Chinese Travelers Choose Australia!

Chinese Tourists Driving Economic Growth in Australia

Chinese tourists are playing an important role in the growth of the Australian economy. The trend to visit Australia for Chinese travellers has increased exponentially as compared with other countries. “Chinese Tourists are leading the Charge in Driving Australia’s Economic Growth” said Steve Ciobo, Australia’s  tourism minister. He also highlights that Chinese tourists’ expenditure has been increased by growth targets for 4 years straight. The Australian tourism industry is making progress day by day and contributing to the economic growth of the nation. Tourism activities with China, Japan and Korea are fueling this flourishing economic activity. Ciobo revealed that Chinese travelers are taking a strong interest in Australia to visit and to see its natural beauty. The tourism industry of Australia is growing three times faster when compared to the average growth of the Australian economy. Chinese tourist’s spending has now exceeded 6.75 billion U.S Dollars annually; the target is to increase this by 30% by the end of 2020 through tourism development and concerted marketing efforts in China.

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Why do Chinese Tourists Visit Australia?

Chinese tourists are visiting Australia for many reasons. Firstly; the Australian government is introducing more visiting plans and options for Chinese travellers, they can come and the enviable climate in the different seasons all year round. Australia is seen by the Chinese as a ”land of miracles” and is a very romantic destination. It is the natural beauty which attracts millions of Chinese tourists every year.

The infrastructure for attracting Chinese visitors is also improving. From online booking to arrival, visits, accommodation, food and beverages the Chinese are now better catered for than ever.  Australian wines in particular are incredibly popular as there is no such quality domestic wine industry in China, there is also a good range of affordably priced wines for the mass market as well as the luxury traveller. Japanese tourists also love visit Australia, tourists from Japan increased 22 percent when compared with last year. The Japanese tourist’s contribution in the Australian economy is of 1.2 billion U.S Dollar in last year. The key markets do develop for Australia are attracting more Chinese, Japanese and South Korean tourists. China with it’s vast population and growing middle class should be the number one priority.

What is the Australian Government Doing for Chinese Tourists?

Both the Chinese and Australian governments came to positive arrangements in a landmark deal regarding increased aviation services between both countries. The annual growth rate of China increased up to 20 percent and the government is still trying to focus on furthering their travel industry for foreign tourists. The Australian government is also trying to introduce new plans and policies for China’s travelers and to arrange their travel arrangements according to their culturally sensitive needs. The Australian government is making new and attractive plans to attract international tourists,  Ciobo ( the tourist minister of Australia) said the governments initiatives aiming to attract more Chinese tourists had been very successful and added that ”new policies aimed at increasing the Chinese tourism market were now in place”. This is includes developing Mandarin language facilities, Chinese food & drinks, Chinese language guides and marketing material tailored for the Mainland Chinese market. Business delegations also visit regularly and spend their time making deals with local business partners, we see a continued develop the strong relationship for the import and export of various items from Australia and vice versa.

Travel Arrangements for Chinese Travelers

The people of China are friendly and like to enjoy a comfortable environment, they still prefer large, group travel tours which can be incredibly lucrative for agencies in Australia as you are increasing numbers. The Australian government is ready to receive Chinese tourists in this way but must ensure they have Chinese customer services and assistants on hand to respond to any issues. Most areas in Australia where Chinese tourists like to visit are now aware that they need to offer and provide facilities for them. Online reservations and advance booking options are where the majority of sales are made but it is important to develop a Chinese digital marketing campaign that drives both traffic and generates leads online, this is where the majority of bookings are taken.

Visa Application Procedure for Chinese

The Visa application procedure for Chinese is not no longer difficult or complicated, it’s simple and easy for them. Everything is laid  out clearly online with step by step guide for planning a visit Australia. Chinese tourists need to complete the online visa application form, download a copy and then submit the application. This can be processed online or visitors can take  trip to the visa office for final authorization, however the process in the office is far less lengthy than it used be due to digitization.

There are many types of entry visa for Australia, tourists can choose the best and most suitable option before paying an online fee. Single entry with 3-month validity is AUD 50, the Double entry with 6-month validity is AUD 75, Multi entry with 6-month validity is AUD 100, Multi entry with 12-month validity is AUD 150. The regular procedure time for the visa is four working days however for urgent visits there are additional charges to process within 1-2 working days. It is not true that Australia makes it hard for Chinese tourists to apply for the Australian visa.

Nothing is difficult for the Chinese when compared to the previously much higher levels of complexity and red tape that they would encounter. Travel agents can also complete the formalities and you need to just sign the specific documents. Business tourists also visit many times a year and their delegations and reference persons also visit Australia to make business deals and to contacts for import and export of items between different destinations across the world. The business tourism is important and Australian government will continue to welcome business delegations because these activities help to grow the economies of both countries.


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