China is soon to become the new Venture Capital market leader, the world’s largest startup ecosystem, and therefore surpassing the US market and its famous Silicon Valley.

When reading news online or this good old boy newspaper, its easy to understand what’s up in the global economic system and VC.

But the real question here, a practical case for anybody willing to take its chance in the “Chinese dream” is:

How can I get access to Chinese investors and convince them to invest in my project?

  • What do Chinese investors want?
  • What strategy to implement?
  • What result to expect?
  • What should you avoid?


First of all, let’s try to understand our target here.


1.    What do they want from you?

An example is better than thousands of words, so let’s make up something here.

Imagine, someone called ‘Bob’ is contacting you. You don’t know him but apparently, he managed to get your contact. Bob is not here to make friends, but talking about business instead. That’s fine, you love business. You even succeed yourself in the past, you’re now the new Self-made man of the moment.

But Bob is actually the #247 guy contacting you this week to talk about business… another one with the best idea in the world. And another one who needs your money to start something up.

You’re busy but a nice guy, so why not. Let’s talk.

Bob tells you about its project. Indeed, he gets a great idea. He even gets a great business plan. But like the #246 previous candidates, its just another project on paper…

“That’s nice Bob, great plan! But tell me, what did you achieve so far?”

“A great BP! I promise you it will works”.


Nobody will invest in ideas. People invest in facts, in figures, in goals to be reached.

If you want to get a chance to be funded in China, you need to show a valuable project which is already working. We are talking here about investments, not charity fund or business angels.


2.    How to raise more money than you could ever imagine?

China is a very profitable market. Business-friendly with healthy public finance and growing parsimony from Asian families. Want to take advantage of this market? Here’s how to do:

A.    Connect with your market

If nobody knows you, nobody will invest on you. As simple as that.

You’ll need to develop a Chinese website or maybe an official account on Weibo, in order to be visible on Chinese search engines such as Baidu. SEO optimization will be a must-do. The basics of your Chinese adventure. And we’re not talking here about doing translations on google and copy/paste. By optimization, we mean a real Chinese version of your websites with performance improvements for Chinese public, with its tastes, its peculiarities, its weaknesses, etc. Your site have to be designed SEO-Baidu friendly and match with Chinese features, which will be different from your home country with very specific cultural and technical aspects absent from your mother tongue’s translators.

Video content on the home page and links to an official WeChat page are considered as the norm here. And regarding the back end, Chinese characters references will be needed as much as hosting a Chinese server.

B.    PR campaign, a step to the fame

Public & Press Relations is THE tool that makes the difference. Everybody needs it to make their brand well known among all the news and activities flooding the web. It will allow you to gain in visibility, which is here again a must-do to succeed in China.

No visibility and no reputation mean no trust. No trust means no business.

SEO and paid campaigns won’t be enough to make you visible; you need very specific communication techniques.

We can help you here to develop continuous public relations campaigns through interpersonal contacts and social media campaigns. A process that can later on initiate a positive word of mouth, be measured and improved if needed.

Chinese people are connected, and so do we. Internally and through a strong network of partners, we can organize promotional and relationship events of various levels.



C.    SEA: Pay per click & online ads

With search engine marketing you can buy keywords relating to your market and industry. A paid system that enables your product ad to appear at the top of the search results page. Advertiser only pays when an ad is clicked on by users.

With 70% market share on the Chinese internet, Baidu will enable you to quickly gain visibility to potential investors interested in venture capital. A strong presence based on Mandarin character keywords searches will complete your SEO efforts.




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  1. Hello
    Your article is interesting. The real problem with foreign startup is when they arrive in front of Chinese investors, we know they do not know what they are talking about, and they have done nothing.
    Chinese people invest not only in an idea , but in a capable man, or team. somebody that is able to doing the plan.
    Trust of course is necessary.
    Capacity to do the plan is something we are searching.
    If we are in front of a startup that has done nothing, sorry to risky.

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