Chinese tourists in UK have increase by 132% in 2013

The UK represents the tourist destination for the Chinese while Paris is a shopping hub

Following the visit of British Prime Minister David Cameron to China, the UK Government has been making significant efforts to strengthen its economic ties with China.

Studies reveal that the revenue earned by UK Tourism from Chinese visitors have increased by 132 % in 2013, with around 181 million pounds. But, the city which has been far from earning revenues from Chinese visitors is Paris, probably due to a lower growth rate in some industries.

New VISA policy

In order to deal with the steep revenue influx in Great Britain, the Government has adopted several policies, and attracting Chinese tourists is one of them. Following this, the government has made visa restrictions for visitors from China. Lately, London Luxury Quarter has also launched a VIP marketing campaign for Chinese travelers to strengthen the strategy even more. According to British Culture Secretary Maria Miller, Britain hopes to be the most enticing destination for Chinese visitors. No wonder, the efforts made by the UK Government are reaping the fruits of success.

Paris Capital of Shopping!

However, when it comes to shopping, the show stealer is always Paris and France. There is no dearth of international consumers for the leading brands of watches, perfumes, and other luxury goods. In fact, the extravagance of shopping in France and Paris has led the Chinese Government to adopt an anti-extravagance campaign. Needless to say that Paris is still continuing to be the most happening destination when it comes to shopping for luxury items. And, this is why Paris is still at the top of its game.

In order to deal with the robbery incidents on the trot involving Chinese tourists, the government has adopted certain security measures in the most accessible areas. As a result, Europe has become even more enticing as a destination for Chinese travelers.

Source: jingdaily

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