidu.

You better understood why I said you to create a mandarin website.


The communication channels explained in this article are the best to communicate with Chinese consumers. Because they are the most used platforms. But in China, it existed a multitude of others communication channels.

Work with experts and/or natives of the Chinese market could be easier because they know how to manage this complex market. They will help you to create your Official Accounts on the social media apps and to generate traffic on your pages.

Gentlemen Marketing Agency a Franco-Chinese company based in Shanghai.  Our expertise allow us to understand this lucrative market.

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