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Tour in France now is a fast-growing part in China tourism. According to Atout France, more than 900,000 tourists from China visited France in 2011,  growing at a rate of 25-30%.



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It means, there will be 2 million tourists come to France in 2020 from China. And another report from AC nielsen shows that over 60% of the tourist get information from travel forums.

Travel Chinese Forums

Among these travel forums, Tuniu is the most popular one with  180,000 visitors everyday.


On this forum,there are two features to be noticed:

there are two types of articles: normal articles and articles labelled as “travel note”,

some writers get voucher for their articles,

as shown in the following chart:

explain tuniu france tour

The picture below shows the articles about French tour that Chinese toursits like:


bbs france tour tuniu


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