Philippines welcome Chinese Tourists

Chinese going Out

The number of Chinese tourists going out of China is moving up by 17% from a year ago and is expected to go up considerably, according to the China Tourism Academy. 73% of these Chinese tourists sighted a beach holiday as their top holiday activity, followed by sightseeing, self-drive, hot spring, wine and dining, shopping, historical sites, cultural experiences, cruising, and safari, in that order.

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Flood of Chinese tourists in the Philippines

Despite the territorial conflicts between the two countries, a flood of Chinese tourists is seen in the Philippines these past few years. According to the Philippines’ Department of Tourism, over 3 to 4.7 million tourists entered the Philippines in 2013 with the number of Chinese tourists arising 69% from a year earlier to 400 thousand. The trend has continued to 2014 with visitors from mainland China moving up to 42% of the same period of the previous year.

History and Culture

Philippine Culture

The Philippines has a fascinating history with the Spanish, American, Japanese, and then the Chinese occupying them for some time, which creates very mixed and different cultures by each region that makes the Filipinos open to a lot of different races from all over the world. The Filipinos have their native language is Tagalog, but everyone in the Philippines speaks well to intermediate English.

Travel services and safety of Chinese in the Philippines

Most big names and companies in the Philippines are Chinese, which makes it safe for Chinese mainland tourists to visit the Philippines despite the two countries’ disputes. Though a lot of these said Chinese are from Fujian province and speaks Fujian Hua (Fukien/Hokkien) only, most travel agencies, hotels, and resorts have Chinese personnel, which speak very good Chinese Mandarin. The Philippines have a good selection of hotels and resorts, restaurants, and facilities ranging for tourists, suitable for all budgets. Racism is highly discouraged in the Philippines and is strictly abided by the law.

It’s More Fun in the Philippines

The Philippines’ Department of Tourism launched the logo and website, “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” as a marketing campaign for tourists and foreigners all over the world. They have different gigs for every country with two main offices in China, one in Beijing and one in Shanghai. They have listings for all the top destinations of the Philippines, get away and things to do, and Regions. They also help in planning for your trip to the Philippines, holding one of the largest database systems for hotels, resorts, and travel agencies in the Philippines.

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The Philippines attractions

The Philippine archipelago comprises over 7,000 islands and boasts some of the world’s best beaches, something that attracts both Chinese and other foreign tourists to the Philippines every day. The islands are also an outdoor adventure haven with jungles, magical lakes, and mountains, all safe and ready to be explored. The Central Philippines is also home to rich coral reefs with colorful marine life which makes it a paradise for divers. Choices of adventure in the Philippines range from touristy and developed spots like Cebu and Boracay to islands where you can live your “stranded in paradise” fantasies.

The top 3 attractions in the Philippines include:

  • Banawe Rice Terraces. Ranked as the 2nd most incredible Terrace Fields, the Banawe Rice Terraces is situated in the heart of the Cordillera Mountains and has an altitude of 1525 meters. The terraced fields were carved out by hand by the Philippine ancestral tribe and have been producing rice for almost 2,000 years already.
  •  Boracay. Beaches with clear blue water and pristine white sand that feels like baby powder all over your feet, beautiful resorts with different budget ranges to choose from, bars with nightlife pulsating until dawn, and an island packed full of adventures like cliff diving, parasailing, scuba diving, motor biking, snorkeling, horseback riding, and kite surfing, you couldn’t ask for more.
  •  Bohol and Cebu. Two islands with beach, culture, nature, and adventure in one. A week in these places wouldn’t be enough. A place where you have everything you could think of.

There are a lot more places and attractions to go to, to see, to experience in the Philippines: a place full of wonders, a place of relaxation and adventure, culture and modernization, a place now in demand to visit.


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