The Chinese tourism market is booming

China’s fast growing economy has increased a need for traveling. This need has created a huge market and great opportunity for both online and off-line travel agencies. However, there are increasing number of users who like to do everything online for their daily life and including booking their next travelling destination.

Online travel agency educational background

As we can see in the chart above, age between 19~30 are the main online holidaymakers via travel agencies in 2013.They represented 50% of the total users. They are young, well-educated and they grew up with a fast paced technology development and have the ability to learn very quickly  the in and out of any new coming technology. That is why they are becoming the main group of people using internet to book their travel tickets. Age from 31~ 40 were ranking second of online booking with about 40%and age below 18 had the least numbers of booking online.


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Online-travel-agency users

It was interesting to see the growing percentage of users of online booking which based on the education background. The lower degree he/she has the lower possibility of ordering travel fares for him/her. Again, the university students in bachelor degree were on the top and junior school of students were at the bottom with 50.2% and 2.8% respectively. However, students who were in the master degree in the university had very low percentage of booking fares online. The reason could be facing the pressure of working and studying at same time and for people who have chosen for studying in master degree, they normally already have a family in China. So going to travel might not be their first concern.

Online travel geographical region

The first tiers cities like Shanghai, Hongkong and Macau have the most of people to booking travel fares online in terms of the higher income and living standard in these areas. Plus, City like Kongkong and Macau they are belong to Special administration region. So for them are easy to travel in terms of the visa requirements.

How can it be used to reach the right targets?

Basically this analysis can give you insights about how it works with Chinese tourists, who Chinese tourists are the most likely to be and therefore adapt your strategy accordingly. Once you get to know your target you need to know how to attract them

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