At last! Tourism returns to France with encouraging figures on the summer season with a 3.7% increase compared to last year. However, France is no longer one of the European destinations sought after by tourists and many efforts remain to be made.

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Chinese Tourists Return to France for their Travels

France has always been the landmark country when it comes to visiting Europe, about 82.5 to 83 million people visited the country last year, according to the Foreign Minister.

Chinese tourists represent good opportunities for the French economy and tourism. With more than 1.5 million Chinese visitors in 2016, France is a travel destination that attracts Chinese tourists.

However, several factors have influenced the decline of Asian tourism in France from 20% to 30% in 2016. The terrorist attacks in Paris and Nice contributed greatly to this decrease, but also to the feeling of insecurity and delinquency. In order to develop and reassure the Chinese government, the French government has put in place measures to revive Chinese tourism in France by 2017.

Measures that paid since since January, the industry grows slowly but surely, registering a rise of 3.7%. Indeed, the four flagship regions of the hexagon, ie the Ile de France, the PACA region, the Languedoc region and the Atlantic coast, all recorded increases in tourist accommodation.

However, France still has to make a lot of efforts to make up for its backwardness compared to its neighbors Spain and Portugal which perform better. French attractiveness and competitiveness remain to be promoted and needs to focus on growth targets for the country.

Chinese Tourist Behaviors in France

This year 2017, also meets the great return of Asian tourists, who in two years have been sidelined the country for the reasons cited above. The arrival of Japanese tourists increased by 60%, 35% for Chinese tourists and 20% for Koreans.

The Chinese population, as well as Asian tourists in general, have often idealized France. Often described as romantic, fashion, luxurious, gastronomic and full of history.

The evolution of Chinese society has allowed the middle classes to travel and now allows to target different types of Chinese tourists:

Individual Chinese tourism, which is increasing year after year, is increasingly being developed through group tours of about 15 to 20 people. Luxury tourism and finally, family tourism, which is growing more and more among Chinese people. In general, the Chinese are mainly from Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou.

According to CCI Paris Île de France, the primary visitors account for more than 60% of the Chinese traveler. They spend about 180 euros per day per person and half of them intend to return within one or two years.

The consumer behavior of these Chinese consumers is changing. Where previously, shopping was a prominent place in the spending budget, it is demoted to third place. Individuals prefer to enjoy their stay through sightseeing and entertainment.

Chinese tourists represent a political stake for France because it gives it a dominant position in the tourism market. Adapting to their requirements and expectations is a priority if the country wishes to attract more tourists to the territory.

Key success factors to attract Chinese tourists to France

  1. Personalized services

Tourists, when traveling in Europe, prefer to stay and discover one or two countries instead of visiting several. In order to develop their interest, personalized offers can be made. The companies that will benefit most are those who can adapt their offers to the specific needs and wishes of the main stakeholders.

The Chinese tourist is looking for personalized itinerary. In addition, more and more people are moving away from group travel to individualized itineraries. Providing them with services tailored to their expectations will only reinforce their sense of exclusivity and prestige.

The Chinese are often ostentatious consumers. They like to share their activities, shopping and moments. A company, a brand, a product and even a country considered legitimate will retain their full attention.

  1. Communication adapted to tourist reasons

Communicate around their expectations. For example, shopping is a very important part of a Chinese travel expense. Indeed, they usually bring back memories and gifts to their family and friends as well as to themselves from the country in which they went. Communicate around your range of products and services to attract it.

  1. Bring out France through social media

Tourism has always been an important element in France. But there is still much to improve and explore to offer a better tourism solution. The Chinese are hyperconnected and represent more than 900 million Chinese Internet users.

As a reminder, censorship plays a leading role in China. With the great virtual wall of China, the country has its own applications and social networks (Weibo, Wechat, Youku …) contrary to those usually used as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Skype …

First, an understanding of Chinese social networks is interesting to put in place.

Chinese social networks allow the big brands to become more and more visible in the Chinese market. Do the same! social networks such as WeChat are the means that will give you the most potential audience coverage in the Chinese market. Using these social media, will allow you to foster the buzz around you and generate traffic.

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