Chinese Toys Story, a Big potential for a Big country.

Key elements of the Chinese toy market development

  • 236 million kids ranging from 0 to 14 years old
  • 76% urban population, expected to become middle class by 2022
  • China: second largest toy market in the world

A growing market that should keep it up as following the rise of the middle class. People should get higher disposable income and therefore a better propensity to make children.

Also, the toy market is not the only one to grow. The increase of the child population and establishment of new governmental regulation to improve preschool education, has led to the high development of the value of Chinese education, said McConnell.

If most of the kids in the world receive pocket money, Chinese kids’ pocket money represents $58.25 billion… which is six times the amount of their US counterparts, according to Guindeau. And while Lego was ranked as the most popular brand among boys, Ultraman has experienced the highest growth and Avengers-related toys should expect an exponential potential of development following the movie franchise. Also, cards, stickers, mini cars, figurines, and dolls still represent a top choice among popular toys collection.

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What about kids and the global digital environment?

  • 60% of Chinese kids use a mobile phone
  • 34% of Chinese kids own a mobile phone
  • 22% of Chinese kids own a tabloid

Tools are mainly used for 3 reasons:

  • watch movies and cartoon channels
  • listening to music
  • doing schoolwork

Chinese companies are having a big impact on this market. While dominating the Chinese toy market, they also represent $44.15 billion exportation of toys in 2017, accounting for more than 70% of total toys for sales in the world.


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