The dream of Chinese tourists : Provence in France


The Provence in France became the favorite tourist destination for the Chinese. The image of romance, luxury, and cultural heritage are the main reasons for this choice.
But what is the top French tourist region trend for the Chinese?

Paris?  No! Recently a destination is fashionable and envied by all Chinese: The Provence region..

Why and how is this phenomenon?

This comes from a TV series in China: 一帘幽梦 yī lián yōu mèng
English translation: Dreams Link.
French translation :  Rêves derrière un rideau de cristal.

This series is a real novel with rosewater. All the Chinese were adept at this series. (46 episodes anyway)
To summarize, this is the story of two wealthy Chinese families, especially two sisters in love with the perfect man, Prince Charming Chinese, who saves them.

In this TV series, a part of the adventure takes place in France, and especially in Provence. Prince Charming in the history of Provence chooses to marry his beloved. And on Chinese television for thirty episodes we can see the landscapes of France, the French castle, and especially a panorama of Provence, flowers, sunflower fields, French waltz….aaaa .

French Castle
Fields of flowers
Fields of Lavender

.A considerable number of young Chinese told me about Provence and its fields of flowers, and I realized that this movie was a hit in China. It was even the best audience of the series aired in China in 2007 and 2008.

.Curiously, I followed several episodes, the scenes are very long and repeated several times, we can see it is a very bad TV movie, I thought. But this series experienced unprecedented success in China and showed a new face of France.

.Thus, in the middle kingdom, the most romantic place in the world, the dream place to get married, it became the paradise of France: Provence 普罗旺斯, pǔ luó wàng sī.

.I asked about the involvement or not of France in this action unprecedented media.

Stroke of genius or pure luck?

First Possibility

.This is all a marketing stunt, sponsorship, and also a stroke of genius:

  •     How about a region like Provence in China, and give an excellent brand with the most promising target in the world for tourism: newly rich Chinese.

A visionary strategy

The Chinese are spending huge sums of money for their wedding, to show their social rank (you face). The idea to bring them to marry in Provence is a great idea.

Moreover, imagine the Business honeymoons in Provence for millions of wealthy Chinese.

.If this is the case, I hope this example can be studied in the case study, and as an example to follow. How to boost tourism in France using sponsorship, marketing a form of hidden, which passes the message that Provence is the reference site in the world of romance.

.Such a market would be France a boost to the economy, the rich young Chinese can spend more than 50000 euros without problems for the most important event of their lives, Chinese families financially support their children.

Count 50 Millions Chinese people (3.5% of the population) have the means to afford a wedding or a honeymoon in Provence, and do the math for the French economy.

10% market share, up to 5 million Chinese tourists, with 50 000 euros minimum budget = 50 billion euros, or 2.6% of French GDP (estimated at 1900milliards in 2008).

Jackpot for tourism, employment, and growth. (Tourism is the only sector or relocation is not yet possible).

Another strategy of genius, is the Chinese marry in spring or autumn, which completes the tourist seasons.
I asked myself a question:

  •     Who is so bold, visionary, and intelligent to encourage and sponsor the Chinese movie that makes the promotion of France, and which was the biggest hit in China in 2007-2008?

If you know the author of this burst of genius, tell him that I would meet him to congratulate him.

  •     That can cause this to be just a great marketing stunt.

.The Tourism Directorate is responsible for promoting tourism in France. (
1/Their Strategy 2005-2010 could match.

  •     Implement a strategy of movement and anticipation.
  •     Conduct a careful watch on trends and new consumer behavior.
  •     Capitalizing on creativity and innovation marketing.
  •     Tend to rise with exemplary professionalism and quality.
  •     Create value and increase tourism revenues by encouraging customers to increase their trips to France, including through short stays, and by offering products with high added value.
  •     Better promote tourism throughout the French territory by building on the richness and diversity of French cultural identities.
  •     Seasonally adjusted by multiplying the tourism opportunities stays throughout the year.

2/Le Comité Régional de Tourisme Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur Tourism Board)

It has for many decades one of the first European tourist destinations, whose territories are of great diversity.
But no source has revealed its ambition to attract Chinese tourists in Provence, and no evidence of Sponsorship of this movie.

3 / It may be French companies wishing to promote the image of France.

Peugeot may be, we see a 206 cc?


Second possibility:

Of pure chance, France there is nothing in the promotional campaign of Provence.
After months of research I resign myself (: -?) To think that our tourism promotion agencies are in no way responsible for this action exceptional business.

First reason:

No document (to my knowledge) no evidence that this movie was promoted by the French.
For the French film locations, productions Chinese market offer unexpected, said the official. It shows that France is happy to receive every year more and more productions Chinese and Hong-Kong, but without any Chinese promotion.roman

Second reason:

The film follows a novel, which was written by Qiong Yao (琼瑶), a very popular writer in Taiwan.

The script was written well before then …

Third reason:

How do you think French institutions can devise marketing methods as risky? Their budgets do not serve to make their institutional campaigns, conservative and inefficient. The spirit of modern marketing is not rooted in their practices, needs no studies, and no feedback operations are envisaged. It’s unfortunate but I think that’s the sad truth.

Fourth reason

And one reason is unstoppable! How do you develop tourism in France, if we do not grant tourist visas to the Chinese? It’s incomprehensible, French embassies refuse visas to Chinese tourists. It’s a fact! My girlfriend is trying to come to France to join me for the holidays but his visa was refused for the second time. Although my family and I tend to guarantee his return, his VISA was denied 2 times for no good reason.

France does not boast, but the number of Chinese who wish to make tourism in France is relatively low because they are denied their VISA, so they go spend their yuan in other countries more receptive, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, or even the U.S.

Fifth reason:

Bayoo society, a society that helps explain China’s production of it has negotiated with some regions such as Normandy to make it their privileged condition on the set that lasted only 12 days in France. We will soon have testimony from them.

The situation of Chinese tourism

There are approximately 40 million Chinese tourists Chinese today, and 100 million Chinese tourists in 2020, according to the World Tourism Organization.

France welcomes 700,000 Chinese tourists each year.

Congratulations to be proud of us, only 1.7% of Chinese tourists choose to go to France every year, knowing that France is the dream destination for Chinese tourists (study by TNS Hong Kong). Without considering the costs involved in such trips, Chinese tourists 62% cite Num1 France as the destination. (Not to brag).
Chinese tourists are nevertheless a boon for recipient countries, as their main source of entertainment is shopping, and luxury goods (Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, and Channel). source Strategy

Simple market research may show the enormous interest to receive more Chinese tourists.

My conclusion, I am disappointed by France, for our luck insolent, by our inability to seize opportunities when they arise.

Provence has become a trendy destination for Chinese tourist, but ultimately it’s the chance. Moreover, the lack of insight and business intelligence of our institutions limits the chances of growth of tourism in our country.

Finally, I’m sure we’ll wake up after this promising market will mature.
France is in decline for many years, and if it does not rely on these strong points such as tourism … What will become you there?

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  • devenir rentier

    Right here is the perfect blog for anybody who wants to find out about this topic.
    You know a whole lot its almost tough to argue with you (not that I actually would want to…HaHa).
    You certainly put a new sspin on a subject that’s been discussed for years.
    Wonderful stuff, just excellent!

  • Really Really good article, so true.
    France really needs to work to do better.

  • Nice place Provence by the way. It is a dream for Chinese to get married in Provence but no so many agency offer that.
    French really do not know how to make money.

  • Je travail dans l’accueille des chinois lors de leurs voyages de noce en Provence. L’ambassade France en Chine ne me facilite pas la tâche, mes mariés ont été refusés très souvent. Comment se fait-il que la France se plaigne qu’il y a pas assez de travail et en même temps se crée des blocages ? C’est de se mordre la queue. J’espère qu’en 2014, la politique de visa pour les chinois vont améliorer.

  • Bonjour Olivier

    Merci pour toute ces infos, un vrai régal.
    Le programme de Paris, Genève et Haute Savoie ne vous convient peut-être pas.
    Cependant nous avons un circuit Provence très Sympathique.
    Nous avons un seul souci c’est de pouvoir vous proposer des images avec des interprètes asiatiques pour les présenter à diverses agences chinoises.

    Me confirmez-vous notre entrevue pour septembre?



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